20 Songs About Brown Eyes

Brown is the most common eye color in the world – up to 79% of people have this gorgeous eye color so why not listen to some music about that! Journey with us through a list of 20 heartwarming songs about the beauty of those classic brown eyes.

Brown eyes might be more common in certain regions, but they’re everywhere, and they totally deserve some love too! So, let’s groove with the artists who’ve penned songs about this universal eye color.

1. “Brown Eyed Girl’’ by Van Morrison

Let’s kick it off with the evergreen classic, Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl”. With its infectious melody and that foot-tapping guitar rhythm, it’s a piece of nostalgia that’s sure to get you humming along. It was such a colossal hit that it has almost become an anthem for brown-eyed beauties. Who can resist that catchy ‘sha-la-la-la-la’ part, right?

2. “Brown Eyes” by Destiny’s Child

Next up, we have “Brown Eyes” by Destiny’s Child, a gorgeous ballad that makes love feel so divine. The song unfolds from a woman’s perspective, encapsulating the magic of love and admiration for her brown-eyed beloved. The lyrics, “and when he looks at me, his brown eyes tell it so” will have you feeling all sorts of feels, especially if you’ve got a brown-eyed boy of your own.

3. “Brown Eyed Girl” by Billy Ray

Billy Ray’s rendition of “Brown Eyed Girl” serves us the same upbeat tune with a southern twist. It’s the same ol’ melody that you know and love, with a hearty dose of country charm for all the boot-stomping music enthusiasts.

4. “Ebony Eyes’’ by Bob Welch

Although the color brown isn’t explicitly mentioned, Bob Welch’s “Ebony Eyes” is a tribute to those dark, entrancing eyes that just make you swoon. This soul-stirring track, originally a Stevie Wonder gem, starts with an intense guitar riff that sets the stage for Welch’s heartfelt vocals.

5. “She Couldn’t Change Me” by Montgomery Gentry

The first song on our list that doesn’t have the words ‘brown’ or ‘eyes’ in the title is a full-on country tune, with the classic twang to go along with it. It’s a full-blown country number that presents a captivating story about love and loss. Despite its seemingly somber theme, the song’s catchy beat makes it an irresistible earworm for country music fans.

6. “Brown Eyes, Brown Hair” by Caleb Hearn

A more recent release, this track kicks off with an irresistible guitar riff and immediately hooks you with the lyrics “brown eyes, brown hair.” Its tune adds layers of music as it unfolds, building up a mesmerizing vibe, before simmering down to that captivating initial guitar line.

7. “Brown Eyed Blues” by Ben Harper

Next on our playlist, we’re swaying to the jazzy rhythms of “Brown Eyed Blues” by Ben Harper. This piece comes with a touch of heartache as the lyrics hint at the singer longing for his lady love who seems to be playing the field. Harper’s soulful rendition will surely tug at your heartstrings. 

8. “Beautiful Brown Eyes” by Roy Acuff

This song will take you back to the 60s from the second you press play. The song centers around a man smitten by the allure of brown eyes, singing, “beautiful, beautiful brown eyes, I’ll never love blue eyes again.” If you crave a bit of vintage charm, this classic number will do the trick.

9. “Pretty Brown Eyes” by Cody Simpson

Fast forward to more modern times with “Pretty Brown Eyes” by Cody Simpson. The song is a smooth blend of pop and bass, starting with an intriguing deep voice before kicking into the main melody. The track is made even more appealing with a blend of rap, making it a fresh, upbeat addition to our list.

10. “Beautiful Brown Eyes” by Brothers Four

This is another song to take you back in time. Echoing the sentiments of Roy Acuff’s classic, the tune sings praises of “beautiful, beautiful brown eyes, I’ll never love blue eyes again.” It’s an ideal pick if you wish to close your eyes and get lost in the sweet charm of yesteryears.

11. “Brown Eyes” by Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac’s “Brown Eyes” is a relaxing, beautiful song that starts with a beat to make your feet tap. This is a more chilled-out number where instruments shine, and vocals take the scenic route. And when they do come in, oh boy, they’ve got a way with words. Fleetwood Mac always knows how to stir our souls, right?

12. “Pair Of Brown Eyes” by Peter Case

Taking a time-travel to the ’80s, “Pair Of Brown Eyes” by Peter Case is a heartfelt piece. It’s all about those captivating brown eyes that leave the narrator spellbound. It’s one of those tracks that make you think of that special someone, isn’t it?

13. “Brown Eyed Girl” by Everclear

Everclear adds their flavor to the timeless classic with their cover of “Brown Eyed Girl”. It’s got a rock n’ roll punch, and while it stays true to the original’s groove, it’s a bit edgier. Definitely a hit for those who like their classics with a twist.

14. “Breakin’ My Heart” by Mint Condition

For the R&B lovers, “Breakin’ My Heart” by Mint Condition is a soulful and slow-burning hit. It’s about beautiful brown eyes that seem to be heartbreakers. Ah, love – it’s a universal language, isn’t it? This track will have you swaying without even realizing it. 

15. “Brown Eyes” by Lady Gaga

Next on our list is pop sensation Lady Gaga’s “Brown Eyes”. Starting with some soft piano before Gaga’s unmistakable voice takes center stage, it’s a song that’s a tearjerker about lost love. If brown eyes were part of your love story, brace yourself; this one might hit right in the feels.

16. “Brown Eyed Women” by Grateful Dead

Ever want to hop in a time machine and groove your way back to the ‘70s? Well, “Brown Eyed Women” by Grateful Dead is your funky ticket. That irresistible guitar riff and the country twang will have you hooked as they sing about “brown-eyed women and red grenadine.” It’s all about reminiscing the good times, so get ready to feel those vintage vibes.

17. “Ebony Eyes” by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s “Ebony Eyes” is a classic, no questions asked. Our man Wonder lays his heart bare in this tune, crooning about a woman with enchanting ebony eyes. And just when you think it couldn’t get better, he treats you to a divine saxophone solo. Jazz aficionados, you’re in for a real treat.

18. “A Pair Of Brown Eyes” by The Pogues

Channel your inner Celt with “A Pair Of Brown Eyes” by The Pogues. This tune is so authentically Irish, it’ll have you itching to jig. The lyrics tell the tale of a captivating encounter with a brown-eyed stranger, a moment frozen in time. It’s got an old-world charm that’s hard to resist.

19. “Brown Eyed Lover” by Allen Stoner

Now, if you’re looking for something upbeat, “Brown Eyed Lover” by Allen Stone is your jam. Coming in hot with the lyrics, “I’ve got a brown-eyed lover on the other side of town,” Stone’s soulful voice perfectly harmonizes with the rhythmic piano and drums. Got a brown-eyed sweetheart? This track might make you pick up the phone.

20. “Brown Eyes” by Kano

And for the grand finale, we’ve got “Brown Eyes” by Kano. This rap number is a love letter to those hypnotic brown eyes. Singing about being drawn to love despite his resistance with the lyrics “I don’t wanna fall in love but your brown eyes have got me hypnotized,” it’s a testament to the captivating allure of brown eyes. Get ready for a walk down memory lane, folks.

Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of songs about the beauty that is brown eyes out there. Whether you yourself sport brown eyes, or there’s a special brown-eyed someone who’s got your heart, these songs encapsulate the mystique and beauty that so many songwriters can’t help but put to music.