20 Songs About Trees and Forests

Artists often look for concepts that are symbolic in nature and trees and forests will definitely fill this expectation if you give it a chance. If you are looking for songs with a feel-good and productive vibe or just something deep, you will find many songs on this list.

As we delve into this expansive canopy of music, you’ll discover a diverse array of songs that evoke a myriad of emotions, like standing in a forest that whispers different tales to each listener. These tunes can weave a web of mystique, yet resonate with tranquil notes that have a strangely calming effect.

1. “Ombra Mai Fu” by Jackie Evancho

“Ombra Mai Fu” by Jackie Evancho is an Italian song that has been sung by the character Xerxes I of Persia while being captivated by the shade of trees. The title translates to “Never was a shade” and has a deeper philosophical meaning about life and death.

2. “The Trees” by Rush

The classic rock band Rush didn’t shy away from metaphors and symbolism. In “The Trees,” what seems like a tale about oaks and maples, you find yourself seeing a vivid reflection of our modern society.

The song masterfully represents the dichotomy of privilege and the universal law of equality. Despite its release in 1978, the song’s relevance is still as strong as the oldest oak. It’s truly a must-listen!

3. “A Forest” by The Cure

Next up, we have a haunting melody from The Cure, “A Forest.” It paints a chilling narrative of a boy led into a desolate forest by a ghostly girl. The theme, however, isn’t as supernatural as it seems; it’s about the perilous situations love can drag us into, sometimes leading to more harm than good.

It’s a melancholic take on how we can become lost in the metaphorical ‘forests’ of our emotional entanglements.

4. “I Am A Tree” by Guided By Voices

The indie rock band Guided By Voices gives us “I Am a Tree,” an anthem to Mother Nature. It personifies a tree, expressing an understanding of its inevitable end yet conveying the hope to be remembered for its silent contributions. It’s a reminder of the impermanence of life, yet the lasting impact we can have. Truly a thought-provoking piece!

5. “Diary” by Bread

This heartbreaking melody tells a tale of unrequited love discovered through a diary found under a tree. Despite the girl’s denial of her feelings, the protagonist finds himself drawn back to the tree and the diary, years later, to revisit those poignant memories. It explores the bittersweet nature of love and the memories associated with it.

6. “Birch Tree” by Foals

Wistfully spinning a tale of nostalgia and the relentless passage of time, “Birch Tree” by Foals takes you on a poignant journey down memory lane. The artist reminisces about a birch tree in his childhood home, possibly a symbol of change and growth.

As the song progresses, it feels like a conversation with a long-lost friend, painting a picture of a world where forests change shape and rivers alter their course. So if you’re feeling a little retrospective, this song should be your pick.

7. “Lemon Tree” by Fools Garden

With a tune that has stood the test of time, “Lemon Tree” by Fools Garden is a symbol of rejuvenation and new perspectives. The song traces the journey of a lover awaiting their partner’s return, only to be met with disappointment.

The recurring imagery of the lemon tree, against the backdrop of a life where “nothing ever happens,” offers a fresh perspective that promises to change your outlook on life.

8. “A Walk In The Black Forest” by Horst Janikowski

Packed with positivity, “A Walk in the Black Forest” by Horst Janikowski is a delightful love song with a unique twist. The narrative revolves around a happy couple who see the world through a new, love-tinted lens. They look back at the trials of the past – symbolized by the ‘black forest’ – as they embrace the beauty of their present. This song is a perfect testament to the power of love.

9. “Thorn Tree In The Garden” by Derek and the Dominos

Expressing the guilt and regret of a man caught between two loves, “Thorn Tree in the Garden” by Derek and the Dominos is a raw exploration of emotional complexities. The song subtly relates the ‘thorn tree’ to an ex-lover who remains an uncomfortable presence in the background. It’s a compelling piece that may hit close to home for many.

10. “Spirit Of The Forest” by Baka Beyond

“Spirit of the Forest” by Baka Beyond is a song that ponders over the existence of humans in nature – we are actually the parasites of this world. This musical creation makes a powerful statement about humanity’s relationship with nature.

The song often refers to trees as the embodiment of life and warns against the destructive path humans are treading. It’s a potent reminder for us to respect and protect our Mother Nature.

11. “Norwegian Woods” by The Beatles

Tantalizingly shrouded in intrigue, “Norwegian Woods” is one of The Beatles’ standout songs. Crafted by John Lennon as an allegorical tale of an extramarital affair, the ‘Norwegian Woods’ in the song refers to the distinctive decor of the room where the clandestine encounters unfolded. Infused with the enchanting notes of the Indian sitar, the song marks a revolutionary fusion in Western pop music.

12. “Redwood Tree” by Van Morrison

Painting a touching picture of a boy and his faithful dog, “Redwood Tree” by Van Morrison takes us on a heartfelt journey through their shared forest adventures.

The redwood tree is their special retreat – a place of joy and solace. But the song takes a sorrowful turn when the dog disappears, leaving a lingering sense of loss that many listeners interpret as the dog’s untimely demise in the forest.

13. “Weeping Willow” by The Verve

“Weeping Willow” by The Verve explores the emotional turmoil of a woman yearning for rescue from her pain. The poignant lyrics liken her to a weeping willow tree, her tears mirroring the drooping branches of the tree. Framed as a love ballad, it’s a story of a relationship teetering on the brink, where the woman is threatening to leave if her pain doesn’t subside.

14. “Tree House” by Dream Koala

There is something magical about treehouses and if you have ever had one as a child, you probably made a lot of memories there. “Tree House” by Dream Koala recaptures those old memories and reminds you of the special place you had when you were younger. Even if you did not have a treehouse, you will find yourself transported back to a time when they meant something. 

15. “Heart of Oak” by Richard Hawley

“Heart of Oak” by Richard Hawley is a love song about a guy who is wishing well for his lover. The song makes many sweet references that hold a special meaning for the couple. The heart of the oak is said to be a beautiful part of the tree and is used to emphasize the intense and deep love they have for each other. 

16. “Forest of Gold” by Mazde

“Forest of Gold” by Mazde is an instrumental song that will soothe your senses and give you a relaxed feel. Gold is the color of autumn and as the trees turn yellow, it looks like a forest of gold! The song has a mellow tune and makes for good background music. 

17. “Christmas Tree” by Lady Gaga

This quirky number from Lady Gaga puts an untraditional spin on the festive season. “Christmas Tree” takes the innocent symbol of a holiday tree and flips it on its head with provocative innuendos.

Gaga’s lyrics, like “The only place you’ll want to be is underneath my Christmas tree,” express her daring Christmas plans with a lover. So, if you’re in the mood for something a bit risqué this holiday season, Gaga’s got you covered.

18. “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles

“Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles is about a guy who was fine living under his own tree (isolation), but one day decided to reach out after meeting someone special.

Now he wants to get this special person to the strawberry fields which symbolize fun and peace. The song showcases how life changes as he finds a new purpose in life.

19. “In The Forest” by Screaming Trees

“In The Forest” by Screaming Trees is about someone who had been tired of all the negativity in his life. He wants to “leave the city and a million staring eyes”.

He wants to escape to the forest and seek refuge with the trees and animals who don’t really care about people. He believes the mountains will give him more peace because people won’t be able to recreate the misery they have over the city.

20. “The Memory of Trees” by Enya

“The Memory of Trees” by Enya is about a couple who wants to be with each other but is too incompatible to lead a peaceful life together. They know what’s to be done so they plan to leave all the memories onto the trees and move forward in life. 


If you are looking for wonderful songs about trees and forests then this list should’ve satisfied you. The forest can be full of mystery and horror, but it can also be fun and peaceful depending on how you look at it.

The musicians mentioned on this list describe trees and forests in their own way, incorporating their own experiences and interactions with trees. If you want a grain of reality you should also look at the forest because you never know what you will find there!