20 Of The Best Breakdancing Songs

Dive into the rhythmic world of breakdancing with our curated list of 20 top tracks. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a new fan, these beats will get your heart racing!

This timeless dance style, known for its powerful moves and distinctive rhythm, has a magnetic appeal that extends beyond the dance floor. Whether you’re a professional B-boy or B-girl, an aspiring breakdancer, or simply someone who appreciates the kinetic art form, this playlist is sure to resonate.

1.”African Battle” by Manu Dibango

“African Battle” is rich in trumpet and traditional African drum combinations that make a funky sound ideal for breakdancing. It’s a battle of the sounds as it gives a hyped-up moderate tempo that is ideal for top rocks and other footwork movements in breakdancing. This music is ideal for warm-up before getting into more extreme sounds for breakdancing.

2. “Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness – The Coldcut Remix)” by Eric B & Rakim

This song has aspects of hip-hop such as mixing a DJ, turntable scratches, and percussions. It also combines traditional African and modern drumbeats that push old-school hip-hop to the next level and is a must-listen on this list of the best breakdancing songs. This sing was produced in 1987 and it’s probably one of the pioneers of hip-hop and breakdancing in that era.

3. “One For The Treble” by Davy DMX

This track’s masterful concoction of breakbeats and synths is like the holy grail for breakdance enthusiasts. The video is a delightful treasure trove, featuring snapshots of retro hip-hop elements that have gracefully managed to endure the test of time. It’s a testament to the beautiful fusion of rhythmic beats and the captivating artistry of breakdancing.

4. “Dancing Machine” by The Jackson 5

“Dancing Machine” is no less than a rhythmic masterpiece by The Jackson 5. This melodious number, with Michael and Jermaine’s vocals hitting those high notes, set the stage for the legendary “robot dance.” This move, a cornerstone of popping and locking, has since been the go-to warm-up routine for breakdancers worldwide. Plus, this classic funky sound provides the perfect musical canvas for breakdance artistry.

5. “Jam On It” by Newcleus


“Jam On It” is a track that knows how to throw a party. Its energetic beats mixed with strategically layered synths and bass create an irresistible call to the dance floor. The video vividly displays how this track sets the stage ablaze for breakdancers, providing the perfect backdrop for top rocks and pop-locks. It’s the quintessential breakdancing song, enticing you to just let loose and “Jam On It”.

6. “A Tribe Called Quest” by Scenario

“Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest is like a tribute to the golden age of hip-hop. The song brings together the power of rap with the intense energy of breakdancing, a unique blend that’s hard to resist. It’s a track rich in vocals, structured beats, and an undeniable hip-hop vibe that’ll make any breakdancer want to bust out their best moves.

7. “Electric Kingdom” by Twilight 22

“Electric Kingdom” is a track that’s as electrifying as its name suggests. Its quick tempo, combined with a generous dose of synth and drumbeats, makes for a stimulating dance number. Plus, the old-school rap layered over it adds a splash of vintage charm. It’s a song practically made for showcasing high-powered moves like the windmill, flares, and hand spins.

8. “What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock?)” by Fu-Schnickens

Let’s stir things up with “What’s Up Doc?” by Fu-Schnickens. This one’s not just a musical gem, but a fusion of the NBA and breakdancing worlds, featuring none other than the towering star Shaquille O’ Neil. Rich in rap vocals and dynamic beats, this track serves as the perfect backdrop to break a sweat and perfect those power moves.

9. “Joystick” by Dazz Band

Up next, we’ve got “Joystick” by Dazz Band. This track is a steady mix of thumping beats and electric soundscapes, an anthem for those looking to nail popping and locking. Its vibrant synths will stir you up, inspiring not just a foot-stomp but an all-out dance showdown.

10. “Break Dance – Electric Boogie” by West Street Mob

True to its name, “Break Dance – Electric Boogie” by West Street Mob, is an ode to breakdancing. This track serves up a hearty cocktail of breakbeats, bass, synths, and turntable scratches, masterfully seasoned with rap, sound effects, and all things hip-hop. It’s as if this track was brewed in a musical cauldron, specifically designed to accompany breakdancing spectacles!

11. “Cars” by Gary Numan

“Cars” by Gary Numan is an unusual suspect in this list. This rock classic transcends genres, also claiming its rightful place in the realm of breakdancing. It has a unique blend of electronic sounds, bass, and synths, all orchestrated to create a groovy rhythm that invites a foot-stomp or two. You’ll find it setting the pace for top rocks and highlighting freezes and popping.

12. “Feel It In Your Soul” by Randa and the Soul Kingdom

This track plunges deep into progressive soul music, flaunting a robust mix of wind instruments and feverish drumbeats. It sets the stage ablaze for breakdancing, with a classic hyped-up tune that makes every beat an invitation to dance. Soak in its vibrant vibe and let it propel your dancing spirit, inspiring you to truly “Feel It In Your Soul.”

13. “You’re Hip Miss Pastorfield” by Fred Karlin

“You’re Hip Miss Pastorfield” is a track that sets the groove with its funky, face-paced, and pulsating beats. Its unique ability to seamlessly blend the classic charm of a saxophone with contemporary breakdancing vibes gives it a refreshing edge. Expect an intriguing blend of rapid drumbeats and saxophone notes, creating a classic soundscape perfect for breakdance theatrics.

14. “Down With the Trumpets” by Rizzle Kicks

“Down With the Trumpets” by Rizzle Kicks offers a beautiful mix of rap, turntable action, and steady-paced synths. It serves as the ideal musical backdrop to your breakdancing warm-ups. Enriched with trumpet sounds, the track resonates with a timeless appeal while fitting snugly into modern hip-hop music. Its medium-paced drumbeats set the stage for some impressive top rocks and freezes.

15. “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force

“Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force is a testament to the power of fusion. The track blends electronic music with rap, transforming hip-hop music into a captivating dance invitation. A delightful mix of synths, sound effects, drumbeats, and rap, it’s hard to resist the call to get down and breakdance to this upbeat number.

16. “The Breaks” by Kurtis Blow

“The Breaks” by Kurtis Blow takes us on a nostalgic trip to the origins of hip-hop. Its blend of breakbeats and traditional African instruments creates a funky rhythm, which sets the stage for some popping and locking moves. Dance to this tune and find yourself immersed in a classic hip-hop feel.

17. “Pam” by Crazy Elephant

“Pam” by Crazy Elephant is a song that engages the listener with its appealing vocals and lively synths. This track’s energetic breakbeat sounds set the perfect stage for an engaging popping and locking routine. As the beat builds up, you’ll find yourself transitioning from simple moves to the more complex ones, embodying the true spirit of breakdancing.

18. “We Are Electric” by Flying Steps

“We Are Electric” is a sonic journey into the future. The track employs electronic music, sound effects, and synths that together create an intriguingly robotic soundscape. Its pulsating synths and otherworldly vocal effects dare you to bust a move right from the start. Be ready to feel the electric charge as you delve into its hypnotic tune and futuristic vibes.

19. “When I Hear Music” by Debbie Deb

Debbie Deb’s “When I Hear Music” is a delightful paradox – sweet vocals and infectious synth sounds backed by a medium-paced beat that surprisingly fits right into the breakdancing scene. It delivers a robust electronic flavor with a timeless appeal that effortlessly bridges the gap between the classic and modern eras.

20. “Stop Me” by Mark Ronson

This song progresses from a slow-paced vocal until it progresses into breakbeats, lively synths, and active drumbeats. It is an ideal song for breakdancing because it consistently builds up into danceable music with classic trumpet sounds that feel groovy and funky. This song is ideal for transitioning into top rock and down rock until it builds up to power moves such as the windmill and flares.

Finala Thoughts

This diverse lineup spans various genres and eras, offering a melodic journey that not only lets you practice your dance moves but also immerses you in the multifaceted world of music and the rich diversity of hip-hop culture. But remember, it’s not just about the dance; it’s about the joy these tunes bring to every listener, regardless of age.