The 10 Best Music Festivals In Michigan

With so many music festivals around the state, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth going to. If you’re a Michigan native, or simply looking for an excuse to visit the state, check out this list of the best music festivals in Michigan.

1. Electric Forest

Rothbury, Michigan

When: June-July (five days)

Brace yourselves with a magical music and art experience in the middle of the woods, Electric Forest is one of the most unique and creative festivals in the world. This four-day one-weekend event is always looked forward to by festival-goers who love electric and jam tunes.

The Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan is a beautiful and magical place, adorned with enormous sculptures and stunning visuals. This is the kind of festival that will stay with you long after it’s over.

2. Mo Pop Festival

Detroit, Michigan

When: July (two days)

The Mo Pop Festival is a two-day event that takes place in Detroit, Michigan. This festival focuses on providing a lineup of popular and upcoming indie musicians. The Mo Pop Festival is a great opportunity to see some of your favorite bands in an intimate setting.

In addition to the music, the Mo Pop Festival also offers a variety of food and drink options, as well as art installations and other activities. This is the perfect festival for those who want to enjoy a laid-back weekend filled with good music and good vibes.

3. Detroit Jazz Festival

Detroit, Michigan

When: September (four days)

If you’re in for some feel-good tune of jazz music, the Detroit Jazz Festival is a must-attend. This four-day festival features several world-renowned jazz musicians. The lineup is always diverse, making it a great opportunity to explore and appreciate different styles of jazz.

4. Michigan ElvisFest

Ypsilanti, Michigan

When: July (two days)

From the name itself, this music festival is dedicated to the king of rock and roll – Elvis Presley. This two-day festival features a lineup of Elvis tribute artists, as well as other musicians who will perform a variety of genres. If you’re a fan of Elvis or simply looking for a fun and unique festival to attend, this is it!

5. Arts, Beats and Eats

Royal Oak, Michigan

September (four days)

Ending the summer with a bang is memorable with the Arts, Beats and Eats festival. This four-day event celebrates music, food, and art all at once.

There is a wide variety of food options available, as well as an impressive lineup of musical performances. With something for everyone, this festival is a great way to enjoy the last hurrah of the summer!

6. Sterlingfest Arts and Music Fair

Sterling Heights, Michigan

When: July (three days)

If you’re a fan of artsy festivals, the Sterlingfest Arts and Music Fair is a fun event to attend. This three-day festival features a variety of artisans, as well as jazz and blues music performances.

There is a kids’ zone for families who want to bring their children along. There’s also a wide selection of food and drink options available, making it the perfect place to spend a summer weekend.

7. Blissfest Folk & Roots Music Festival

Harbor Springs, Michigan

When: July (three days)

The Blissfest Music Festival is a family-friendly event that showcases folk and roots music. This three-day festival features a variety of activities, including workshops, dancing, and of course, great music. If you’re looking for a fun and lovely festival to attend, this is it!

8. Hoxeyville Music Festival

Wellston, Michigan

When: August (three days)

Showing love for country and folk music, Hoxeyville Music Festival is a great way to enjoy good music while surrounded by nature.

The festival takes place in the Manistee National Forest, making it the perfect location to escape the noise and bustle of city life. As Midwest’s premier Americana and roots festival, it is not one to be missed!

9. Hiawatha Music Festival

Marquette, Michigan

When: July (three days)

If you’re looking for a music festival that you can bring your family to, the Hiawatha Music Festival is a great option. This three-day event takes place in a beautiful setting that features calming forestry. Genres include acoustic blues, Celtic, country, bluegrass, gospel, and more.

10. Upheaval Festival

Grand Rapids, Michigan

When: July (two days)

Enjoy rock and roll on the westside of Michigan at the Upheaval Festival. This two-day event features a diverse lineup of rock bands, making it an awesome opportunity to celebrate good rock music. For the rock junkies, this is a festival not to be missed!


Singing at the top of your lungs at festivals is one of the most carefree moments in life. And in Michigan, there are a lot of great music festivals that cater to different genres and interests.

So whether you’re a fan of Elvis Presley or simply looking for a family-friendly event, there’s definitely a festival in Michigan that will give you the ultimate music experience.