The 10 Best Music Festivals In Oklahoma

Do you have any plans of visiting Oklahoma this summer? You will be missing a lot if you don’t check out any of the state’s best music festivals.

These events are some of the biggest and most popular in the region, drawing thousands of people who come to experience great music, art, food and more.

Here are some of the best music festivals Oklahoma has to offer:

1. Norman Music Festival

East Main Street, Norman

When: April (three days)

The Norman Music Festival is a free annual event that takes place in the historic downtown arts district of Norman, Oklahoma. The festival features a variety of indie bands and is a great way to experience the vibrant college town atmosphere.

Experience a variety of food vendors, art installations and performances from local Oklahoma musicians as well as national acts.

2. Rocklahoma

Pryor, Oklahoma

When: May (three days)

What started off as a small music festival has now become one of the most sought-after events in Oklahoma, with past performers including some of the biggest names in rock annually.

With over 70 high-energy rock music acts and pyrotechnic displays, this festival is perfect for campers who love non-stop fun.

Rock fans can plan to camp out in the designated area and enjoy the three days full of rock music. Don’t forget to check out the many food vendors, art installations, and events that take place during Rocklahoma.

3. American Heritage Music Festival

Grove Civic Center and Snider’s Camp

When: June (three days)

Come to this three-day festival in Grove City, Oklahoma, for fiddle competitions, concerts, and jam sessions the whole family will enjoy—especially if you love camping and fiddle music.

This music festival will have something for everyone, from old-time fiddle music to bluegrass, country, and rock.

There will be plenty of activities for kids and adults alike; participate in the music competitions, attend concerts, go on hayrides or just enjoy the beautiful Oklahoma landscape at Snider’s Camp.

4. Tulsa International Mayfest

Downtown Tulsa’s Arts District and Historic Greenwood

When: May (three days)

The Tulsa International Mayfest is a yearly festival created to commemorate the city’s founding, its junior league, and its Philharmonic Society. The festival is a great place to enjoy art, music, food and fun.

5. ACM@UCO Metro Music Fest

University of Central Oklahoma

When: April

ACM@UCO’s Metro Music Festival has been running for a while now, and they’ve decided to expand it into the Metro Music Series. This new series will have events happening throughout the year that are not only beneficial to students, but to the community as well.

In its first year, the Metro Music Series included dozens of events featuring 100 different artists. These events – which ranged from concerts to workshops and masterclasses – brought joy and learning opportunities to an estimated 6,000 students and community members.

6. Born and Raised Festival

Pryor, Oklahoma

When: September (three days)

An outdoor music and camping festival for all ages, the Born and Raised Festival is a great way to experience Oklahoma’s art and music culture. With different stages showcasing an eclectic mix of genres from hip-hop to bluegrass, this festival has something for everyone.

Ready your tents, blankets and chairs—there’s plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the music while camping under the stars. Born and Raised Festival is a great way to experience Oklahoma’s vibrant music scene in an open-air setting that is perfect for all ages.

7. AdaFest

ECU Centennial Plaza, Ada

When: September (one day)

AdaFest is an annual event that celebrates music, film, arts and culture in Ada, Oklahoma. With free admission and live music performances, it’s no wonder why this event has become an annual tradition.

8. Rock Creek Festival

Sapulpa, Oklahoma

When: October (one day)

The Rock Creek Festival in Sapulpa, Oklahoma is a great event to attend, and best of all – it’s free! Consequently, this is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy themselves without spending a lot of money on admission tickets.

At this event, you’ll find a ton of regional talent from different musical genres, so there’s definitely something for everyone. If you’re looking to relax and have a good time with some delicious food, don’t miss out on this festival for some incredible views, great music, and lovely company.

9. Plaza District Festival

Oklahoma City

When: October (one day)

The Plaza District Festival is perfect for anyone who enjoys music and art. Come experience everything the festival has to offer! The festival is not only a display of top-tier talent, but also provides opportunities for community members to engage in arts education.

The purpose of the festival is to remember the Plaza District and all that it once was. The district beat decline through artistry because of festivals like this.

10. OKM Music Festival

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

When: June (eleven days)

Since its debut, the OKM Music festival has been a go-to for international music education and talent in northeastern Oklahoma. Bartlesville, being a small rural community, doesn’t have many oases of arts and culture. This makes the OKM Festival even more valuable to attend.

The event will offer attendees a chance to enjoy classical chamber music and standard orchestra performances. If you’re looking for a high quality musical experience, the OKM Music Festival should not be missed.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of music you’re into, the best music festivals in Oklahoma are sure to have something for everyone. These events will give you an opportunity to enjoy live music while also supporting local artists and communities.

So if you’re looking for a great way to experience Oklahoma’s music culture, then you should definitely check out the festivals listed above.

Featured Image by: Ziggythehamster, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons