The 10 Best Music Festivals in Pennsylvania

Music festivals are the perfect way to get a taste of all the incredible music and art your state has to offer. There are several happening throughout Pennsylvania, so anyone looking for a good time can find one that meets your interest.

Here are some of the best music festivals in Pennsylvania:

1. Musikfest

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

When: August (ten days)

Musikfest takes place over ten days of non-stop music. The event offers a mix of genres, making it a great event for people of all ages. With multicultural performances, attractions, and plenty of food, the Musikfest is a splendid way to spend the weekend.

2. Roots Picnic

The Mann at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

When: July (two days)

Listening to live music under the stars are just some of the things you can enjoy at the Roots Picnic. The annual event, which takes place in Philadelphia, offers a wide range of music genres, making it a great event for people of all ages.

Camping with tents or RVs are both options at the Roots Picnic, so you can choose how you want to experience the event.

3. Made In America Festival

Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia

When: September (two days)

The annual Made In America Festival, founded by Jay-Z, is a two-day event that fully displays various genres including hip-hop, indie rock, R&B, EDM, pop, and more on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

This event is one not to miss, with great music lineups and up-and-coming musicians owning the stage. There are also carnival games, delicious food, and other activities that will keep you immersed in the event.

4. Big Dub Festival

Artemas, Pennsylvania

When: July (five days)

Big Dub Festival is one of the most unique festivals on this list. It’s a five-day camping event that takes place in the woods of Pennsylvania.

The festival offers a wide range of electronic music, making it a perfect destination for fans of the genre. With plenty of art, food, games, and activities, Big Dub is a great way to experience something new.

5. The Peach Music Festival

Scranton, Pennsylvania

When: June-July (four days)

The Peach Music Festival is a four-day event that has a lineup of great musicians and offers a wide range of genres such as rock, jam, reggae, country, bluegrass, and more.

With on-site camping, food vendors, access to water rides, and other activities, the Peach Music Festival is a great way to spend a summer weekend.

6. Philadelphia Folk Festival

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When: August (four days)

All things folk can be found at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. The four-day event, which takes place in August, offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary folk music.

With a beautiful display of exhibits and demonstrations, the Philadelphia Folk Festival is a great way to experience the best of Pennsylvania’s diverse folk culture.

7. Creation Festival

Agape Farm, Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania

When: June (four days)

As the “Nation’s Largest Christian Music Festival,” Creation Festivals are a new level of Christian music festival that is filled with hiking, camping, and of course, music.

With a wide array of musical acts and various genres, Creation Festivals is a great way to experience Pennsylvania’s Christian music scene.

8. Three Rivers Arts Festival

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When: June (ten days)

The Three Rivers Arts Festival is a ten-day celebration of the arts that takes place in Pittsburgh. With a wide range of art forms on display, including visual art, music, dance, and more.

The Three Rivers Arts Festival is an excellent way to experience Pennsylvania through art and music—and the best part is, it’s free.

9. Deutschtown Music Festival

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When: July (three days)

The Deutschtown Music Festival is a three-day event that showcases the best of Pittsburgh’s music scene. With over 400 musical acts, the festival offers a multitude of genres for everyone to enjoy.

Deutschtown Festival is the largest free music and arts event that you can attend in Pittsburgh, so be sure to check it out.

10. Flood City Music Festival

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

When: July (two days)

As a commemoration of the devastating Johnstown Flood of 1889, the city of Johnstown holds an annual Flood City Music Festival. The event offers two days of nonstop music and exhibits. You’ll find a wide range of genres available, providing you with excellent entertainment options.


Music festivals in Pennsylvania cover a wide spectrum of genres, so every type of music lover can find something to enjoy. These are only a few of the great music festivals that Pennsylvania has to offer. Be sure to check out one of these great events the next time you’re in the state.

Musikfest Featured Image by: Hunter Kahn, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons