The 10 Best Musical Instruments for Kids

It can be a little overwhelming to pick a musical instrument for your child since there are so many options available! There are several factors to consider, including your budget, your child’s age, and their interests.

If you’ve got a child that has musical talent, or an interest in pursuing music, you should seriously consider these options.

Music is a language that everyone can learn to understand, and it encourages children to be active, social, and expressive. The best musical instruments for kids should be simple and accessible so that kids can start playing right away!

1. Piano

Playing the piano is a fun pastime for children of all ages, and it isn’t just a passing interest, but a long-term skill. Smaller piano keyboards are readily available at reasonable prices. In addition, the piano is a great instrument for small children to start with, since it requires relatively little strength and ability to play.

The piano also serves as a stepping stone into other instruments that require more dexterity, like the violin. The piano is also a great instrument to help increase a child’s concentration and cognitive abilities.

2. Ukulele

The Ukulele is a great instrument for kids and adults to learn together. It’s smaller than a guitar and easier to hold. It is no coincidence that it is becoming so popular among children in school music programs.

The Ukulele is a small stringed instrument similar to a guitar, which is played with a plectrum or ‘pick’. It is a great instrument for children to learn as it is relatively easy to play and makes a great introduction to other instruments.

3. Recorder

Recorders are great instruments for kids to learn to play because they are cheap, easy to play, and produce a clear tone. The recorder is also a good instrument to start with if you want your child to learn how to play a wind instrument.

There’s a reputation that the recorder is a beginner’s instrument that kids outgrow after a couple of lessons. In reality, the recorder is a versatile instrument that welcomes experimentation and has remained a favorite of music teachers for decades. Even the best musicians enjoy playing this instrument because of its mellow and pleasing sound.

4. Drums

The drums are one of the most popular instruments in the world. They are in almost every genre of music. Kids can learn drumming from an early age with the help of junior drum sets.

It’s a great instrument to help kids learn rhythm, which is a skill they can transfer to other instruments. If drums are simply too loud for your living situation, you can also consider an electronic drum set.

5. Violin

The violin’s wide range and versatile tonality make it one of the best instruments in music. The violin is an excellent instrument for beginners to start with. The violin is a wonderful choice for developing musicians of all ages, regardless of what type of music genres they end up playing!

Despite requiring a bit of dexterity and movement, most kids can start learning violin with little or no previous musical experience. Their first lessons focus on learning to hold and play the instrument correctly, while the finger positions for notes are thought after this.

6. Harmonica

The harmonica is a great instrument for children. It is small and compact, so you can carry it anywhere, and it is small enough for you to play it sitting down.

This instrument is also cheap to purchase, and easy to find, so it is an easy instrument for your child to learn. How does a harmonica actually work? The harmonica is a small free-reed instrument that uses a vibrating reed inside a metal frame to produce music.

7. Triangle

The triangle is a popular instrument for classroom use. It is easy to play, doesn’t require much skill to start with, and is accessible to almost anyone.

Many people don’t know why the triangle is still a useful instrument. The triangle is small, portable, and can be picked up immediately. It is the perfect instrument to teach children about the basics of rhythm and music in general.

8. Guitar

Guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the world, and they are very popular with children. By learning to play guitar, young children develop skills such as self-confidence, discipline, hand-eye coordination, and social skills. In fact, many famous musicians started playing the guitar as children!

9. Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are not just for adults. In fact, many kids are finding that learning to play the bass is an exciting way to express their creativity. Bass guitars usually have four strings and sit next to drums in a rhythm section of a band.

The bass is a stringed instrument similar to a guitar, played by plucking its strings with your fingers or a plectrum.

10. Hand Percussion

Hand percussion is an excellent way to introduce kids to music. If you want to start a band or teach your child music theory, a set of hand drums will make it easier. Hand percussion can help kids develop their rhythm skills while also encouraging them to experiment with different sounds.


That is our pick of the 10 best instruments for children. Music can make your child happy, calm them down, and help them learn. For all these reasons, buying the right instrument for your child is important.

What are the best musical instruments for kids? The answer is always personal: the best instrument is one that fits your child’s interests, abilities, and budget.

First, determine what kind of instruments your child would like to play. Do they want to join a school band or orchestra? Do they want to play guitar? Or maybe they want to learn to play the drums? Once you know what and how they plan to play, you can think of the best musical instrument that will work best for them.