The 20 Best Songs for Slow Motion Video

Slow-motion videos are super popular these days. But what songs should you use for your videos? We’ve got you covered! We will share 10 of the best songs for slow-motion videos. These tracks will make your video look amazing!

1. “Wings” by Mac Miller 

Starting off our list is “Wings” by Mac Miller. The song is perfect for slow-motion videos because of its catchy beat and lyrics.

The late singer’s hip-hop track became a huge hit, with over 10 million views on YouTube. This can be streamed on all the music platforms out there.

2. “Little Green Bag” by George Baker 

George Baker’s “Little Green Bag” is a great choice for your slow-motion videos. This instrumental piece has been used in the popular film Reservoir Dogs.

It’s the perfect song to set the mood for dancing in your video.

3. “Dusk Till Dawn” by Zayn feat. Sia

“Dusk Till Dawn” is a collaboration between Zayn and Sia. The song is perfect for slow-motion videos because of its mellow and sultry tone.

With its intense vibe, this track will make your video unforgettable, especially when you want to make a video with both slow and fast clips.

4. “Deeper Than Love” by Colleen Green

The next song on our list is “Deeper Than Love” by Colleen Green. This track is perfect for slow-motion videos because of its dreamy and retro sound.

This tune’s synths create a dreamy vibe, perfect for setting out the main character energy.

5. “Easy” by Mac Ayres

Mac Ayres’ “Easy” is a great choice for your slow-motion video. The track has a smooth and relaxing sound that will make your video pleasant.

Mac Ayres’ smooth vocals make this track great for sweet slow-motion dedication videos. As one of his most popular tracks, it reached over 22 million views on YouTube.

6. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift

This next song is a more badass track by Taylor Swift. Its intense and powerful sound will make your slo-mo video even more action-packed.

What’s more, this powerful track is in collaboration with Kendrick Lamar and has been viewed over 1.4 billion times!

7. “Yoo Hoo” by Imperial Teen

“Yoo Hoo” by Imperial Teen is a fun and upbeat song that’s perfect for slow-mo videos. The song was released in 1999 on the album Jawbreaker. The catchy intro will make your video even more interesting.

8. “The Art Of Making Love” by Big Words 

Big Words’ “The Art Of Making Love” is a sensual and romantic song. It was released in 2017 under the album Hollywood, a Beautiful Coincidence.

If you’re editing a slow-motion video of a couple in love, this is the best track for you.

9. “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith

This next song is a romantic classic by Aerosmith. “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” is a beautiful ballad that was released in 1998 under the album of the same title. If you want a little twist, there are other versions and renditions you can find online, so you can mix it up a bit!

10. “Chariots Of Fire” by Vangelis

This song has a slow-motion feel, like in marathon scenes. It’s “Chariots Of Fire” by Vangelis. Awesome for slo-mo videos, especially running, because it sounds epic and dramatic.

11. “One Kiss” by Dua Lipa Feat. Calvis Harris

If you’re seeking a vintage and alluring tune for your video, one that highlights walking or close-ups in slow motion, “One Kiss” is an ideal fit for those videos.

This tune is often used in fashion shows and pageants to make models’ walks and beauty stand out.

12. “Kill Bill” by Sza

Sza’s “Kill Bill” is a pop-soul track that is perfect for action-packed cinematic scenes. This song emphasizes the intense energy the subject gives off. The vocals are amazing and flawless, great for slo-mo videos with a ‘main character’ feel.

13. “The Scientist” by Coldplay

For a sadder vibe, use “The Scientist” for slow-motion shots that capture memories or sad moments. The song’s slow rock vibe is just right for thoughtful scenes or emotions in videos.

14. “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift

“Wildest Dreams” is a dreamy synth-pop song by Taylor Swift from the album ‘1989’. It’s perfect for adding a personal touch to your slow-motion videos. When you combine slow-motion shots with this song, every scene becomes fascinating to watch.

15. “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve

As the title suggests, “Bitter Sweet Symphony” captures life in its highs and lows, the mixed memories we replay slowly. With its touching tone and intense violin, it’s perfect for videos that aim straight for our emotions.

16. “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin

If you’re aiming for a cool video with exciting slo-mo shots, “Kashmir” by Led Zepplin is the song to go. The band and orchestral transition is done beautifully, making you want to be the center of attention. Perfect for suspenseful videos.

17. “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

This alternative rock song by Snow Patrol is a mellow and emotive track that captures bittersweet memories. The simple words and melody create nostalgia, making it great for slow-motion videos that remember the past.

18. “Slow Dancing in The Dark” by Joji

Joji’s song “Slow Dancing in The Dark” is a blend of R&B and lo-fi music. It’s both melancholic and soothing, making it perfect for slow-motion videos that showcase strong emotional connections between partners.

19. “Paradise” by Bazzi

“Paradise” is a pop song by Bazzi that feels dreamy and upbeat. The catchy beat and nice lyrics work well for romantic slow-motion videos or simply capturing fun moments.

20. “The Great Gig in The Sky” by Pink Floyd

Last on our list is none other than Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig in The Sky”. It is from the album The Dark Side of the Moon.

The great chord sequence and Clare Torry’s emotional singing really connect with listeners on a deep level. This song is perfect for slow-motion videos with a retro feel.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These are the best songs for your slow-motion videos. If you’re a filmmaker looking to make cool slow-motion visuals, these tracks will help you show the right feelings in your edits. They cover various styles and artists, so pick what you like. Enjoy editing your videos!