The 20 Best Taylor Swift Dance Songs

For those looking to curate a playlist of Taylor Swift’s danceable hits, songs like “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” are vibrant anthems sure to get listeners moving. Other high-energy tracks like “Bad Blood”, and “Cruel Summer” also rank among the best for crafting an irresistible dance vibe.

1. “Shake It Off”

“Shake It Off” epitomizes the quintessential dance track with its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus that invites everyone to let loose and dance away their troubles. It’s a standout song that guarantees to get listeners on their feet with its empowering message of brushing off negativity.

2. “Blank Space”

With its gripping melody and satirical lyrics, “Blank Space” offers a rhythmic beat that’s perfect for adding some dramatic flair to a dance playlist. The song’s engaging beat and sing-along chorus make it a favorite for fans looking to channel their inner pop star on the dance floor.

3. “Look What You Made Me Do”

Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” brings a darker, edgier sound that’s bound to be a hit on the dance floor, with its sharp beats and striking transformation in rhythm. The song’s catchy hooks and vengeful lyrics provide a bold backdrop for an unforgettable dance experience.

4. “Bad Blood” ft. Kendrick Lamar

“Bad Blood”, featuring the lyrical prowess of Kendrick Lamar, delivers a powerful collaboration with a beat that commands attention on the dance floor. This song stands out with its intense vibe and energetic pulse, creating a perfect storm for dance enthusiasts to feed off the dynamic rhythm.

5. “…Ready For It?”

The pulsating bass of “…Ready for It?” sets the stage for a high-intensity dance experience, blending electro-pop elements with Swift’s captivating vocals. This track is sure to energize the crowd with its infectious rhythm and futuristic sound.

6. “Welcome To New York”

“Welcome to New York” captures the exhilarating spirit of the city with its synth-driven beat and anthemic chorus, making it an irresistible addition to any dance playlist. The song embodies the excitement of new beginnings and is a vibrant celebration that gets everyone’s heart pumping.

7. “Cruel Summer”

With its vivid storytelling and catchy melody, “Cruel Summer” offers a driving beat that’s perfect for summer dance parties. Taylor Swift’s expressive vocals paired with the song’s intense emotional undercurrent create an engaging dance track that resonates with listeners.

8. “Our Song”

“Our Song” brings a nostalgic, country-pop charm to the dance floor with its upbeat tempo and twangy guitar riffs. It’s one of those feel-good tracks that encourages a sing-and-dance-along moment, perfect for a lighthearted and fun dance setting.

9. “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

“Dancing With Our Hands Tied” captures a sense of urgency and passion with its intense synth beats, making it a compelling dance track. The song’s combination of emotive lyrics and a driving beat positions it as a standout choice for a heartfelt dance routine.

10. “Getaway Car”

“Getaway Car” features an exhilarating narrative woven into a synth-pop soundscape, driving listeners straight to the dance floor. Its cinematic quality and catchy hook make it an unforgettable anthem for any high-energy dance setting.

11. “Lover”

Despite its more subdued tempo, “Lover” exudes a warm, romantic vibe with a touch of waltz rhythm, offering a sweet slow-dance option for playlists. This enchanting track invites couples to sway intimately and connect on a deeper level under the dance lights.

12. “King Of My Heart”

The pulsing beats of “King of My Heart” make it a surprise favorite for an upbeat dance session, with its synth-laden chorus offering a burst of energy. Swift’s passionate delivery and the song’s dynamic structure create an infectious rhythm that’s hard to resist on any dance floor.

13. “Delicate”

“Delicate” combines a gentle, airy vibe with its minimalist production, ideal for a more laid-back dance experience. Its intimate lyrics and subtle beat create a tender ambiance, perfect for dancers looking for a moment of vulnerability and softness amid a high-tempo playlist.

14. “Death By A Thousand Cuts”

The emotionally charged “Death by a Thousand Cuts” translates feelings of heartbreak into a surprisingly upbeat melody that’s dance-worthy. The song features a swift tempo and intricate storytelling that keeps dancers engaged and connected to every beat.

15. “I Think He Knows”

“I Think He Knows” boasts an infectious groove and flirty lyrics, creating a playful atmosphere perfect for dance parties. Its bouncing rhythm and confident delivery make it impossible not to move and groove to the beat.

16. “Hits Different”

“Hits Different”, with its fresh sound and catchy hooks, provides a groovy backdrop for a high-energy dance session. This track stands out with its unique style, ensuring dancers will feel every beat as it resonates through the room.

17. “New Romantics”

The vibrant “New Romantics” encapsulates the carefree spirit of the 1980s with its synth-pop rhythm, making it an anthem for the dance floor. Its upbeat tempo and anthemic chorus celebrate the joy of youth and love, stirring up an irresistible urge to dance among listeners.

18. “The Man”

“The Man” carries a powerful, feminist message wrapped in a catchy pop beat that makes it a formidable track for any upbeat dance playlist. Its assertive lyrics and energetic rhythm encourage listeners to confidently take over the dance floor.

19. “Picture To Burn”

“Picture to Burn” adds a dose of fiery country-rock to the mix, with its up-tempo guitar riffs and bold lyrics, it’s perfect for a spirited dance session. This early hit from Swift provides an edgy twist that’s sure to ignite the energy within any crowd.

20. “Sparks Fly”

The title “Sparks Fly” suggests a surge of electric energy, making it an ideal candidate for a rousing dance number. With its vivid imagery and driving beat, this song can light up the dance floor, creating an atmosphere where the sparks can truly fly.

Taylor Swift Featured Image by: Jana Zills, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons