20 of the Best Tyler Childers Songs

The list below will come as no surprise for those who know the best Tyler Childers songs. The Kentucky-based singer/songwriter has turned heads since his 2017 breakthrough album “Purgatory,” and he shows no signs of slowing down. 

Childers is known for his clever lyrics and catchy melodies, and his raw and honest approach to songwriting. He has used his music to talk about issues that seem to be brushed under the carpet, especially in his hometown and surrounding areas. His music is a unique blend of country, folk, and bluegrass, with a touch of rock and roll thrown in for good measure.

Here are some of the best Tyler Childers songs that we wholeheartedly recommend:

1. Purgatory


This track is from Tyler Childers’ second studio album, which was released in 2017. Tyler established himself as one of the most talented performers in the country music industry with this ingenious track. The album is about his upbringing in poverty and adversity, and how those circumstances turned him into the man he is now.

2. I Swear (To God)

Tyler Childers - I Swear (to God)Tyler Childers – I Swear (to God)

This is the first song on the album Purgatory and talks about the values of working hard, even though Childers has referenced alcohol and drug use spontaneously throughout the song. This is a great song to listen to when you need a little motivation in your life.

3. Lady May

Tyler Childers - Lady MayTyler Childers – Lady May

Childers’ difficult life in his home state of Kentucky is depicted in this heartfelt track. However, he believes love is an unwavering force in his life that keeps him going no matter what. Several listeners have commented that this song is the album’s ultimate outro since it encompasses the album’s message: love and hope can conquer all.

4. Born Again

Born AgainBorn Again

Another great song from the Purgatory album, this one discusses a topic not often touched by other musicians in the country genre, i.e. reincarnation. Tyler Childers talked about how reincarnation is a refreshing way to see life and uses his lyrics to accept death as a natural phenomenon. The listeners love how the guitar has complemented the vocals in this song perfectly.

5. Shake the Frost

Shake the Frost - Tyler ChildersShake the Frost – Tyler Childers

You should try this song if you’re on the hunt for a great song to sing at the altar, either for your partner or for the occasion itself. This song is about how love can inspire us to do things we never imagined we could. In 2019, a singer performed this song at his wedding to his bride, and his heartfelt performance went viral on YouTube for months.

6. We’ve Had Our Fun

Tyler Childers - We've Had Our FunTyler Childers – We’ve Had Our Fun

This song came before Tyler Childers became a force to reckon with in the music industry but it still warrants a listen. He sings about the consequences of leading a rebellious life, which is a prevalent theme in country music.

The lyrics are incredibly smart, and the music has a terrific message. Those who can relate to the song’s message about living in a fast-paced world will enjoy it.

7. Harlan Road

Harlan Road - Tyler ChildersHarlan Road – Tyler Childers

You cannot help but be captivated by Childers’ lyrics when you hit play on this song. The accompanying tune is a work of art in itself.

Many individuals appreciate listening to this song because of how it makes them feel and how realistic the words are. Even though the song is about a shattered relationship, it sends forth an uplifting and hopeful message.

8. Whitehouse Road

Tyler Childers - Whitehouse RoadTyler Childers – Whitehouse Road

This Tyler Childers song addresses the seriousness of the drug and alcohol problem in the Rockies, where Childers grew up. This song is particularly personal for Tyler becasue he saw and experienced the ill effects of this menace. The song also exemplifies Childers’ songwriting talent as he is capable of producing songs that are both personal and relatable.

9. Long Violent History

Tyler Childers - Long Violent History (Audio)Tyler Childers – Long Violent History (Audio)

This song has grown increasingly popular given the current political situation. Childers sings about America’s long history of violence and how it has impacted him and his family.

This is an excellent song to listen to if you’re searching for something a little more political. It’s also worth noting that white rural Americans are frequently stereotyped as racists and Childers uses the lyrics to express to show a different side of the situation. 

10. The Gospel

The Gospel (According to Fishermen)The Gospel (According to Fishermen)

Childers’ Christian upbringing was represented in this song, which was released in 2011. The song is about how the Gospel has benefited him and how it can benefit others. This is a fantastic song on the Christian faith’s impact on individuals in rural America and how it can be a positive factor in their life.

11. Follow You to Virgie

Tyler Childers - Follow You To VirgieTyler Childers – Follow You To Virgie

Virgie is not a young woman in this song as many listeners would assume based on the title; instead, it refers to Virgie, a Kentucky village where Childers grew up listening to the best Engelbert Humperdinck songs with his childhood buddies. The song is about his overwhelming feelings of nostalgia for his hometown, which is a common theme in country music.

12. Rocks and Relics

Rocks and Relics (Live)Rocks and Relics (Live)

Childers has never shied away from writing songs about subjects that are considered taboo in rural America and this track is another fine example. This song references drug misuse, which was widespread in his neighborhood. The song mentions aliens, alluding to the psychedelic experience that drug users get when high.

13. Universal Sound

Tyler Childers -  Universal SoundTyler Childers – Universal Sound

This is yet another song from the breakthrough album Purgatory. Childers talks about meditation, psychedelic energy, and the interconnectedness of all beings in this song. The song has a totally distinct vibe from the rest of his album but is still worth a listen, especially if you’re seeking a fresh take on conventional country music.

14. Nose on the Grindstone

Tyler Childers - Nose On The Grindstone | OurVinyl SessionsTyler Childers – Nose On The Grindstone | OurVinyl Sessions

Tyler Childers’ music is full of songs about the everyday life of blue-collar laborers in rural America, and this song is no different. This is about the advice that fathers give to their children who worked in coal mines: work like a mule till you get rich. Although this song appears to romanticize overwork, it is nonetheless a good listen for individuals interested in learning more about people’s daily life in rural America.

15. Feathered Indians

Tyler Childers | Feathered IndiansTyler Childers | Feathered Indians

This song is well-known among country music fans and has influenced many individuals in their daily lives. This song, from his Purgatory album, is about him being resilient and perseverant if a special “angel” helps him along the way.

This is an excellent song to listen to if you want to be inspired by the music you listen to, and many people enjoy it because of the abrasive melody. Of course, everyone wants to know that someone will be there for them at the end of the day.

16. Oneida

Tyler Childers - OneidaTyler Childers – Oneida

This song is about a young man who is fascinated by an older woman and sheds light on the benefits and drawbacks of dating someone older. This is a terrific song for country music fans searching for something different as it takes a different approach to love and relationships.

According to Childers, May-December affairs are common in the country but not talked about because of societal pressure. Oneida is one of Childers’ best songs, not because of the theme but also the music, melody, and the way he sings the song.

17. Ever Lovin’ Hand

Tyler Childers - Ever Lovin' Hand (Audio)Tyler Childers – Ever Lovin’ Hand (Audio)

Many people consider this song to be more of a short tale than a lyrical poem. It was a part of Tyler’s third album Country Squire which was released in 2019. Ever Lovin’ Hand is considered one of Childers’ most honest songs as it discusses the highs and lows of love.

Tyler doesn’t shy away from harsher themes like adultery and grief, which makes the song even more relevant. Because of its raw honesty, this is one of Tyler Childers’ best songs. It’s also an excellent album to listen to if you want to feel the sorrow and love of a relationship.

18. Charleston Girl

Charleston Girl (Live)Charleston Girl (Live)

The lighthearted atmosphere of this tune, with the mandolin drifting for a few seconds, has made this song an absolute hit amongst country-music lovers. On the surface, the song is about how Tyler’s escapades with a local young woman in Charleston, South Carolina, forced him to unleash his wild side.

It does, however, contain something more profound on the inside. This song is perfect for individuals who wish to appreciate the allure of country music without becoming overwhelmed.

19. Bottles and Bibles

Bottles and BiblesBottles and Bibles

Themes like mental illnesses, depression, alcohol, and drug misuse are not spoken of in public, especially in rural America and Tyler wants to change this via his music. People continue to suffer in silence becasue of the taboo and no one is immune, be it influential members of the community or ordinary people on the road.

This song comes as a ray of hope, not only because it validates the pain of those who stayed silent to appease the norms, the upbeat music, and Childers’ endearing voice made it easier to play it often. There is something special about this song because it takes a different look at the darkness that pervades many tiny towns in rural America.

20. Gemini

Tyler Childers - Gemini (Audio)Tyler Childers – Gemini (Audio)

This last recommendation is great for those who are in long-distance relationships. Childers affirms his love for his girl in this song, saying that no matter how far he is, his feelings won’t ever change, and he does not have to be with her physically to feel her presence. This is a great listen for those who want to appreciate the simple things in life and believe in the power of love. 


That concludes our list of 20 of the best Tyler Childers songs for country music enthusiasts. We hope you enjoyed this selection and discovered a new favorite song in the process.

Featured Image Credit : By Roberta – Tyler Childers-19, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=75510568