The 10 Best Yoko Ono Quotes

Yoko Ono is a well-known artist, musician, and peace activist, known for her relationship with John Lennon. Her life and work embody the ideas of individual agency, interconnectedness, and hope. Ono has long been an advocate for peace and has used her art and music to spread messages of love and positivity.

She encourages people to harness the power of their thoughts and beliefs to shape their reality and the world around them. Ono’s art often encourages participation, inviting the audience to engage with her work and create their own meanings.

The 10 Best Yoko Ono Quotes

  1. “You change the world by being yourself.”
  2. “Distance doesn’t exist, in fact, and neither does time. Vibrations from love or music can be felt everywhere, at all times.”
  3. “You can be very wild and still be very wise.”
  4. “We are all dreamers creating the next world, the next beautiful world for ourselves and for our children.”
  5. “When you are suffering, you become more understanding about yourself, but also about other people’s sufferings too. That’s the first step to understand somebody is to understand their sufferings. So then love follows.”
  6. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
  7. “Your thoughts create reality. The most pragmatic way to create world peace is to use your power of visualization. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, Imagine Peace. Your thoughts will soon cover the planet. The most important thing is to believe in your power. It works.”
  8. “Most people think that I am too optimistic, but my optimism is based on the thought that negative thinking is a luxury that we can’t afford.”
  9. “My heart is mysteriously alive in the world of sounds – a totally different dimension from the daily life.”
  10. “Don’t ever give up on life. Life can be so beautiful, especially after you’ve spent a lot of time with it.”

Ono’s passion for music and creative expression highlight the role of art in bringing beauty and joy to our lives. These themes can be seen throughout her life and work and continue to inspire others to strive for a better world.

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