BTS Albums in Order

BTS, the renowned South Korean boy band, has released numerous albums since their debut in 2013. Their discography comprises a mix of studio albums, mini-albums, mixtapes, and collaborations.

BTS albums narrate their journey to stardom and personal evolution, from their 2013 debut 2 Cool 4 Skool to 2020’s BE, marking distinct thematic eras. Their musical voyage includes studio and mini-albums, individual mixtapes highlighting unique talents, collaborations, and soundtrack contributions.

BTS Albums Timeline: From Debut to Present

Sweeping across the globe with a wave of exhilarating music, powerful performances, and a message of self-love and social issues, BTS has sparked a revolution in the music industry and captivated millions of hearts along the way.

As we chronologically navigate their discography, let’s relish the rich tapestry of themes, styles, and milestones that mark BTS’s trailblazing legacy.

2 Cool 4 Skool (2013)

This is where it all started, the riveting birth of BTS, symbolized through their debut mini-album, “2 Cool 4 Skool.” It was a bold, energetic manifesto teeming with youthful rebellion and sharp hip-hop influences, marking a distinctive beginning in the Korean music scene.

A raw and invigorating fusion of sounds, it laid a powerful foundation for the BTS legacy that was just getting ignited.

Dark & Wild (2014)

Then came “Dark & Wild,” BTS’ first full-length studio album. Stripping back their armor, it revealed a grittier, more vulnerable side of the septet, steeped in the chaotic wilderness of love, danger, and raw emotion.

It was a testament to their dynamic musical range and an affirmation of their evolutionary prowess..

Skool Luv Affair (2014)

Holding on to their signature hip-hop flavor, “Skool Luv Affair” presented a poignant snapshot of school life — an emotional rollercoaster of euphoria, heartbreak, infatuations, and everything in between.

It was a resonant chorus echoing the voices of youths worldwide, making BTS not just a band, but a companion through the throes of adolescence.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 (2015) & Pt. 2 (2015)

This two-part mini-album series was like a tender, lyrical photograph capturing the essence of fleeting youth. From exuberant joy to heartbreaking sorrow, these records painted the whole spectrum of youthful experience.

Paired with cinematic music videos that blurred the lines between reality and dreams, they hit a nerve globally, concreting their ever-growing international ARMY.

Love Yourself: Her (2017)

As BTS grew, so did their music, maturing into a voyage of introspection and self-discovery with “Love Yourself: Her.” This mini-album was a lyrical exploration of love’s many dimensions, unearthing the nuances of loving oneself.

Its earworm lead single, “DNA,” made history as the first BTS song to break into the Billboard Hot 100, proving their momentum was not just unstoppable, but also universally infectious.

Wings (2016) & Love Yourself: Tear (2018)

These studio albums further demonstrated their prowess. Notably, “Tear” reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, making BTS the first Korean act to achieve this feat.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016) & Love Yourself: Answer (2018)

Young Forever (2016) & Love Yourself: Answer (2018): Serving as musical scrapbooks, these compilation albums carefully selected and brought together the creme de la creme from their earlier works, enhanced with some brand new tunes.

These additions, sprinkled in like delightful surprises, thrilled the ARMY, deepening their connection with the band.

Map of the Soul: Persona (2019) & Map of the Soul: 7 (2020)

The “Map of the Soul” series opened a new chapter in BTS’s discography, one filled with philosophical musings and introspective narratives.

Drawing inspiration from Carl Jung’s psychological theories, these albums examined individual identity and collective psyche, further deepening their artistic depth and bridging the gap between pop culture and complex psychological concepts.

BE (2020)

Born out of a tumultuous global situation, “BE” stands as BTS’s most personal and candid work to date. It was not just an album, but a heartfelt letter penned in response to the global pandemic.

Offering solace in a time of collective hardship, “BE” reverberated with messages of hope, resilience, and shared humanity, bringing comfort to fans across the globe.

Proof (2022)

“Proof” created quite a stir upon release, selling over 2 million copies globally on the very first day. The album, an expansive 3-disc spectacle, showcases an assortment of the band’s remarkable singles from yesteryears.

It also includes an array of “favorites” hand-picked from their discography by the band members themselves, not to mention an exciting array of demos and tracks that had previously never seen the light of day.

Through the years, BTS has continually evolved both musically and conceptually, exploring diverse themes such as self-love, the struggles of youth, and empowerment. Each album marks a significant milestone in their journey as artists and as individuals.

BTS Member Mixtapes

As BTS members embarked on their individual musical journeys, they’ve each created unique and impressive bodies of work. From mixtapes to singles, they’ve not only shown their versatility but also their personal artistic styles.


The group leader was the first to release a solo project, his self-titled mixtape ‘RM’ in 2015. This 11-track mixtape saw RM grappling with self-doubt and internal struggles, while also asserting his faith in his rap talent.

He followed up with ‘Mono’ in 2018, a more collaborative project that brought a more introspective sound​. More recently, RM released his debut solo album ‘Indigo’ in 2022, bringing guest artists like Erykah Badu and Anderson .Paak on board​.


Taking on the stage name Agust D, Suga released his debut mixtape in 2016. This mixtape revealed his hardcore rap and underground influences. His follow-up mixtape ‘D-2’ in 2020 marked a shift in focus, with Suga reflecting on his experiences as a then 28-year-old. He’s also announced a solo documentary titled ‘Road to D-Day’, and his first solo album ‘D-DAY’ in 2023​​.


With his debut mixtape ‘Hope World’ in 2018, J-Hope introduced himself as a solo rapper and producer. He then released ‘Jack in the Box’ in 2022, marking his growth and desire to break the mold. Not to forget his dance-inducing track ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ featuring Becky G in 2019​.


Known for his sentimental tracks, Jin released several solo songs including ‘Yours’, ‘Super Tuna’, ‘Abyss’, and ‘Tonight’. More recently, he collaborated with Coldplay on ‘The Astronaut’, a song revealing a stadium-sized rock sound​​.


Jimin released several solo tracks such as ‘With You’, ‘Christmas Love’, and ‘Promise’. In 2023, he announced his first solo album ‘FACE’​​.

Jung Kook

Jung Kook released several solo tracks, including ‘My You’, ‘Stay Alive’, and ‘Still With You’. He also released a song for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, ‘Dreamers’​.


V released several ballads including ‘Scenery’ and ‘Winter Bear’ in 2019, ‘Snow Flower’ in 2020, and ‘Christmas Tree’ in 2022. He also announced his solo debut in 2023​​.

These solo projects not only highlight the individual talents of each BTS member but also their shared dedication to their craft and their fans. It’s exciting to see where their individual paths will take them next.


In conclusion, the discography of BTS is a remarkable journey that showcases their growth as artists and their ability to tackle various genres and themes. From their debut album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ to their latest works, each album serves as a testament to their musical innovation and evolution.

Their albums not only document their journey as musicians but also resonate deeply with their fans around the world, addressing universal themes of love, struggle, and self-discovery.

BTS Featured Image by: Carolin von Petzholdt, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons