18 Christian Songs About Friendship

Christian songs about friendship are not just musical tracks but heartfelt expressions that explore the depth of relationship, both with God and fellow humans. These songs highlight the significance of companionship, support, and the unique bond that Christian friends share, encapsulated in tunes that resonate with many.

1. “Friends” by Michael W. Smith

“Friends” by Michael W. Smith is an iconic tune that dives deep into the essence of what it means to share a bond of friendship rooted in faith. This classic song, beloved by many, speaks to the enduring nature of friendships that are nurtured by spiritual connections and mutual beliefs.

2. “God Gave Me You” by Dave Barnes

“God Gave Me You” by Dave Barnes has evolved into a heartfelt anthem of gratitude for friendships that are perceived as divine gifts. This emotionally charged song captures the essence of appreciating those special bonds in our lives that seem to be perfectly placed by a higher power.

3. “I’ll Find You” by Lecrae and Tori Kelly

“I’ll Find You” by Lecrae and Tori Kelly emerges as a powerful anthem for offering support and hope to friends navigating through their darkest moments. This collaboration between Lecrae and Tori Kelly intertwines rap and soulful vocals to create a message of unwavering loyalty and understanding during hardships.

4. “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”

“What A Friend We Have In Jesus,” a timeless hymn covered by various artists, profoundly articulates the concept of ultimate friendship with Jesus. This classic piece resonates across generations, embodying the deep, personal relationship believers can have with Christ as a friend who understands all sorrows and shares in every joy.

5. “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE

“Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE delivers a compelling message about brotherhood, solidarity, and the invigorating strength that originates from Christ-centered friendships. The song is a robust call to action, encouraging listeners to support one another through life’s challenges with the kind of deep, unwavering bond that faith can foster.

6. “By Your Side” by Tenth Avenue North

“By Your Side” by Tenth Avenue North is a poignant exploration of God’s constant friendship and support in our lives, assuring us that we are never alone in our struggles. This song beautifully captures the essence of divine companionship, reminding listeners of the steadfast love and comfort that God offers to everyone.

7. “Prayer For A Friend” by Casting Crowns

“Prayer For A Friend” by Casting Crowns is a deeply emotional song that serves as a heartfelt plea for divine intervention in a friend’s life. This track underscores the profound role that prayer can play in friendship, emphasizing the hope and support it brings in times of need.

8. “Friend Of God” by Israel Houghton

“Friend Of God” by Israel Houghton is a vibrant worship song that joyously affirms the privilege of being called a friend of God. This track stands out for its energetic melody and uplifting lyrics, celebrating the intimate and loving relationship that believers can share with their creator.

9. “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” by Casting Crowns

“Jesus, Friend of Sinners” by Casting Crowns is a moving reminder of Jesus’s compassionate role as a friend to the outcast and sinner. This song challenges listeners to embrace empathy and understanding, mirroring Jesus’s example of unconditional love and acceptance for all.

10. “Bestfriends” by Hillsong Young & Free

“Bestfriends” by Hillsong Young & Free captures the spirited and youthful energy of celebrating a divine friendship that withstands the test of time. This song reflects the exuberance of a generation committed to nurturing a deep, enduring relationship with God, highlighted through dynamic beats and engaging lyrics.

11. “I Will Be Your Friend” by Michael W. Smith

“I Will Be Your Friend” by Michael W. Smith is yet another beautiful contribution to Christian music, focusing on the unwavering commitment to stand by friends in any circumstance. This song delivers a powerful message of loyalty, support, and the enduring nature of true friendship, wrapped in Smith’s signature melodic style.

12. “Known” by Tauren Wells

“Known” by Tauren Wells conveys the comforting message that in God’s eyes, we are fully known and loved, providing a profound foundation for all true friendships. This song beautifully articulates the idea that being deeply understood by God allows us to forge authentic connections with others.

13. “Leaving 99” by Audio Adrenaline

“Leaving 99” by Audio Adrenaline takes a rock-infused approach to the parable of the lost sheep, highlighting the extent of Jesus’s friendship and His willingness to leave the ninety-nine to find the one. This song captures the relentless pursuit and unmatched love Jesus has for each individual, set against a backdrop of dynamic rhythms and compelling vocals.

14. “A Letter To My Friend” by Kirk Franklin

“A Letter To My Friend” by Kirk Franklin unfolds as an intimate composition, akin to a heartfelt letter filled with wisdom and love. This track showcases Franklin’s ability to convey deep emotional truths and guidance through music, offering listeners a soul-stirring reflection on the value of friendship and the power of heartfelt communication.

15. “More Than You’ll Ever Know” by Watermark

“More Than You’ll Ever Know” by Watermark is a touching ballad that dives into expressing profound gratitude for friendships that mirror God’s love. The song elegantly captures the essence of cherishing those in our lives who provide support, understanding, and a reflection of divine affection.

16. “What A Friend I’ve Found” by Kristene DiMarco

“What A Friend I’ve Found” beautifully covered by Kristene DiMarco, is a tender declaration of the profound connection and friendship found in Jesus. This rendition by DiMarco adds a layer of heartfelt emotion and sincerity, encapsulating the deep comfort and companionship that comes with knowing Jesus on a personal level.

17. “Use A Friend” by Tauren Wells

“Use A Friend” by Tauren Wells presents a modern perspective on the notion that true friends should always be there for each other, especially in times of need. This song encourages listeners to not hesitate to lean on their friends, highlighting the importance of mutual support and understanding in building stronger, more resilient friendships.

18. “Unstoppable Love” by Jesus Culture

“Unstoppable Love” by Jesus Culture delves into the portrayal of God’s unwavering love and friendship towards humanity, emphasizing the ultimate sacrifice made for us. The song is an uplifting expression of gratitude and awe for the boundless, relentless love that God extends, demonstrating his unmatched dedication to each of us.