Cliff Richard Net Worth (2024)

Cliff Richard’s net worth is an estimated $110 million. As a famous British-Barbarian singer, he has established his career in music for 7 decades. Here are some things you need to know about Cliff Richard and the source of his net worth.

Where did Cliff Richard get his money?

Starting his singing career from the age of 19 until the present, Cliff Richard is the reason why rock and roll became a genre worth listening to before The Beatles stepped into the British music scene.

From being a member of the back group ‘The Shadows,’ which was a stepping stone to his success as a solo artist.

Singing Career

His 7-decade career has been a long feat, but a worthy journey. His songs, both solo and with The Drifters, have sold a combined 21.5 million units in the UK.

As a singer in the rock and roll industry, Richard has received multiple awards and certifications for his tracks. He has achieved considerable success and wealth solely from his singing career.

What is Cliff Richard known for?

Harry Webb, who has the stage name of Cliff Richard, is known for his charismatic rock and pop style similar to Elvis Presley and his singing is mainly inspired by his idol Little Richard (which he got his stage name).

The band ‘The Drifters’, which consists of members Terry Smart (drums), Norman Mitham (guitar), Ian Samwell (guitar), and Cliff Richard (vocals), made songs and contributed to Richard’s music career.

Cliff Richard and The Drifters

In 1958, The first song outside the United States to define genuine rock and roll music was “Move It” by Richard and The Drifters, which was composed by Ian Samwell.

It became a defining moment in British rock and roll history because the song became a hit on the UK Singles Chart, topping number 2.

In the following years, recorded other hit songs such as “Livin’ Lovin’ Doll,” “High Class Baby,” and “Mean Streak” in which Richard performs all dressed up like Elvis and even embodied his stern and rocky personality.

The Shadows

The Shadows, who were previously known as “The Drifters,” had signed a new recording contract with EMI Records in 1959, which was not linked to Cliff Richard.

They are just separated by paperwork and continue to write and perform songs together. In the same year, Richard had a debut film entitled ‘Serious Change’ which featured a snippet of their released songs, according to IMDb.

Even if Richard hasn’t achieved a lot of fame and recognition in the United States, he is quite well-known in the United Kingdom, where he and the Shadow were featured in movies known as “Cliff Richard Musicals.”

The films are entitled “Summer Holiday,” “Finders Keepers,” “Wonderful Life,” and “The Young Ones.” In the 1980s, ‘The Young Ones’ became a sitcom that revolved around slapstick humor and a group of university students sharing a house together.

Other than films and recording with the group, Richard also recorded ballads without The Shadows. One of the tracks was “When The Girl Hit Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart” with Morrie Paramor. Richard also recorded covers such as “Constantly” and “It’s All In The Game,” both are Italian hit songs.

Solo Career

After a good run with The Shadows, Richard went on to have a very successful solo career. With over 47 studio albums (with The Shadows supporting these units), 11 of them live, he has managed to release music consistently throughout his career.

Some of Cliff Richard’s most popular tracks include “Living Doll,” “The Young Ones,” “Travelin’ Light,” “Wind Me Up (Let Me Go),” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” These tracks have all been certified Gold or higher by the UK Charts, with “Living Doll” achieving Gold status.

Despite being a rock and roll icon, Richard found interest in recording Christian songs. A compilation album entitled “Walking in The Light” has gospel songs that are loved by his fans and were the best-selling Christian Contemporary Music.

His record label EMI, hesitated in releasing the album because they doubted its potential but proved them wrong, according to Real Life Stories.

Facts about Cliff Richard

Drug-Free Rock Star

Confident in his talent, Richard firmly believes that he didn’t need drugs or other vices. In an article in Daily Mail, he never indulged in rebellious acts (like loveless sex and drugs) that rock stars usually did with their fame and fortune. Being a bachelor also helped him focus more on his music and performances.

Speechless When Knighted By The Late Queen Elizabeth II

“Utterly speechless,” Richard winced when he reminisced about his knighthood in the 1990s. Addressed as Sir Cliff Richard, he was first honored in 1980 with an OBE and further knighthood in 1995 because of his notable contributions to music.

Refused to be Photographed with Elvis Presley

Another one of Richard’s regrets was refusing to have a photo with the rock and roll icon Elvis Presley. The only reason? Richard thinks he was too fat.

As he mentioned on Express, when he and Elvis met, Richard thought he “gained weight” and was embarrassed to be photographed next to Elvis. I bet Elvis wouldn’t have minded.


Cliff Richard has laid down the rock and roll era with his great songs and performances. Even if he was not as successful in the United States, his talent and good looks helped him gain significant fame and fortune.

His albums were well-received by the public and some of his tracks are still being played today. Richard is also an OBE and Kt., which are impressive feats. As of 2022, Cliff Richard’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $110 million.

Cliff Richard Featured Image by: Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons