Does Beyonce Use Autotune?

While Beyonce never uses autotune in her live performances, she sometimes uses autotune as an effect on some of her songs, like the “7/11.” Although she does not use any major pitch correction in the studio, her production team uses software for minor adjustments.

In this song, Beyonce takes the slight help of autotune to create a more trappy-style vocal effect. This way, her singing matches the rapid flutter of the snare hits. So her vocals fit the song’s electronic trap feel better.

Beyonce is a coloratura mezzo-soprano singer, which means she has the weight and timbre of a mezzo-soprano. Her singing is highly fluid and masterful which does not need any major correction by any device or software.

In an interview, she honestly talked about her approach to autotune, saying that she occasionally plays around with the equipment in the studio but does not use any major pitch correction. She also added that her live performances are entirely natural.

However, pitch correction in the studio is an industry-standard today, and Beyonce’s producer team uses some software for minor adjustments in her recordings for pitch perfection rather than pitch correction. The main software used for these types of pitch correction in the studio is Melodyne.

While Beyonce is a highly talented singer, she is not perfect. Sometimes, she can struggle with some tunes in the live performances, but you have to have a highly trained ear to realize as the difference is extremely subtle. 

Overall, she is a fantastic singer who does not need autotune to sing but uses the software to create different kinds of effects and add spices to a few songs of hers. You can simply watch a live Beyonce performance to get awestruck by her natural talent.

Beyonce Featured Image by: Arnie Papp, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons