Does Justin Bieber Write His Own Music?

No one can deny the fact that Justin Bieber is a musical phenomenon. But what many people don’t know is whether or not the chart-topping singer writes his own music. So, does Justin Bieber write his own music?

Bieber has always maintained that he is heavily involved in the songwriting process for his songs. He co-writes much of his own music along with a team of professional songwriters and producers. He may not be the only one involved in the songwriting process, but he is definitely putting in the work to create hits.

Hit Songs Written By Justin Bieber

He made a name for himself in the music industry. Let’s take a look at some of Justin Bieber’s biggest hits and see if we can spot any patterns in the songwriting credits.

“Baby” feat. Ludacris

Justin Bieber - Baby (Official Music Video) ft. LudacrisJustin Bieber – Baby (Official Music Video) ft. Ludacris

We all had that Bieber fever back in 2010 when “Baby” was released. The song was an instant hit and it catapulted Bieber into superstardom. But who wrote the song?

Turns out, Justin Bieber co-wrote the song with Ludacris, Tricky Stewart, and Christina Milan. So although Bieber didn’t write the song entirely by himself, he did have a hand in creating one of his most iconic hits.

“Sorry” from Purpose (2015)

Justin Bieber - Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement)Justin Bieber – Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement)

This is another one of Justin Bieber’s mega-hits that was released in 2015. Once again, Bieber co-wrote the song with a team of professional songwriters, including Julia Michaels, Skrillex, BloodPop, and Justin Tranter. This reached over 3 billion views on Youtube and is one of the most iconic songs of his career.

“Intentions” from Changes (2020)

Justin Bieber - Intentions (Official Video (Short Version)) ft. QuavoJustin Bieber – Intentions (Official Video (Short Version)) ft. Quavo

This more pop-heavy track features lyrics about love and relationships. The album’s title refers to the many changes Bieber has experienced in his life over the past few years, including marriage and other significant changes.

It is unclear how much input Bieber had in the songwriting process for “Intentions.” He is credited as a co-writer on the track along with Quavious, Jason Boyd, Jimmy Giannos, Marshall, and Dominic Jordan. Both Bieber and Quavo dedicate the song to their significant others, Hailey Baldwin and Saweetie respectively.

Final Thoughts

There is certainly evidence to suggest that Justin Bieber is quite involved in the songwriting process. In an industry where songwriting is often outsourced to professional teams, it seems that Bieber is more hands-on with his creative process. And while he may not be writing entire songs on his own, it’s clear that he puts a lot of thought and feeling into the music he releases!

Justin Bieber Featured Image by: Nokia621, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons