How To Add Music To Instagram Story

Adding music to your Instagram story can be done by tapping the sticker icon after uploading content and selecting the ‘Music’ sticker to browse and choose a song. Alternatively, you can share a song directly to your story from popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram’s Music Sticker: Use it to search for and add music directly to your story from Instagram’s library.
  • Streaming Services Sharing: Share tracks directly from Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming apps to your Instagram story.
  • Customization Options: Choose the specific part of the song and add lyrics or album art to your story for a personalized touch.
  • Regional Availability: Be aware that music on Instagram stories may not be available in all regions due to licensing restrictions.
  • Troubleshooting Issues: If you can’t add music, check your app’s update status, or try reconnecting to the streaming service.

Adding Music Directly Through Instagram

When you’re ready to add a soundtrack to your Instagram story, the platform makes it easy with the Instagram music sticker. This handy feature taps into an in-app music library with a wide array of songs and genres to suit every moment you’re trying to share. Here’s how you can make your stories sing:

Start by capturing or uploading the content for your story. Once you have your photo or video in place, tap on the smiley sticker icon at the top of the screen and choose the ‘Music‘ sticker.

This opens up Instagram’s music library, where you can then search for a song by name, mood, or genre. After you find your preferred tune, you can select the specific snippet of the song that best fits your story.

Moreover, customization doesn’t end there. You have the option to showcase the song’s lyrics on your story—a great way to add more context or express emotions.

Alternatively, you might go for the album art or simple music formats like a small sticker with the song’s name. To adjust the music’s appearance in your story, just tap through the different icons after you’ve selected your song.

1Select the sticker icon and choose ‘Music’Access Instagram’s extensive music library
2Search and pick your favorite songChoose from different genres or search for specific tracks
3Select a snippet of the songHighlight the part of the song that matches your story’s vibe
4Customize with lyrics, album art, or music formatsAdd a personalized touch to your music story feature

Utilizing Music from Popular Streaming Services

Injecting your Instagram stories with tunes from your favorite streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Shazam can really set the right tone and vibe. These third-party apps allow you to share music directly to your Instagram story, giving your followers a glimpse into your current playlist or music discoveries.

To share a song from Spotify to your Instagram story, first, play the song on Spotify. Then tap the ‘Share’ option and select ‘Instagram Stories’ from the list. Spotify will create a custom story with the song title, album art, and a link back to the song on Spotify.

The process is similar for Apple Music and SoundCloud users—play the song you want to share, tap the ‘share’ icon, and choose ‘Instagram Stories’.

Shazam offers a slightly different angle. If you’ve discovered a song via Shazam, you can tap the ‘share’ button in Shazam and directly post your find to your Instagram story, sharing your in-the-moment musical discovery with your audience.

Remember that when your followers tap on the song sticker in your story, they’ll get a preview of the song and can jump straight into the app to listen to the full track, provided they have the app installed and are subscribed to the service. It’s a seamless way to cross-promote content between your streaming service of choice and your Instagram audience.

Streaming ServiceSteps to Share Music
SpotifyPlay a song, tap ‘Share’, and select ‘Instagram Stories’
Apple MusicPlay song, tap the share icon, and choose ‘Instagram Stories’
SoundCloudPlay a track, access share options, and post to Instagram Stories
ShazamShazam a song, hit ‘Share’, and share directly to Instagram Stories

Troubleshooting Common Music Addition Issues

When it comes to livening up your Instagram stories with music, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. Whether it’s a limited music selection, a missing music sticker, or stumbling upon regional restrictions, these common issues can put a damper on your story-telling creativity. But don’t worry, there are usually explanations and solutions at hand!

For those facing a limited music selection, it’s important to know that Instagram’s music library is vast but not unlimited. The selection can be affected by licensing agreements, which vary from country to country. Trying out different search terms or browsing different genres might lead you to an available alternative that still suits your story.

If the music sticker itself seems to have disappeared from your sticker tray, check to ensure you have the latest version of the Instagram app. An update might just bring your musical capabilities back online. Another reason could be account type: some features like the music sticker are not available for business accounts due to copyright laws.

Regional restrictions can also limit access to certain music or even the music sticker feature altogether. Instagram’s music feature is not available worldwide due to licensing limitations. If you’re traveling or live in a region where the feature is restricted, you might not have access at all.

And a word to the wise about potential story deletions: using unlicensed music or sharing content from third-party apps can sometimes lead to your stories being removed. If this happens, Instagram will typically notify you of the infringement, and you should be cautious of repeating the same action to avoid any risks to your account standing.

If after trying these tips you’re still facing issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Instagram’s help center for further assistance.

Here’s a quick guide to help you troubleshoot common music addition issues on Instagram stories:

Music Choices LimitedTry different search queries or genres for more options
Music Sticker MissingUpdate the app, or check account type restrictions
Regional RestrictionsMusic features may be unavailable in some regions
Story Deletion RisksUse licensed music or official sharing options to avoid removal