Is Justin Bieber a Good Singer?

Justin Bieber’s voice is beautiful and unique. His singing style is very pop-oriented, so some consider him more a commercial singer than an artist. However, it is undeniable that Justin Bieber is talented and has a fantastic singing voice that has helped him achieve enormous success at a young age.

Justin Bieber’s Singing Style

Justin Bieber’s natural voice is great, and it has gotten better with time and training. He has a versatile voice that is perfect for singing pop music.

His voice is youthful and upbeat, which helps him connect with his fans. He’s a tenor with some baritone qualities; he can hit high and low notes well. Justin Bieber usually sings in falsetto, giving his voice a layer of sweetness and vulnerability.

He easily transitions between chest voice and falsetto with an agile and dynamic voice equipped for melismas. Justin Bieber knows how to use his voice properly and efficiently, so he doesn’t usually sound strained, even when he sings for a long time.

Justin Bieber’s Voice in Action

One of Justin Bieber’s best-known songs is “Baby.” The song was a huge commercial success, and Justin Bieber’s voice is evident in the track; it has a slow tempo, and Bieber’s sweet and soulful vocals work perfectly with the melody. He sings with a lot of emotion, making the song even more enjoyable.

Justin Bieber’s voice is very versatile, and he can sing different styles of music without any trouble. In “Love Yourself,” he mixes his head voice and chest voice perfectly and utilizes the lower register. “One Less Lonely Girl” off his first album shows off his strong voice, and it is a ballad with Justin Bieber singing at a slower tempo.

He uses his lower and upper register on “Stuck With U,” and the song has a soulful sound. “Somebody to Love” with Usher was more of an upbeat song, and Justin Bieber showed off his powerful voice. He sings in falsetto on “Sorry,” and he switches between rapping and singing on “Boyfriend,” showcasing his beautiful vocals.


Justin Bieber is a good singer with a beautiful tone and unique voice. He uses his voice efficiently, and his versatility enables him to sing different styles of music without any trouble. Justin Bieber has achieved enormous success at a young age, and it is evident that his powerful voice has a lot to do with it.

Justin Bieber Featured Image by: Jakub Janecki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons