20 Italian Wedding Songs

In this article, we will explore a diverse selection of Italian wedding songs, each one possessing its own unique qualities, to help you craft the perfect soundtrack for your momentous occasion. These timeless tunes will add a touch of Italian charm and elegance to your special day.

1. “O, sole mio” by Il Volo

The classic Neapolitan song “O, sole mio” performed by Il Volo is an emblem of Italian romance. Ideal for serenading newlyweds, this timeless tune is characterized by its heartfelt lyrics and captivating harmonies that will charm any wedding gathering.

2. “Cavalleria rusticana” by Pietro Mascagni

A touch of Italian refinement is added to any wedding celebration with Pietro Mascagni’s operatic gem “Cavalleria rusticana.” The enchanting “Intermezzo” in particular serves as an elegant musical backdrop that beautifully complements the emotions of the day.

3. “Ciao Ciao Bambina” by Domenico Modugno

Domenico Modugno’s “Ciao Ciao Bambina” brings a playful and spirited energy to any wedding celebration. This upbeat song, with its irresistible melody, is perfect for getting guests onto the dance floor and basking in the joy of the newlywed couple.

4. “Funiculì, Funiculà” by Luciano Pavarotti

Sung by the legendary Luciano Pavarotti, “Funiculì, Funiculà” exudes the irresistible charm of Southern Italy. The lively tune and Pavarotti’s powerful vocals create a cheerful atmosphere that will leave guests smiling and dancing at any wedding reception.

5. “Volare” by Gipsy Kings

The Gipsy Kings’ rendition of “Volare” infuses the iconic Italian melody with a flamenco twist, resulting in a vivacious and spirited track. The lively tempo and festive ambiance make it an excellent choice for a memorable wedding dance party.

6. “Aida: Ouverture” by Claudio Abbado

For an air of elegance and majesty, Claudio Abbado’s “Aida: Ouverture” is the perfect orchestral piece to set the tone of a sophisticated Italian wedding. This stunning composition can accompany the couple’s grand entrance or be played during their first dance as a married couple.

7. “Malafemmena” by Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli’s poignant rendition of “Malafemmena” features his emotive voice in a song about love and heartbreak. This sentimental ballad allows for a tender moment during the wedding, reminding guests of the beauty and complexity of love.

8. “Triumphal March from Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi

Symbolizing a couple’s journey together, Giuseppe Verdi’s “Triumphal March from Aida” is an ideal choice for a grand wedding processional or recessional. The soaring strings and triumphant brass underscore the celebration of victory and glory in marriage.

9. “Tu vuò fa’ l’Americano” by Renato Carosone

Renato Carosone’s “Tu vuò fa’ l’Americano” is a fun and lively tune that showcases the exuberant spirit of Italian jazz. This lighthearted song adds a playful twist to wedding festivities with its tongue-in-cheek lyrics and infectious rhythm.

10. “Tarantella Napoletana” by David Garrett

David Garrett’s rendition of the traditional Italian folk dance “Tarantella Napoletana” brings a lively and unforgettable atmosphere to any wedding reception. The rapid tempo and catchy melody are sure to get guests on their feet, celebrating the joyous occasion with gusto.

11. “La Canzone del Sole” by Lucio Battisti

Lucio Battisti’s “La Canzone del Sole” is a heartfelt ballad that evokes the warmth and brightness of love. Its soothing melody and tender lyrics create a romantic ambiance, making it a fitting choice for a slow dance or quiet moment during the wedding reception.

12. “Italian Wedding Tarantella” by Music of Italy

“Italian Wedding Tarantella” by Music of Italy is a lively rendition of the traditional Southern Italian folk dance, perfect for energizing guests and creating a festive atmosphere. With its spirited tempo and engaging melody, this track is sure to have everyone on their feet, celebrating love and joy.

13. “Guarda che luna (Base)” by Fred Buscaglione

Fred Buscaglione’s “Guarda che luna (Base)” is a swooning love song that highlights the beauty of the moonlit night. Its dreamy melody and poetic lyrics make it an enchanting choice for couples seeking a romantic soundtrack for their wedding festivities.

14. “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert

“Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert is a timeless, sacred piece often played during wedding ceremonies. Its ethereal melody and reverent atmosphere provide an exquisite backdrop for a moment of reflection, adding a touch of solemnity and grace to any matrimonial event.

15. “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli’s rendition of “The Prayer” is a powerful duet that showcases the beauty of love and unity. This inspirational song, often played during wedding ceremonies, creates a moving atmosphere that captures the essence of two souls becoming one.

16. “I Sing Ammore” by Nicola Arigliano

“I Sing Ammore” by Nicola Arigliano is a charming, upbeat tune that celebrates the joy of love. With its catchy melody and enthusiastic vocals, this song adds a touch of vintage glamour to any wedding reception and keeps the dance floor buzzing.

17. “Minuetto” by Luigi Boccherini

Luigi Boccherini’s “Minuetto” is a sophisticated classical piece that exudes elegance and refinement. Its graceful tempo and delicate strings create an enchanting atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a formal wedding dinner or cocktail hour.

18. “Azzuro” by Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano’s “Azzuro” is a captivating, melancholic song that speaks to the yearning of love. Its emotive lyrics and striking melody make it a poignant addition to any wedding playlist, resonating with the depth and complexity of the couple’s emotions.

19. “Vivo per lei (I Live for Her)” by Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia

“Vivo per lei (I Live for Her)” is a passionate duet between Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia, celebrating the transformative power of love. This emotional ballad is perfect for couples who wish to express the depth of their devotion, making it a memorable highlight of the wedding reception.

20. “Tarantella Di Napoli” by Joel Francisco Perri

“Tarantella Di Napoli” by Joel Francisco Perri is a spirited rendition of the traditional Neapolitan dance, filled with energy and exuberance. This lively track is perfect for getting guests on their feet, ensuring a vibrant and unforgettable celebration of the newlywed couple’s love.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Italian wedding songs offer a captivating and diverse array of musical styles that effortlessly complement the beauty and emotion of a wedding celebration. From the timeless charm of operatic masterpieces to the vibrant energy of traditional folk dances, these songs embody the essence of romance and passion that are synonymous with Italian culture.

By incorporating these enchanting tunes into your special day, you will create an unforgettable atmosphere that celebrates love and unity, leaving a lasting impression on both the newlyweds and their guests