John Paul Jones Net Worth (2023)

John Paul Jones has an estimated net worth of $90 million. As the bassist and keyboardist of the band ‘Led Zeppelin,’ he got his wealth through his music career, as stated on The Richest. Jones has also been involved in various solo projects throughout his life. Here are some details:

Where did John Paul Jones get his money?

Jones amassed his wealth from his years mainly as the bassist and keyboardist for Led Zeppelin. His money mainly comes from his music royalties and record sales, as well as his work as an arranger and multiple session appearances.

What is John Paul Jones known for?

Jones was a songwriter and session player in London before he became a part of Led Zeppelin. 

By the age of 15, he joined The Deltas for a few years and then agreed to do session work, playing various instruments from bass to keyboards and then synths. Jones began to be recognized as a talented musician who can play many instruments well.

Led Zeppelin

Formerly known as The Yardbirds, the band changed its name to Led Zeppelin after signing with Atlantic Records. The band consists of guitarist Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham, and Jones. 

After their self-titled debut album became an instant hit in early 1969, the band decided to focus on releasing whole albums rather than singles.

This approach, known as ‘album-oriented rock’ or studio rock, proved successful with their fourth album selling over 37 million units, according to Buzz Feed

Their most famous songs are “Stairway To Heaven,” “Rock and Roll,” and “Ramble On.” Led Zeppelin is one of the most renowned bands in rock history for its multifaceted approaches and inventive songwriting.

Winning a Grammy and other awards, they’ve been credited as being one of the founding fathers of heavy metal and hard rock.

Jone’s contributions to the band are evident on tracks “What Is and What Should Never Be” and “Black Dog,” in which he is credited with the group’s distinctive basslines.

After John Burnham passed away, the band decided to dissolve in 1980. Jones decided to focus on his solo career and session work.

Solo Career

Jones has released three solo albums entitled “The Sporting Life” with Diamanda Galas, “Zooma,” and “The Thunderthief.” He also collaborated with R.E.M., Brian Eno, Foo Fighters, Heart, and more.

Session Work

Jones worked as a session musician for other artists. He’s recorded with Jeff Beck, Paul McCartney and Wings, Tom Jones, and more. He has also composed music for films such as “Scream for Help” and the stage musical “Give My Regards to Broad Street.”

Facts about John Paul Jones

JPJ as a Multi-Instrumentalist

John Paul Jones is a musical genius, playing the piano at age six. Other than that, he can play the mandolin, guitar, and other string instruments. As a producer and arranger, he’s also adept at using synth, Mellotron, and other electronic music devices.

Jones used 3 recorders for “Stairway to Heaven”

Jones is credited with bass, tenor, and soprano recorders that were used in this track.

After Disbanding, Jones Reunites with other Members

In 2007, Jones reunited with Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham for a one-time concert performance of Led Zeppelin songs. The event was held at the O2 Arena in London in memory of late Atlantic Records founder, Ahmet Ertegun. It has been a warm and nostalgic show for Led Zeppelin fans.


John Paul Jones has an estimated net worth of $90 million, most of which came from his music career with Led Zeppelin and various solo projects. His approach to music is innovative, and he’s a virtuoso on several instruments.

He effortlessly creates masterpieces with finesse. His talent has translated into huge earnings, his net worth serves as a proof of his hard work.

John Paul Jones Featured Image by: Craig Carper, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Source: The Richest