The 10 Best Kanye West Quotes

Kanye West is a rapper, producer, and fashion designer known for his bold personality and controversial statements.

Throughout his career, West has shared many thought-provoking and inspiring quotes about a wide range of topics, including creativity, success, and personal happiness.

In these quotes, he discusses the importance of trying to please others, the responsibility that comes with success, the need to pursue one’s own happiness, and the importance of constantly learning and growing.

In this listicle, we will showcase some of the best Kanye West quotes that capture his unique perspective and inspire others to think differently about the world.

  1. “People always say that you can’t please everybody. I think that’s a cop-out. Why not attempt it? ‘Cause think of all the people you will please if you try.”
  2. “I feel that I’m very blessed. But with great blessings come great responsibility.”
  3. “I refuse to accept other people’s ideas of happiness for me. As if there’s a ‘one size fits all’ standard for happiness.”
  4. “I refuse to follow the rules where society tries to control people with low self-esteem.”
  5. “Nothing in life is promised except death.”
  6. “I’ll say things that are serious and put them in a joke form so people can enjoy them. We laugh to keep from crying.”
  7. “Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to God, and keep your face to the rising sun.”
  8. “I care. I care about everything. Sometimes not giving a f#%k is caring the most.”
  9. “I’m not comfortable with comfort. I’m only comfortable when I’m in a place where I’m constantly learning and growing.”
  10. “Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it.”

Final Thoughts

Kanye West touches on the idea that sometimes not caring about things can be a form of caring, and the importance of staying grounded and focused.

West has a reputation for being outspoken and unapologetic, and these quotes reflect his belief in the power of individuality and self-expression.

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