Music vs Song – What’s the Difference?

Music is composed of sounds together in a way that produces an aesthetic experience. A song has lyrics that are meant to be sung with our voice. A piece of music is not a song until there are words attached.

Many use the two words synonymously and interchangeably, but they are not necessarily the same thing.

Are Instrumentals Considered Songs?

Instrumentals are not considered to be songs because they do not include vocals. Only when there is singing or vocals can we consider it a song.

However, instrumentals are often mistakenly referred to as songs, but people will still understand what you mean and probably won’t correct you!

What are the Different types of music?

Music can be classified in many ways. From different parts of the world, people have developed their own music styles and genres which are performed by musicians. Some forms of music are uniquely performed by a particular group of people/ culture while others are common throughout the country or even worldwide.

There are hundreds of types of music that exist today, but the most popular are rock, pop, electronic, jazz, Latin music, and of course classical music. There are also sub-genres of these forms of music with subcategories within them that classify them further.


When it comes to the difference between music vs song, there are several different aspects of each that are important to consider. The word “song” always refers to a specific piece of music with lyrics that is meant for singing. Both songs and music can be sung or played on instruments, though songs contain lyrics.