20 Rap Songs About Loyalty

Whether it’s between friends, family, or lovers, loyalty is a cornerstone of many relationships. And for as long as people have been getting together and breaking up, songs about loyalty have been created.

If you’re looking to nod your head and sing along while listening to some of the best rap songs about loyalty, look no further! From classic 90s hip-hop to modern trap music, here are 20 rap songs about loyalty that you should add to your playlist.

1. “Loyalty” by Kendrick Lamar

This first song on our list is a classic. Released in 2017, Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty” features Rihanna singing the chorus and provides insight into what it means to be loyal regardless of circumstance. It earned Lamar a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Performance.

2. “Loyalty” by Birdman and Lil Wayne

This second entry comes from Cash Money Records’ very own Birdman and Lil Wayne. The song was released in 2010 and is an ode to loyalty within a family or circle of friends.

It’s the perfect reminder that loyalty is key regardless of who you surround yourself with or what business you’re involved in.

3. “Loyalty” by Cormega

Cormega is a rap legend and his song “Loyalty” is no exception. This track explores loyalty through the lens of street life and hip-hop culture. It’s an anthem for any person looking to stay true to themselves and their people in spite of what anyone else might think or say.

4. “Love & Loyalty” by Wale

With over a million views on Youtube, Wale’s “Love & Loyalty” is one of the most popular rap songs about loyalty. This track is part of Wale’s album, Wow… That’s Crazy. It’s about appreciating loyalty and real relationships.

5. “Loyalty” by Mac Ray

A song about staying loyal to one another, “Loyalty” by Mac Ray is a standout from his album of the same title. Featuring an infectious chorus and smooth flow, this song highlights the importance of being true to yourself and those around you.

6. “Loyal” by Chris Brown

“Loyal” by Chris Brown is an ode to loyalty and commitment in relationships. This track, which is part of his 2014 album X, features Lil Wayne and Tyga. With its catchy melodies and clever lyrics, “Loyal” will have you jamming along all night long.

7. “Loyal to the Game” by Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur’s “Loyal to the Game” is a classic example of rap royalty. This song is part of his posthumously released album, Loyal to the Game, and it’s all about staying true to yourself and those around you. If you’re looking for a timeless hip-hop anthem about loyalty, this is the one.

8. “Loyalty And Love” by The Lox

Next on the list is “Loyalty and Love” by The Lox. Coming from the Living Off Xperience album, this hard-hitting track is a braggadocious anthem that celebrates loyalty and love among the members of the group.

The three members boast about sticking together through thick and thin, no matter what tests life throws their way.

9. “Recollections of Loyalty & Pain!” by Autumn!

Autumn’s versatility is one of his biggest strengths as an artist, as he is able to flow between different styles and sounds with ease.

This makes him particularly entertaining to listen to, as no two songs are ever the same. “Recollections of Loyalty & Pain!” is a standout track and it talks about the struggles between loyalty and betrayal.

10. “Family and Loyalty” by Gang Starr

Gang Starr dropped this classic track in 2019 from their One Of The Best Yet album. The song features J. Cole and talks about the importance of loyalty to family and loved ones.

Dedicated to the late Guru, founder of Gang Starr, the song is an ode to staying true to those close to you and not getting caught up in the temptations of materialism.

11. “Loyalty” by Bigg Cee

From the Tha Entree album, Bigg Cee’s “Loyalty” is a lyrical exploration of staying true to yourself and the people around you.

With an unforgettable beat and clever lyrics, Bigg Cee draws attention to maintaining loyalty in any situation as well as working with those who have your back.

12. “Loyalty Before Royalty” by Trippie Redd

With over 9 million views on Youtube, Trippie Redd’s “Loyalty Before Royalty” is a heartfelt song about standing behind those you love and staying dedicated to them through thick and thin.

With its catchy chorus, the song speaks to loyalty in relationships, friendships, and even within the music industry itself.

13. “Loyal To A Fault” by Big Sean and Hit-Boy

“Loyal To A Fault” is a banger from Big Sean and Hit-Boy. It’s all about staying loyal to the ones you care about even in the face of adversity. Filled with hard-hitting bars, this track shows that sometimes loyalty means more than anything else.

14. “Loyalty” by BillyDaMac

This next song is a heartfelt ode to loyalty and dedication. BillyDaMac powerfully captures the idea of standing behind those you love in the face of struggle and hardship. The moving lyrics will surely touch anyone who has ever been loyal to something or someone.

15. “Loyal” by PARTYNEXTDOOR

Another track entitled “Loyal” is PARTYNEXTDOOR’s ode to loyalty. He sings about a woman that he’s loyal to, maintaining his commitment despite the temptations of others. Featuring Drake, the song has an R&B feel, perfect for a romantic evening.

16. “Loyalty” by NTY Zander

“Loyalty” by NTY Zander is a fresh new track about never giving up on someone, no matter what. With a unique rap flow and positive energy, this song is sure to motivate you to be loyal in all of your relationships. You can stream this track on all music platforms.

17. “Got Your Back” by T.I.

From the No Mercy album, “Got Your Back” is a rap song by T.I. about having someone’s back no matter what.

Featuring Kery Hilson, the track has an upbeat tempo and inspiring lyrics that emphasize the importance of loyalty and commitment in relationships. If you’re looking for a classy yet powerful tune, this one should be on your playlist.

18. “Loyalty” by Kool G Rap

This classic hip-hop track, “Loyalty” by Kool G Rap, is about standing up for your beliefs. He raps about how he will always remain loyal to his friends and family no matter the circumstances.

Paired with a catchy instrumental, this song is perfect for any rap fan looking for an inspiring banger.

19. “No Loyalty” by Rich the Kid

Rich the Kid is known for his upbeat and energetic trap music, and “No Loyalty” is no exception. This track is about how he’s fed up with people who don’t treat him right and aren’t loyal to him. It’s a powerful song that will make you want to stand up for yourself in any situation.

20. “LOYALTY CODE” by KoleGee TheRebel

Finishing off this list is “LOYALTY CODE” by KoleGee TheRebel. This song is about being loyal in all aspects of life, and how even though it isn’t easy, it’s worth the effort. Featuring catchy rhymes and a strong message, this track will be sure to motivate you to stay true to yourself.

Final Thoughts

These 20 rap songs about loyalty are sure to leave you feeling inspired and motivated. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or out on your own, these tunes will remind you of the importance of staying true to yourself and those around you.

So go ahead and add them to your playlist! You won’t regret it.