Roger Waters Net Worth (2024)

Roger Waters is a British singer, songwriter, and musician who co-founded the rock band, Pink Floyd, in 1966. With a net worth of over $310 million, he is considered as the richest member of the band.

In this blog post, we will take a look at Roger Waters’ net worth in 2022 and how he has made his money.

Where Did Roger Waters Get His Money?

Roger Waters has made the majority of his money from his music career, both as a member of Pink Floyd and as a solo artist.

As a member of Pink Floyd, Waters wrote some of the band’s most popular songs including one of the best-selling albums of all time, “Dark Side of the Moon.” This album sold an insane amount of 45 million copies!

In addition to his music, he is also a successful real estate investor. He is a co-owner of an island called “Bond’s Bay” in the Bahamas worth $16 million.

What Roger Waters Is Known For

The Wall Album

One of Roger Waters’ most famous works is the album he wrote for Pink Floyd, “The Wall.” This is a concept album about his life experiences and was an instant success. It was considered the 3rd best-selling album in the US.

Solo Career

After leaving Pink Floyd in 1985, Roger Waters embarked on a very successful solo career. His first album was released a year before he officially left the band. His best-selling album as a solo artist is “Amused to Death”, which topped at number 8 on the UK charts.

Facts About Roger Waters

Shakira Is His Business Partner

Did you know that Shakira and Waters bought an island together in the Bahamas? It was intended as a luxurious eco-resort and a lot of celebrities wanted to buy a piece of the island and build their mansions.

Sold Townhouses in New York Worth $14.5 Million

As a real estate investor, Waters has made several lucrative deals. In 2006, he sold three townhouses in New York for a total of $14.5 million.

4 Ex-Wives

Waters has been married and divorced four times. His first wife was Judith Trim, the second was Lady Carolyne Christie, the third was Priscilla Phillips, and his last marriage was with Laurie Durning. Despite all the failed relationships, Waters has three children from these marriages.

A Son of a Fallen Hero

Waters’s father, Eric Fletcher Waters, was a highly decorated World War II veteran. He was very vocal about his anti-war views and political activism, Roger Waters was only five months old when his father died.

Final Thoughts

As one of the most popular and well-known musicians of our time, Roger Waters has had a remarkable career.

From his early days with Pink Floyd to his more recent solo work, Waters has always pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo. With a net worth of $310 million, he is certainly one of the richest rock stars in the world.

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