18 Sad Rap Songs About Love

Rap often paints a picture of raw, unfiltered life experiences, and what’s more relatable and emotive than the bittersweet symphony of love? Here’s a compilation that threads together the heart and the streets – an eclectic blend of 20 Sad Rap Songs About Love.

This poignant blend of urban poetry and emotion is more than just music, it’s a mirror reflecting your own experiences with love. It’s not just about broken hearts, it’s about real feelings that we all relate to. For those who can’t resist a good tearjerker or just want to explore the sensitive side of rap, these songs serve as a heartfelt soundtrack for those tender moments when love is not as it seems.

1. “Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD

“Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD is a rap song about a guy who cannot move on from his lover. He knows that he has to forget the girl and find someone new yet he cannot do it. The singer hates the fact that he loves the girl so much even though he despises her – this painful contrast is also realistic and many listeners will be able to relate to this feeling!

2. “The Gates” by CunninLynguists

“The Gates” by CunninLynguists tells the story of a man who found love early in life only to lose it prematurely. A tale of love and loss, it explores the irony of having a promising start that ends in heartache. With a child that he deeply loves and a continued dedication to a woman who’s moved on, this song resonates with anyone who’s faced the sting of an ended relationship.

3. “XO Tour Life” by Lil Uzi Vert

Our third entry is “XO Tour Life” by Lil Uzi Vert, a track that seemingly revolves around a successful man who “steals” someone else’s girlfriend. This leads to a world of resentment and blame from the original boyfriend, but our protagonist seems unphased. This track serves as a cautionary tale about the transient nature of relationships, a reminder to not get too attached as people can come and go.

4. “Blame Game” by Kanye West

Next up is Kanye West’s “Blame Game”, a profound look into a toxic relationship that is spiraling downwards yet clings on. The song captures a love-hate dynamic, where efforts to escape through seduction of another woman prove futile. It’s a solemn piece that reveals the dark side of love, showing us that not everything is meant to last.

5. “Do You Mind” by DJ Khaled

Then we have “Do You Mind” by DJ Khaled, a tale of unrequited love and denial. The protagonist is smitten by a woman who’s already taken and tries, in vain, to win her over. This leads to a sadness born out of rejection and a realization that he was in the wrong all along, resulting in a character that we can’t help but feel sorry for.

6. “Doing It Wrong” by Drake

“Doing It Wrong” by Drake is a rap song about a guy who is in a relationship with one girl but actually loves someone else. It’s a heartbreaking portrayal of love and loyalty, and the inevitable heartache that comes with it. It’s a reminder that love is a complex emotion and sometimes, we end up hurting the ones we care about.

7. “Sea Lion” by Sage Francis

“Sea Lion” by Sage Francis is about a guy who is trying to make his mama proud but continually fails to do so. He eventually turns towards a life of illegal activities and ends up becoming a monster. Well, at least his mama recognizes him for something!

8. “All Girls Are The Same” by Juice WRLD

“All Girls Are The Same” by Juice WRLD is about a guy who gets his heart broken by a girl and goes into a depressed state. He spends all his money on liquor in order to feel better. The song takes a look at self-destructive behaviors which some people can fall into when they are faced with a similar situation.

9. “Spacebound” by Eminem

“Spacebound” by Eminem is about a dangerous guy who has fallen in love with a girl. The girl, however, seems to be giving him the cold treatment. This guy will do anything to get this girl even if it means using force. This one is a pretty sad rap song.

10. “Love Is Not Enough” by Yelawolf

In “Love Is Not Enough” by Yelawolf, we witness a story of a man left in the dust as his love interest bolts with a random college student. His spiteful exterior masks a man grappling with denial and immense inner pain, making this a song of unrequited love and the heartache it brings.

11. “Marvin’s Room” by Drake

“Marvin’s Room” by Drake takes us into the world of a man hopelessly pursuing a woman who’s chosen another. His constant club visits to see her paint an almost creepy picture, showing us the extent one might go to when they’re led by their heart, no matter how one-sided the feelings may be.

12. “Teenage Love” by Slick Rick

“Teenage Love” by Slick Rick is a rap song told from the third perspective. There is a boy and a girl who like each other but cannot maintain their relationship with the passing of time. It is a sad story but with a powerful message – you shouldn’t waste time on people that don’t deserve it.

13. “I Need Love” by LL Cool J

“I Need Love” by LL Cool J is a rap song about a guy who has never thought of being in a relationship but finally decided to get it on. This exposes him to heartbreak for the very first time in his life. We have all experienced similar feelings before and can relate to becoming frantic when something like this happens. 

14. “Exodus” by HallowJack

“Exodus” by HallowJack is a pretty underrated rap song. As with all sad songs, this one is also a tale of unfulfilled love. The singer is admitting that he is “inferior” to this other guy and that the girl deserves better. The song may leave you feeling especially melancholic as this man accepts that he isn’t meant to find love easily. 

15. “Heartbeat” by Childish Gambino

“Heartbeat” by Childish Gambino is a rap song about a boy who constantly seduces other guy’s girlfriends but ends up getting attached to one of them. The guy is so confident that he will steal this girl from her guy but it seems that it is not happening. 

16. “Song Cry” by Jay-Z

“Song Cry” by Jay-Z is an interesting rap song. The cast of this tale, a boy and a girl, love flirting around. The relationship eventually becomes disruptive with one of them getting too attached with another person.

17. “Caroline” by MC Solaar

“Caroline” by MC Solaar is not an English rap song but the language has never been a barrier to enjoying music. In this particular saga of unrequited love, a guy who has known a beautiful girl for a very long time finds out that he has been friend-zoned and his love interest has found another guy!

18. “Sparks Will Fly” by J. Cole

“Sparks Will Fly” by J. Cole is a rap song about a guy who is so in love with a girl that he will give her anything. Cole mentions cars and many other luxurious items in the song. Unfortunately, the girl seems to be already in love with someone else and our beloved singer has no choice but to nurse a broken heart. 

19. Jocelyn Flores by XXXTENTACION

The penultimate track on our list is “Jocelyn Flores” by XXXTENTACION. This song is a profound journey into the depths of loss, peppered with raw emotion and vulnerability. The gentle beats coupled with the heartbreaking lyrics give you a glimpse into the pain of losing someone dear. Just like love, this track can be beautiful yet intensely painful, making it an indispensable addition to our collection.

20. “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone

To wrap up our playlist, we have “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone. This modern-day heartbreak anthem perfectly captures the tumultuous waves of despair and loneliness that follow a hard breakup. Just as the title suggests, the song delves into the experience of falling apart, and it does so with such authenticity that you can’t help but empathize. Like a sorrowful goodbye that concludes a love story, this track concludes our playlist on a deeply emotional note.


Rap songs can be confusing but interesting at the same time, especially when heard in the context of love and relationships. Love is a powerful emotion, and rap is a powerful type of music so when the two come together, you get a masterpiece that talks about heartbreaking experience.