20 Songs About Atlanta

The city of Atlanta, Georgia, or as it is more affectionately called, the ATL, has produced some of the most notable names in Hip-Hop. The songs dedicated to this city are diverse yet share a unique sense of nostalgia, reflecting different eras in Atlanta’s history.

With that said, here are 20 songs about Atlanta that are sure to get you hooked!

1. “Welcome to Atlanta” by Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri is a well-known producer and his track “Welcome to Atlanta,” talks about all the great things in the ATL.

He speaks on how much he loves the city where he was raised. The song was created in 2002 as a part of his hip hop album “Instructions” and featured hip hop artist Ludacris.

2. “Atlanta Zoo” by Gucci Mane Feat. Ludacris

“Atlanta Zoo” by Gucci Maine featuring Ludacris is a song that speaks about how everyone did not think he would make anything of his life. It talks about how people believe he is broke when he is actually hustling to make a name for himself.

3. “Oh Atlanta” by Little Feat

“Oh Atlanta” by Little Feat was heard on the artist’s 1974 album, “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now.” The song inspires hard work and success in the industry. The artist dreams of flying to Atlanta, where aspirations come alive.

4. “Atlanta That’s Where I Stay” by MC Shy D 

“Atlanta, That’s Where I Stay” is a hip-hop tribute to Atlanta, which is the resident of the artist MC Shy D. It talks about chilling in Atlanta and everything he does while there.

5. “Going Back To Georgia” by Nanci Griffith feat. Adam Duritz 

“Going Back to Georgia” by Nanci Griffith featuring Adam Duritz is a song about a lover who wants to travel to Georgia with their partner to keep their relationship alive.

6. “Atlanta” by Tony Orlando and Dawn

Tony Orlando and Dawn sing about missing a girl they met in Atlanta and how they left their heart there. Despite the city’s problems, they still yearn to return.

7. “Atlanta June” by Pablo Cruise

“Atlanta June” talks about the artist leaving the city soon. Despite this, he wishes to return one day. Pablo Cruise is an American pop-rock band from San Francisco, California.

8. “I Am Atlanta Take 1” by Gorilla Zoe feat. Block 

“I Am Atlanta Take 1” is a hardcore rap song talking about his perception of everyday life in Atlanta. He talks about the women around him and the people who think they can use him. He speaks about smoking crack and the dangers of being on the streets.

9. “Dirty South” by Goodie Mob Featuring Big Boi

“Dirty South” by Goodie Mob featuring Big Boi was released on Laface Records in 1996. A tribute to southern hip-hop, the track explores the issues of racism, gentrification, discrimination, and geopolitics.

10. “Atlanta Lady” by Marty Balin

The song talks about a far away love in Atlanta and how the woman changed the man’s life for the better. The man wants to hold his Atlanta lady again because he misses her. The song is also named “Something About Your Love” and was written by Jesse Barish.

11. “Atlanta Blues” by Eartha Kitt

“Atlanta Blues” by Eartha Kitt, also named “Make Me One Pallet On Your Floor,” was recorded by Eartha Kitt with Shorty and His Giants on December 9, 1957, in Hollywood, California. The song talks about how the artist has “Atlanta Blues” and how taking a train to Atlanta would make her happy.

12. “Atlanta” by Ron Pope

“Atlanta” by Ron Pope speaks about how he is a thousand miles away from Atlanta. He says that he has cried many tears and explains what he has gone through in his journey.

13. “New Atlanta” by Migos

“New Atlanta” is written by the hip hop trio Migos, who resides in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The song is hardcore rap and pays homage to the New Atlanta that will not back down to others coming into the city. The trio loves Atlanta and all its greatness, promising stardom.

14. “Georgia” by Field Mob Featuring Ludacris and Jamie Foxx

“Georgia” by Field Mob featuring Ludacris and Jamie Foxx is a song from the hiphop group “Field Mob,” hiphop artist Ludacris, and world-famous actor, comedian, and R&B singer, Jamie Foxx. The song pays homage to the state of Georgia.

15. “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight & The Pips

“Midnight Train to Georgia “ was the signature song of the world-famous group, Gladys Knight and the Pips. It talks about the need to take a train to Georgia.

16. “Hot Lanta” by The Allman Brothers 

“Hot ‘Lanta” by The Allman Brothers sings about the word “Hot Lanta” which is a nick name for Atlanta, Georgia, and it is a way for the group to show their appreciation for the city.

17. “ATL” by Butch Walker

“ATL” by Butch Walker talks about his need to be in Atlanta. He speaks about how much he has been through and life in general. He admits that he has lived a hardcore life and that living in Atlanta gives him the solid ground he needs to survive.

18. “I’m On My Way to Atlanta” by Freddie King 

This blues song captures Freddie King’s journey to the inspiring city of Atlanta. It’s such a breeze to listen to while on a trip to Atlanta.

19. “East Atlanta Day” by Zaytoven

“East Atlanta Day” by Zaytoven is another hardcore hip hop rap that talks about his perception of Atlanta streets. Through his lyrics, he strongly portrays his life and the essence of East Atlanta Day.

20. “In the A” by Big Boi feat. T.I. & Ludacris 

“In the A” by Atlanta rappers Big Boi, T.I., and Ludacris, the rap song talks about what makes Atlanta special to them. The song was released on June 16, 2017.

Big Boi is a well known rapper who was born in Savannah, Georgia, and his love for the city shines through in every verse of this powerful song.


Whether you’re new to Atlanta or planning to go on a trip, these songs will show you a vivid picture of what the city is all about. With these jam-packed tunes, they’ll set the perfect mood for an exciting adventure.