20 Songs About Aunts and Nieces

Not mom, not daughter, but still drenched in affection and mutual respect, that’s the aunt-niece bond for you. To celebrate this meaningful relationship, we’ve compiled a list of 20 songs that about aunts and nieces.

Each celebrates the magical, sometimes chaotic, but always beautiful relationship between an aunt and her niece. This is not just music—it’s a celebration of family, of love, and the irreplaceable bond between an aunt and her niece.

1. “Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)” by Buckethead

Ever grateful for his first guitar, a gift from Aunt Suzie, Buckethead pays homage with this emotionally charged guitar instrumental. His gratitude and guitar skills shine through, proving Aunt Suzie’s gift wasn’t in vain. Perhaps she also knew that he was going to be good at it.

2. “Your Auntie Grizelda” by The Monkees

A psychedelic pop number, “Your Auntie Grizelda” spins the tale of a tough aunt who isn’t exactly easy to vibe with. Despite never being a single, this track resonates with many listeners, and has secured its spot on The Monkees’ greatest hits.

3. “Nieces” by Hostage Queen

An electrifying tribute to nieces worldwide, “Nieces” amps up the energy with powerful guitar riffs and pulsating drums. Easily found on your favourite streaming platforms, this rock anthem hits the sweet spot for those who love electrifying tunes. 

4. “Kangaroo” by Auntie Hammy

Considering the artist’s name is Auntie Hammy, the song “Kangaroo” features the word niece on it. This song has a lot of spunk and attitude that will make you want to move with it. It gives the feeling of a contemporary approach to this “quasi-parenthood” tandem. 

5. “Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack” by Arthur Conley

This lovely pop song narrates a very fond memory of Aunt Dora. The narrator of the song recalls his aunt as someone who can keep up with the younger generation. With her youthful spirit and love for a good time, Aunt Dora’s place is where the party’s at.

6. “Aunt Dot” by Lil’ Kim featuring Shanice

This song is a collaboration between famed rapper Lil’ Kim and hip hop R&B singer Shanice. This groovy track brings together iconic rapper Lil’ Kim and R&B songstress Shanice to narrate an unusual tale. It follows the story of Aunt Dot’s niece, who unexpectedly finds herself babysitting her cousin in a less than ideal situation. The song underscores resilience and the spirit of making the most out of challenging times. 

7. “Song for My Niece” by Honeycru$t

Honeycru$t’s lyrical narrative speaks volumes about the complex emotions of watching a niece grow up too fast and step into a life that might not align with her parents’ wishes. Even so, the song speaks of respect for her choices and offers a pearl of wisdom: pay no mind to the judgments of others.

8. “Aunt Hagar’s Blues” by Art Tatum

Originally a classic blues song from the 1920s, Art Tatum gave this piece a jazz twist in 1949. The song beautifully mirrors the appreciation and love nephews and nieces often hold for their aunts, much like how this tune is adored in the jazz world.

9. “Aunt Vivian” by Papa Zaniel

Papa Zaniel’s “Aunt Vivian” presents a vivid picture of a strong, beautiful woman of color who’s not just alluring but also athletic. As the song unfurls, we discover her love for swimming, showcasing that there’s more to Aunt Vivian than meets the eye. 

10. “Rainforest” by Auntie Hammy

Auntie Hammy serves up her insights to the ladies out there, affectionately referred to as her “nieces.” “Rainforest” amplifies the message of deserving love and expressing it equally. It delicately dances around themes of physical intimacy, offering a confident voice to women everywhere. 

11. “Aunt Diluvian” by Honyock

Honyock spins a poignant tale in “Aunt Diluvian” from their 2018 album “El Castillo”. The alt-indie rockers depict Aunt Diluvian as a character under the mercy of her conflicting surroundings, leading to a life of despair. It’s a song that compels empathy, stirring deep emotions within its listeners.

12. “(Baby) Hully Gully” by The Ventures

A blast from the ’60s, The Ventures’ “(Baby) Hully Gully” is a pop-rock groove that’s all about family fun. It invites every member of the family to come together and dance.

13. “Aunt Jackie” by Jason Fox

Jason Fox’s “Aunt Jackie” is a hip-hop anthem that introduces us to an Aunt Jackie who’s full of life and rhythm. A woman of color with unbeatable confidence, Aunt Jackie is the life of the party, showing us all how to truly enjoy the music.

14. “My Life” by Shem Rivera

In her evocative single “My Life”, hip-hop artist Shem Rivera pays tribute to the people who’ve left a lasting imprint on her life’s journey. With a heartfelt shoutout to her nieces and nephews, this song speaks volumes about family and gratitude.

15. “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” by Woody Guthrie

An old English folk song believed to be from the 18th century, “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” features a story draped in simplicity and repetition. The song conveys a message meant for Aunt Rhody about the “old gray goose,” reflecting the community spirit of bygone days.

16. “Electric Aunt Jemima” by Frank Zappa

Renowned for his unconventional music, Frank Zappa spins a delightful tune around a beloved breakfast staple, Aunt Jemima. The song affectionately links food and love, suggesting that Aunt Jemima’s cooking prowess serves as a universal symbol of affection.

17. “Dear Aunt Arctica” by Radish

Hailing from Radish’s album “Restraining Bolt,” this track paints a grim picture of an old town where Aunt Arctica resides. Amid the desolation, the song echoes the universal yearning for guidance, epitomized by the narrator seeking Aunt Arctica’s advice before taking a major life leap.

18. “Aunt Betty” by Middle Class Rut

Featured in Middle Class Rut’s second album “Pick Up Your Head”, “Aunt Betty” paints a melancholic portrait of a woman isolated from the world. The song’s plea for Aunt Betty to spread her wings is a timeless reminder of life’s fleeting nature.

19. “Aunt Lisa” by Mastodon

A tribute to songwriter Brann Dailor’s late aunt, “Aunt Lisa” captures the vibrancy and spirit of a woman who could light up any room. This tune is a heartwarming reminder of the enduring impact our loved ones leave on our lives. 

20. “Thankful Heart” by The Muppets

Featured in “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” this song echoes the jubilation of Ebenezer Scrooge embracing the joy of Christmas. Acknowledging the influence of family, including his nephews, it serves as a gentle reminder of the power of gratitude.

Each song in this compilation offers a unique insight into the world of aunt-niece relationships, illuminating the various shades of joy, challenges, and cherished moments.

So whether you’re seeking a musical walk down memory lane, or simply yearning to appreciate the incredible bond, these tunes promise a memorable listen. And hey, we hope they strike a chord with you, igniting smiles and reviving cherished memories.