20 Songs About Aunts and Nieces

An aunt is a reliable parental figure. She might not be your biological mother, but she can offer similar support and guidance. In the same way, a niece may be different from a daughter.

However, the joy they bring to everyone in the extended family is just as delightful. Though not all relationships run smoothly due to different personalities, it is nice to remember them from time to time. 

To celebrate this quasi-parental relationship, we have listed 20 songs about aunts and nieces. It features numerous experiences regarding the two personas. Check out the presented items below and see which one gives you a fond memory.

 1. “Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)” by Buckethead

This sentimental guitar instrumental is from the album “Crime Slunk Scene”. The inspiration is a real-life individual.

The lady named Aunt Suzie is a wonderful lady who gifted the artist his first guitar. Listening to the tune you would feel the gratitude of the performer.

Buckethead has showcased his guitar-playing prowess in various arrangements. He gave justice to the present Aunt Suzie gave him. Perhaps she also knew that he was going to be good at it.

Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)

2. “Your Auntie Grizelda” by The Monkees

This psychedelic pop song was not released as a single. However, it is considered a favorite. It is usually part of the best songs compilation albums of The Monkees.

The song talks about Auntie Grizelda who is a difficult person to get along with. The conflict lies in her personality and how she deals with people. Honestly, this scenario is very relatable to most people. 


3. “Nieces” by Hostage Queen

“Nieces” was released as a rock single in May 2020. This lively upbeat song is dedicated to nieces everywhere. The guitar work on this piece is quite intense, equally complimented by the drums.

This song has a good presence on different music streaming platforms. It won’t be too hard to find this tune. This piece is a recommended item to rock fans with a preference for electric guitar sounds. 

4. “Kangaroo” by Auntie Hammy

Considering the artist’s name is Auntie Hammy, the song “Kangaroo” features the word niece on it. Listening to the song, you would feel that your aunt is advising you on something.

This dynamic is quite natural between an aunt and her niece. This song has a lot of spunk and attitude that will make you want to move with it. It gives the feeling of a contemporary approach to this “quasi-parenthood” tandem. 

5. “Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack” by Arthur Conley

This lovely pop song narrates a very fond memory of Aunt Dora. The narrator of the song recalls his aunt as someone who can keep up with the younger generation.

She is not boring and knows how to have fun. That is why the lyrics imply that the protagonist likes going to her place, since there is never a dull moment at Aunt Dora’s love soul shack. 

Arthur Conley - Aunt Dora's Love Soul ShackArthur Conley – Aunt Dora’s Love Soul Shack

6. “Aunt Dot” by Lil’ Kim featuring Shanice

This song is a collaboration between famed rapper Lil’ Kim and hip hop R&B singer Shanice. It tells a story of Aunt Dot’s niece meeting her cousin for the first time. It seemed that the niece had to babysit the visitor.

The circumstances they were in are unconventional. It is not the type of environment one would want for their children. As the song plays, they try to make the most of it anyway. 

Aunt Dot (feat. Lil' Shanice)Aunt Dot (feat. Lil’ Shanice)

7. “Song for My Niece” by Honeycru$t

In this song, an elder relative describes how they view their niece. The narrator believes that the niece has grown up too fast. It is stated in the lyrics that the youth is leading a life that is disapproved of by their parents.

However, the doting relative in the background respects the choices she made. The narrator in the song then advises not to mind what others may say. 

Song for My NieceSong for My Niece

8. “Aunt Hagar’s Blues” by Art Tatum

This jazz genre piece is initially a classic 1920s blues song. The structure of this song is so good it became a jazz standard. Then in 1949, it was adapted into a piano performance.

The music piece is well praised and loved. Just like the special person an aunt can be in the eyes of her nephew or niece. 

Aunt Hagar's Blues (1953) by Art TatumAunt Hagar’s Blues (1953) by Art Tatum

9. “Aunt Vivian” by Papa Zaniel

This title mainly talks about how the narrator sees Aunt Vivian. She is described as a woman of color and very attractive. Aside from her physical appearance, she has other notable traits.

As the song progresses, the lyrics reveal that she is also athletic. She likes swimming  and she does it so well. 

10. “Rainforest” by Auntie Hammy

Auntie Hammy is in the business of vocalizing her perspectives to women all over. The singer likes to address her songs to females everywhere and call them nieces.

In this song, Auntie Hammy asserts that a lady deserves to be loved. In return, that love should be equally expressed to her partner too. Physical intimacy seems to be the theme of this song. 


11. “Aunt Diluvian” by Honyock

This song is included in Honyock’s “El Castillo” album released in 2018. The alternative indie rock band portrays Aunt Diluvian as someone being controlled. Her surroundings are manipulating and conflicting at the same time.

As a result, Aunt Diluvian’s life becomes miserable and the singer cannot help but feel sympathy for her. Likewise, you can empathize from a listener’s perspective. 

Aunt DiluvianAunt Diluvian

12. “(Baby) Hully Gully” by The Ventures

This pop-rock tune from the 1960s was intended to promote fun. In fact, it served the purpose of putting everyone in the groove. The song invites every member of the family to come together and dance.

The lyrics also describe how the dance should be performed. The invitation was also sent to extended family members, such as their aunt. 

The Ventures - Hully Gully (Baby)The Ventures – Hully Gully (Baby)

13. “Aunt Jackie” by Jason Fox

This song is an energetic hip hop rap song by Jason Fox. It talks about Aunt Jackie chilling with the protagonist of the tune.

She is described here as someone who enjoys music and gets along well with everyone. Aunt Jackie is a woman of color who is confident in herself. That is the reason she can have fun. 

Jason Fox - Aunt Jackie ft. Hood PresidentsJason Fox – Aunt Jackie ft. Hood Presidents

14. “My Life” by Shem Rivera

Shem Rivera is a hip hop rapper that has been in the entertainment business for quite a while. This song is the single for her album of the same name “My Life” released this 2021.

This tune is a tribute to the people in her life. Here, Shem thanks everyone who has influenced her life. There is a special mention of her nieces and nephews in the extended family members.

15. “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” by Woody Guthrie

This song has a simple structure and repetitive lyrics. It is believed to be an old English folk song from the eighteenth century. It was initially intended to be a gavotte in an opera production.

In the narrative of the melody, the people in the story are contemplating how to tell Aunt Rody that the “old gray goose” has met its demise. The goose seemed to be of importance since it is the source of feathers to make pillows. 

Go Tell Aunt Rhody - Woody GuthrieGo Tell Aunt Rhody – Woody Guthrie

16. “Electric Aunt Jemima” by Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa has always been known for his unconventional approach to music. He even used a popular brand as inspiration for a song. Aunt Jemima is a popular brand of breakfast food essentials.

In the melody that was penned, Aunt Jemima is still associated with food. It seems that the protagonist in the song is passionate about cooking and sees it as a form of love. 

17. “Dear Aunt Arctica” by Radish

This song is featured in Radish’s album “Restraining Bolt ”. It talks about an old rundown town where Aunt Arctica lives. The song describes the place as unfavorable.

The narrator expresses in the lyrics her intent to get out of there. Before making a final decision, Aunt Arctica was consulted. In reality, besides your parents, you also consult other elder relatives. 

Electric Aunt JemimaElectric Aunt Jemima

18. “Aunt Betty” by Middle Class Rut

This title is a single for Middle Class Rut’s second album “Pick Up Your Head”. This alternative rock number portrays Aunt Betty as someone who is isolated from the world.

This status is somewhat a sad state and the narrator wants her to get out of it. The speaker in the song insists that she spreads her wings as time is limited. However, Aunt Betty seems reluctant to change anything. 

Middle Class Rut - "Aunt Betty" [Official Video]Middle Class Rut – “Aunt Betty” [Official Video]

19. “Aunt Lisa” by Mastodon

The song’s inspiration is based on a real person. The songwriter Brann Dailor revealed that it is a tribute to his late aunt.

He fondly recalls Aunt Lisa as a loveable person. Any atmosphere she is in is vibrant. There is no dull moment when she is around. 

Aunt Lisa - MastodonAunt Lisa – Mastodon

20. “Thankful Heart” by The Muppets

This song was featured in the movie “The Muppet Christmas Carol”. The singer in this piece is Ebenezer Scrooge when he finally opened up to Christmas.

Here, he acknowledges the people around him, including his nephews. This melody gives a heartfelt message of being thankful. 

Muppet Songs: Ebenezer Scrooge - Thankful HeartMuppet Songs: Ebenezer Scrooge – Thankful Heart

There we have it, an interesting list of songs about aunts and nieces. Were you able to relate to either one? Whatever song it might be, we hope listening to it made you smile and brought back fond memories.