10 Songs About Being 24

Your twenty-fourth birthday need not be just another milestone. Instead, let it be a celebration of relatable music that mirrors your journey. This list features ten songs, including “Twenty Four” by SwitchFoot and “No Hope” by The Vaccines, each capturing the essence of being twenty-four.

Being twenty-four can be a journey of discovery, growth, and coming of age. These songs, spanning a variety of genres and years, resonate with the triumphs and trials of this pivotal period.

1. “Twenty Four” by SwitchFoot

Jon Forman wrote this song on his twenty-fourth birthday and it’s a reflection of the past two dozen years of his life. The song, from the 2003 album “The Beautiful Letdown,” encourages listeners to appreciate how life events can profoundly alter our perspectives.

2. “No Hope” by The Vaccines

This coming-of-age song encapsulates the challenges of growing older. Inspired by Justin Young’s struggles in his twenties, “No Hope” reminds us of the importance of preparation for the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The song, from the 2012 album “Come of Age,” carries a strong alternative/indie vibe.

3. “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube

Released in 1992, Ice Cube’s song explores the fragility and preciousness of life with lines like “Will I live another 24?” “The Predator” album resonates with hip-hop/rap enthusiasts while highlighting the duality of gratitude and faith in the face of life’s unpredictability.

4. “SPEEDBOAT” by Denzel Curry

Denzel’s 2019 song, “SPEEDBOAT,” delves into the celebration of life amidst its trials. With lyrics like “My dawg didn’t make it to 21, so I gotta make it past 24,” Denzel expresses his resolve to surpass the challenges life throws at him. “ZUU,” the album, is a journey through the world of hip-hop/rap

5. “24” by Red House Painters

As one approaches the age of twenty-four, this song speaks to the end of childhood and the dawn of adulthood. From the 1992 album “Down Colorful Hill,” “24” navigates the transition to adulthood and the changes it brings.

6. “Old Man” by Neil Young

Composed in 1970, Neil Young’s “Old Man” parallels the lives of a young and an older man, highlighting that despite differences in age, fundamental human needs remain the same.

7. “24” by Game Theory

This song paints a portrait of a young adult’s self-consciousness and journey towards independence. Released in 1985 on the album “Real Nighttime,” it resonates with those wrestling with their place in the world.

8. “It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career” by Belle & Sebastian

Featured on the 1998 album “The Boy with the Arab Strap,” this song serves as a poignant reminder of life’s unpredictability, even at the tender age of twenty-four. It subtly nudges us to navigate life’s pathways with thoughtful consideration.

9. “You’re Mines Still” by TFR Natu

In this powerful 2020 remix of a Drake classic, TFR Natu provides an introspective view into how his ambitions have transformed as he’s reached twenty-four, underscoring the weightage of sound decision-making in adulthood.

10. “What’s My Age Again?” by Blink-182

This song showcases the ever-present conflict between societal norms and individual desires. Its core message encourages listeners to embrace a personal timeline for maturation, advocating against forced acceleration into adulthood.

While these happen to be just a few songs about relating to being twenty-four, there are more out there just like these! Each song, with its distinct style and message, can serve as a soundtrack for this stage of life.