20 Songs About Being 70

For those who reach the milestone of 70, it can be a time of reflection, celebration, and even uncertainty. Here are 20 songs about being 70 that may be relatable to different aspects of this life stage.

1. “I’m Me” by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s “I’m Me” is an ode to individuality and authenticity. At 70, one may have already learned to fully embrace who they are and be unapologetic about it. The song reminds us to be true to ourselves and not let others’ opinions define us.

2. “No Judgement Day” by Gary Allan

“No Judgement Day” is a reminder to live life without fear of judgment. It can be liberating to embrace this philosophy and live without worrying about others’ opinions upon reaching this age. 

3. “Too Late God” by Bob Geldof

In “Too Late God,” Geldof contemplates life’s purpose and whether there is a divine presence. At 70, one may reflect on their own beliefs and spirituality.

4. “Back Porch” by The Presidents of the United States of America

“Back Porch” is a nostalgic song about reminiscing on simpler times. Memories of childhood and early adulthood may hold a special significance when you reach such age. The song reminds us to cherish our memories and hold onto the past.

5. “Grammar of the Deep Sea” by The Blizzard Sow

The song “Grammar of the Deep Sea” is a contemplative piece that delves into the enigmatic aspects of life. Even at the age of 70, one can still ponder the unknown and seek significance in the unexplainable.

It urges listeners to embark on a personal journey of introspection and discover a sense of direction in life’s intricacies. 

6. “There Goes Old 630” by JRK

“There Goes Old 630” reflects on the fleeting nature of time and the certainty of change. When one reaches 70, they may contemplate the profound transformation that has occurred in the world throughout their lifetime. 

7. “Minutes 2 Midnight” by Double J

The song “Minutes 2 Midnight” expresses the gravity of time and the importance of making the most of it.

When one reaches 70, they may feel a heightened sense of urgency to achieve their aspirations and make the most of their time. It encourages us to embrace the fleeting nature of time and appreciate every precious moment.

8. “Lean & Juice” by Esco Rich

At the age of 70, one might revel in the simple pleasures and fully embrace the present moment. The song serves as a reminder to savor life’s joys and take pleasure in every aspect of our time on earth. 

9. “Subway” by The Urban Tales

“Subway” is a track that explores the voyage of existence and the diverse routes one can embark on. As a person reaches 70 years old, they may contemplate the decisions they’ve made and the paths they’ve chosen.

The song serves as a reminder that life is a journey and that we have the power to shape our own narrative.

10. “Gangsta Music” by Bizzy Bone

As we grow older, we may develop a stronger conviction in our values and beliefs, and the track “Gangsta Music” emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself. At 70, one may have a greater sense of self-assuredness and stand firm in their beliefs.

11. “Over React” by Bizarre

As we age, we may develop better emotional regulation and learn to prevent negative thoughts and emotions from taking over. “Over React” is a track that emphasizes this idea and encourages us to remain level-headed, particularly when faced with challenging situations. 

12. “KTV” by Brain Failure

“KTV” is a fun and lighthearted song about enjoying life and having a good time. At 70, one may feel liberated to let loose and have fun without worrying about what others think. 

13. “1000 Degrees” by Lil Wayne

This next song encourages us to pursue our dreams and make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder to embrace our passions and live life with fervor.

14. “2 Worlds” by Cold War Kids

“2 Worlds” is a track that delves into the dichotomy between the past and the present. As one reaches 70 years old, they may experience a heightened awareness of the passing of time and the transformations that have taken place during their lifetime.

15. “JUST GO” by samikvs

For someone approaching 70, this song can serve as a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passions and aspirations. It’s a call to action that inspires us to take charge of our lives and live with purpose. 

16. “The Pristine Claw” by Ed Harcourt

This ballad exudes a melancholic tone and ponders the fleeting nature of time, highlighting the inescapable reality of growing old. For those reaching the age of 70, the song serves as a poignant reminder to embrace the present and take pleasure in life’s uncomplicated pleasures.

17. “Dust” by Taly Vega

This instrumental piece has a dreamy quality that entices the audience to immerse themselves in its evocative soundscapes. If someone is approaching the age of 70, this piece can serve as a gentle nudge to pause and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

18. “LEGACY” by Nxvy

Nxvy’s composition delves into their contemplations about the influence they wish to exert on the world. The song emphasizes the significance of leading a life with intent and creating a substantial legacy.

If someone is approaching the age of 70, this song can serve as a reminder to pause and introspect on their life’s journey so far and the impact they aim to make on the world.

19. “Sparkle City” by Shuggie Otis

This upbeat and lively track has a funky edge that exalts the vivacity of existence and the thrill of being alive. The song extols the magnificence of the world and the enchantment that can be discovered in the ordinary.

For those at the age of 70, this song can serve as a prompt to cherish life’s goodness and bask in the elation of the present moment.

20. “Classical” by NFE Gee feat. S-Quiar

This hip-hop composition commemorates the unifying force of music and its ability to foster togetherness among people. The song highlights music’s capacity to transcend boundaries of age, race, and culture, making it a universally cherished art form.

Final Thoughts

Turning 70 is a major milestone in one’s life, and it’s a time to reflect on the journey so far and to look forward to what lies ahead.

These 20 songs about being 70 offer a diverse range of perspectives on aging, from celebrating life and living in the moment, to reflecting on the challenges and losses that come with age.