20 Songs About Bicycles

Bicycles have long been a popular mode of transportation and a source of inspiration for musicians. From the carefree feeling of riding on a summer day to the symbolism of independence and freedom, bikes have inspired many songs over the years. Here are five songs about bicycles:

1. “Pushbike Song” by The Mixtures

This upbeat and catchy song by Australian band The Mixtures is about a man who loves riding his pushbike (another term for a bicycle) and the fun he has on it. This is a good song to play when you are enjoying the breeze while riding a bicycle.

2. “My White Bicycle” by Tomorrow

“My White Bicycle” is a psychedelic rock song by British band Tomorrow about a man who rides his white bicycle as a means of being carefree and laid-back in life. The lyrics describe the fun and thrill of cycling through the streets and the sense of escape it brings.

3. “My White Bicycle” by Nazareth

Scottish rock band Nazareth released their own version of Tomorrow’s “My White Bicycle,” which features a similar theme of using a bicycle as a way to escape the mundanity of everyday life. However, the lyrics also touch on the idea of using the bicycle as a symbol of rebellion and independence.

4. “Bicycle Song” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This lively song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is about appreciating the invention of bicycles. The song talks about being with the girl he fancies with his bicycle. This feel-good track is good for jamming with friends.

5. “The Bicycle Song” by David Rovics

Singer-songwriter David Rovics wrote this folk song as a tribute to the environmental and social benefits of cycling.

The lyrics describe the many positive impacts of using a bicycle as a means of transportation, including reduced carbon emissions, improved health, and a stronger sense of community. 

6. “Riding On My Bike” by At home with the kids and Sia

This upbeat children’s song, which features vocals from Sia, is about the joy of riding a bike and the adventures it can bring. The lyrics describe the feeling of wind in your hair and the freedom of cycling through the neighborhood.

7. “Bicycle Race” by Queen

“Bicycle Race” is an upbeat and energetic rock song by Queen about the thrill of participating in a bicycle race. The lyrics describe the excitement of competing in the race and the rush of cycling at high speeds. This is a great track to play when you are feeling energetic in riding the bicycle.

8. “Bike Rider” by Mungo’s Hi Fi

This reggae-infused electronic dance track by Mungo’s Hi Fi is a tribute to the carefree feeling of cycling on a summer day. The lyrics describe the fun of biking with other people and the benefits that come from it. This is a catchy track that all bikers can relate to.

9. “The Bike Song” by Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson’s upbeat pop song is about the joy of cycling and the freedom of riding it around town. The lyrics describe the narrator’s mother telling him to stop biking, but the carefree feeling of riding through the city streets is something that he would not replace.

10. “Apology Song” by The Decemberists

“Apology Song” by The Decemberists is about the theft of Steven’s bicycle and the narrator’s regret over not being able to prevent it. The lyrics talk about how the song is made in the hopes that Steven will forgive the narrator.

11. “La Bicyclette” by Yves Montand

This french song by Yves Montand is about the joy and simplicity of riding a bike. The lyrics describe the feeling of freedom and the carefree nature of cycling through the countryside. The soothing vocals and melody are great for a bicycle date.

12. “La Bicicleta” by Carlos Vives & Shakira

This upbeat Latin pop song by Carlos Vives and Shakira is about the romantic moments the narrator has shared while riding a bicycle. The reggae tune makes the song a good choice for dancing or taking a bike ride.

13. “Nine Million Bicycles” by Katie Melua

This folk-influenced pop song by Katie Melua is about the vastness of love and the smallness of humanity in comparison. The lyrics make reference to the idea that there are nine million bicycles in Beijing, China, as a way of illustrating the vastness of the narrator’s love for the person she loves.

14. “Riding Bikes” by Shellac

Shellac’s “Riding Bikes” is a rock track that is about two boys who are fond of spending time together with their bikes. The lyrics describe the sense of thrill and adventure that cycling can bring.

15. “If I Could Ride A Bike” by Chevy & Park Bird

A relaxing jazz song about the possibilities of riding a bike with the person you love, Chevy & Park Bird’s song is a joyful tune that just sits right when you are taking a stroll during the summer. 

16. “Bicycle Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle” by Be Your Own Pet

This punk rock song by Be Your Own Pet is about the feeling of having fun riding a bicycle. This track emphasizes bicycles as the best mode of transportation.

17. “Bicycle Built for Two” by Nat King Cole

This classic love song, also known as “Daisy Bell,” is about a man serenading his sweetheart and inviting her for a ride on his “bicycle built for two.” The song has been covered by many artists over the years and is known for its catchy chorus and playful nature.

18. “Rusty Bicycle” by David Gibb

“Rusty Bicycle” by David Gibb is a descriptive song about a worn-out bicycle. The lyrics describe the bicycle in detail, highlighting its rust and the wear and tear of its parts. From its non-functional wheels to its rusty parts, this simple track is purely something to enjoy listening to.

19. “Broken Bicycles” by Tom Waits

This melancholic ballad by Tom Waits is about lost love and the passage of time. The lyrics make reference to a broken bicycle as a symbol of the narrator’s broken heart and the memories of a past relationship that have been left behind.

20. “Bicycle” by BC Unidos

This upbeat electronic pop song by BC Unidos is about the feeling of freedom and independence that comes with riding a bike in the city. The lyrics describe the sense of thrill and adventure that cycling can bring, as well as the deep love and connection the narrator has with their bicycle.


These 20 songs demonstrate the diverse ways that bicycles have been celebrated in music. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or just enjoy a good tune, these songs about bicycles are sure to put a smile on your face.