20 Songs About Blue Eyes

Dive into the enchanting world of azure hues and soulful tunes, where the magic of blue eyes becomes lyrical poetry. Here are 20 songs that capture the depth, mystery, and allure of blue gazes that has enamored artists and listeners alike.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and when it comes to blue eyes, they hold a mystique that’s hard to ignore. Perhaps it’s the connection to vast skies or deep oceans that has inspired musicians to pen lyrics about these captivating windows. Whatever the reason, blue eyes have danced across verses, choruses, and hearts, forging an unbreakable link between sight and sound.

1. “Blue Eyes” by Elton John

From the ‘Jump Up!’ album of 1982, “Blue Eyes” resonates with harmonic complexity – typical of the musical genius, Elton John. Not just a hit, it’s an anthem that tore up the charts, ranking high on the Billboard Hot 100, Cash Box Top 100, and more. It’s like a musical painting of blue eyes, filled with unique Elton John flavor.

2. “Blue Eyed Soul” by Wilco

Alternative indie vibes meet country-pop in this mellow track from 1995’s ‘A.M.’ album. “Blue Eyed Soul” feels like a comforting friend, reassuring you that, no matter the trials, you have the strength to persevere. Chill, yet packed with meaning – it’s a track that sticks with you.

3. “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who

A legend from 1971’s ‘Who’s Next,’ “Behind Blue Eyes” is a masterpiece that starts soft and acoustic, then hits you with a wave of energy. The guitar riffs? They’re pure gold. This track is more than a song; it’s a legacy.

4. “Blue Eyes Blue” by Eric Clapton

Featured in ‘Runaway Bride,’ this 1999 hit paints a serene acoustic landscape. Eric Clapton’s voice, the soft melody, and the romantic lyrics make it a wedding favorite (just leave out the running away part). A global chart sensation, it still serenades lovers worldwide.

5. “Blue Eyes Blind” by ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward’s “Blue Eyes Blind” is like a musical potion, brewing together unique beats and soulful melodies. The lyrics explore irresistible attraction and how it alters our perception. It’s an intriguing listen that echoes the complexity of human emotions and the power of blue eyes.

6. “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic” by Sista Prod

Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic is mellow and at the same time groovy. It gives a vibe of being on the beach, enjoying the waves and the warm breeze. Listening to this tune can take you to places without leaving your home.

7. “Between Blue Eyes And Jeans” by Conway Twitty

This country music piece is from the album ‘Don’t Call Him Cowboy’. Released in 1985, “Between Blue Eyes and Jeans” received a lot of love and placed a spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. The track has a lively sound that would make you want to sing along all day.

8. “Fast Cars And Freedom” by Rascal Flatts

Peppy, hip, and filled with catchy guitar licks, this number-one single from Rascal Flatts is country fun on a whole new level. Got two left feet? Doesn’t matter! It’ll make you want to dance anyway.

9. “Baby Blue Eyes” by A Rocket To The Moon

This pop song is from the album ‘A Rocket to the Moon’ and was released in 2009. It talks about a person very deeply in love. He is caught in the deep and seems to only have eyes for his love interest. It captures that all-consuming love feeling, where everything else just fades away.

10. “Blue Eyes” by MIKA

From MIKA’s 2009 album ‘The Boy Who Knew Too Much,’ this track hits you with a wave of emotion. Though tinged with the sadness of a breakup, its melody soothes and promises better days. A piece that moves and heals – it’s truly something special.

11. “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes” by Dustin Lynch

Get ready to groove with “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes,” a 2020 contemporary gem from Dustin Lynch’s album ‘Tullahoma.’ It’s all charm and charisma with the dominating drum beats adding a unique punch. Swoon away with this catchy number!

12. “Blue Eyes” by Steve Miller Band

From the ‘Wide River’ album of 1993, the Steve Miller Band’s “Blue Eyes” is a road trip’s best companion. With its cool vocals and impressive guitar works, it’s sure to keep you entertained without lulling you to sleep.

13. “Shades Of Cool” by Lana Del Rey

Dreamy, sexy, intoxicating—Lana Del Rey’s ‘Shades Of Cool’ is a mood. Released in 2009, this alternative indie blues-rock number invites you into a world of seduction and relaxation. Lana’s sultry voice is the cherry on top.

14. “Pale Blue Eyes” by Hole

Chaos turns to harmony in Hole’s ‘Pale Blue Eyes.’ This track starts off wild, then mellows down, weaving a tale of love, confusion, and desire. Feelings towards a friend never sounded so chaotic yet beautiful.

15. “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” by Willie Nelson

A legend in its own right, this song not only revived Willie Nelson’s career but also made history by topping the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. Released in 1975, it’s a timeless classic that still tugs at the heartstrings.

16. “Pretty Blue Eyes” by The Lettermen

The Lettermen’s classic takes sophistication up a notch. It’s a harmonious ballad that paints a picture of the most enchanting blue-eyed girl in town. Even if you’ve never met her, you can’t help but be swept away.

17. “Behind Blue Eyes” by Limp Bizkit

It’s The Who’s iconic hit, but not as you know it. Limp Bizkit put their unique spin on ‘Behind Blue Eyes,’ spicing it up with an extra verse and chorus. Despite a mixed reception, this adaptation made waves on global charts.

18. “Pale Blue Eyes” by The Velvet Underground

Embrace the cozy, mellow sound of ‘Pale Blue Eyes.’ Its gentle tones create a comforting backdrop to a poignant narrative of love and uncertainty. This tender track sure leaves you hanging between joy and melancholy.

19. “Blue Eyes” by Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck’s 2007 cover of Elton John’s ‘Blue Eyes’ is a testament to timeless romance. Uniting enchanting lyrics and melody, it preserves the song’s enchanting allure while offering a fresh take.

20. “Clear Blue Eyes” by Amos Lee

“Clear Blue Eyes” by Amos Lee was released in 2011 as a part of their album Mission Bell. It is a mellow and soft country song with great guitar accompaniment. The song has an empathetic message that just grabs your heart.

Final Thoughts

From the timeless charm of a classic ballad to the edgy vibe of modern rock, songs about blue eyes aren’t just about a color; they’re about a feeling, a memory, a connection. They’ve inspired musicians across genres to create melodies that resonate on a personal level, each telling its own unique story.

This curated collection of blue-eyed tunes brings together the essence of love, longing, nostalgia, and even a little mystery. They’re songs that reach out and touch your soul, whether it’s the soft caress of a love song or the intense grip of a rock anthem.