20 Songs About Camping

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. It can also be a fun, social activity, especially when you go with friends. If you’re looking for some music to listen to while camping, here are 20 songs about camping that will get you in the mood for your next outdoor adventure.

1. “Camping In My Room” by Chell and The Vetos

Camping in My Room - Chell and the Vetos (Official Audio)Camping in My Room – Chell and the Vetos (Official Audio)

Camping does not always necessarily have to be outdoors. This song is about a girl who dreams of camping in her room. She imagines all the things she would do and it’s a fun, catchy song that will get you excited for your next camping trip, even if it’s just in your bedroom.

2. “Going Camping” by John Denver and The Muppets

John Denver & The Muppets: Going CampingJohn Denver & The Muppets: Going Camping

Next on the list is a classic song about camping sung by the one and only John Denver, accompanied by The Muppets. This song is a fun, upbeat tune that will get you in the mood to pack up your camping gear and head for the great outdoors.

3. “Sit Down by the Fire” by The Veils

THE VEILS ::: Sit Down by the FireTHE VEILS ::: Sit Down by the Fire

The Veils is a band from London and this song is off of their 2009 album, Sun Gangs. This song has a more mellow vibe and is perfect for relaxing around the campfire. The lyrics are also very evocative and will make you feel like you’re right there sitting by the fire.

4. “Going Camping at Woko National Park” by George Boyd

Camping at Woko National ParkCamping at Woko National Park

If you’re looking for a funny camping song, this one’s for you. George Boyd gives a hilarious account of all the things that can go wrong when you go camping at Woko National Park.

But despite all the mishaps, he still enjoys his time outdoors. This track will make you laugh and have you wanting to go camping yourself.

5. “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (Official Audio)Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire (Official Audio)

A song about love that can be applied to the love of camping. Johnny Cash’s 1963 hit tells the story of his and June Carter Cash’s relationship, written by none other than June herself.

June realized that being around Cash made her feel like she was surrounded by a “ring of fire” and the rest is history.

6. “Camping Man” by David Jones

Camping ManCamping Man

“Camping Man” is a great track to listen to for a chill night around the bonfire. David Jones sings about a man who loves camping and all it has to offer, from the fresh air to the peace and quiet.

It’s a simple song with a great message – sometimes, all you need is nature. You can listen to it on Youtube.

7. “Wonderwall” by Oasis

Oasis - Wonderwall  (Official Video)Oasis – Wonderwall (Official Video)

This next song needs no introduction. “Wonderwall” is one of the most popular songs of all time and for good reason. It’s a beautiful ballad that has been used in countless movies and TV shows, cementing its place in pop culture history.

With over 450 million views on Youtube, it’s clear that this is a timeless classic that everyone can enjoy on a camping trip.

8. “Camp” by Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest - Camp (Official Video)Crooked Forest – Camp (Official Video)

“Camp” is about the national park in Poland with bizarrely shaped trees. This song talks about the history of the park and how it was formed.

It’s a great track to listen to if you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating place. It’s also perfect for a camping trip, as it will give you a sense of appreciation for the natural world around you.

9. “A-Camping We Will Go” by The Kiboomers

A Camping We Will Go - The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes for CampA Camping We Will Go – The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes for Camp

The Kiboomers is a children’s band that is perfect for a family camping trip. This song is about all of the fun activities that you can do while camping.

This will especially be a hit with your younger campers. The animated music video will make your kids busy in case they get bored while camping.

10. “High Impact Camping” by Quincy Punx

Quincy Punx - High Impact CampingQuincy Punx – High Impact Camping

A song for the more adventurous campers. Quincy Punx is a punk rock band that will get you pumped up for a day of hiking and exploring. This song is about making the most of your time while camping and enjoying nature.

11. “Campfire Song Song” by SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants | 'The Campfire Song' Song | Nickelodeon UKSpongeBob SquarePants | ‘The Campfire Song’ Song | Nickelodeon UK

For the fans of the beloved cartoon sponge, this one’s for you. “Campfire Song Song” is a SpongeBob SquarePants tune all about the simplicity and beauty of sitting around a campfire singing songs. It’s a cute and catchy little number that will definitely get stuck in your head.

12. “There Ain’t No Bugs on Me” by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia

There Ain't No Bugs On MeThere Ain’t No Bugs On Me

Next on the list is a classic bluegrass tune by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia. “There Ain’t No Bugs on Me” is a fun and upbeat song about, well, bugs that sometimes make camping less than ideal. You can find this tune on the album Not for Kids Only in 1993.

13. “Home on the Range” by Daniel E. Kelley

"Home on the Range''  Daniel E. Kelley   American patriotic music, park yongmin,home on the range“Home on the Range” Daniel E. Kelley American patriotic music, park yongmin,home on the range

“Home on the Range” is frequently performed in patriotic American musical programs and concerts, as well as in plays and films.

What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by singing this classic American song around the campfire? It’s still as relevant and beautiful today as it was when it was first released.

14. “Blowin’ In The Wind” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind (Official Audio)Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind (Official Audio)

This song features Dylan asking a series of questions that people might say cannot be answered, drawing parallels to the Civil Rights Struggle.

“Blowin’ in the Wind” could easily be about any number of things, but the lyrics make a good case for it being about the futility of war. It’s a song that has been covered by many artists over the years, but Dylan’s version is definitive.

15. “Camping Song” by Little Angel

Camping Song | Little Angel Kids Songs & Nursery RhymesCamping Song | Little Angel Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes

Little Angel’s “Camping Song” is a happy little tune that’s perfect for, you guessed it, camping! The song is all about enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with friends and family. It’s another children’s song that adults can enjoy as well.

16. “Yes Yes Bed Time Camping” by Cocomelon

Yes Yes Bedtime Camping Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids SongsYes Yes Bedtime Camping Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

“Yes Yes Bed Time Camping” is another fun camping song for kids from the popular YouTube channel Cocomelon. This song is all about getting ready for bed after a long day of camping activities. It’s sure to get your little ones singing and dancing along.

17. “Kookaburra” by Bill Staines

Kookaburra by Marion SinclairKookaburra by Marion Sinclair

From his The Happy Wanderer album released in 1993, “Kookaburra” is a classic camping song that many Australians will know. The song is a popular kid’s tune that will make a great campfire song. If your kids are looking for a song to sing while roasting marshmallows, this is it.

18. “Camping Song” by Andy Z

Camping Song (Official) - by Andy ZCamping Song (Official) – by Andy Z

Camping sure is a great activity for kids and families, and Andy Z’s “Camping Song ” celebrates that. This song will teach your children all about the different things you can do while camping. It was released in 2005 as part of the Return To Andyland album.

19. “Camping” by Yippee Songs for Kids


Still a children’s song, but this time from the Yippee Songs for Kids YouTube channel, “Camping” is another great song for kids about camping. Add this to your list of songs to sing around the campfire and your kids will be sure to enjoy it.

20. “The Camping Trip” by Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens - The Camping TripRay Stevens – The Camping Trip

Finishing off our list of songs about camping is Ray Stevens’ “The Camping Trip”. This song is a bit of a spoof on the classic camping trip gone wrong. It’s sure to get a few laughs around the campfire. It has a very country feel to it, which is fitting for a song about camping.

Final Thoughts

Camping is a great activity for people of all ages and there are plenty of songs out there that celebrate this.

Whether you’re looking for a song to sing around the campfire or one to listen to on your drive to the campsite, these 20 songs about camping are sure to please. So grab your camping gear and head on out!