20 Songs About Computers

There’s always something new when it comes to computers and it has been an important tool for many people in different ways. Music has also been inspired by this machine, with some artists even going so far as to make songs about them.

Here are 20 tracks, old and new, that mention everyone’s favorite machine in one way or another.

1. “Computer Love” by Kraftwerk

Starting this list with a synth song that is about finding love on the computer. As this song was released in 1981 and social media wasn’t a trend back then, this song was very much ahead of its time! This track is for the hopeless romantic who seeks to find their soulmate.

2. “Plug Me In” by Add N to (X)

You either plugged the robot in yourself, or you are the robot who’s just charging. “Plug Me In” doesn’t need too much explaining! Some of the lyrics are “I’ve got two machines / I just plug them in / They are my best friends”.

3. “Home Computer” by Kraftwerk

This electronic song is for the math nerds of the world who find joy in spending time with their computers. The repetitive lyrics, “It’s more fun to compute” in the song shows how people tend to just stay at home and use their computers for entertainment.

4. “Cyber Waste” by Fear Factory

This is for the people who are fed up with computer gossip and lies being spread on different forms of social media.

“Cyber Waste” is a metal song that targets bashers and internet users who use technology to gossip, spread rumors, and create drama and how their sly words don’t matter to them. This track is for people who are fed up with lies on social media.

5. “Digital Love” by Daft Punk

“Digital Love” is about a dream of hopeless romance and longing. It is a reflection of teenage love and just pure admiration and innocence towards a person.

The giddy feeling of having a huge crush on someone and wanting to know the possibilities of being together is explored in this track. With its funk-soul beat, you’d want to play this song just to reminisce about your first crush.

6. “Computer Age” by Neil Young

A synth track that is included in the album “Trans”, “Computer Age” is about the heavy use of computers and how it has been part of people’s lives.

He made this song for his son who suffers from cerebral palsy and the only mode of communicating with him was a vocoder, which he used heavily on this track.

7. “Computer Master” by Buckethead

This spectacular track features Buckethead’s electric guitar skills with an 80s synth sound. This progressive guitar master has shown off his skills in this six-minute song that is perfect for any shredding guitar enthusiast.

The song is not directly related to computers but the innovative sound that he makes with his instrument is similar to what computers sound like.

8. “Coin-Operated Boy” The Dresden Dolls

While this song implies having a coin-operated partner that a girl just pays, the song is deeper than that. It is about loneliness, feeling trapped, and wanting companionship. It is a girl’s cry for attention and how she just wants to be loved.

The lyrics “That is why I want a coin-operated boy / With a pretty coin-operated voice saying / That he loves me, that he’s thinking of me” shows that all she wants is a companion to love her and listen to her.

9. “Computer Blue” by Prince

This R&B track is for the people who enter fleeting relationships online. “Computer Blue” is about the idea of people using computers to find partners and how empty these relations can be. It also serves as a reminder that looking for love in the computer age can be futile.

10. “Ghost Machine” by Jon Foreman

Technology can be the best invention that we have benefited from, but it can also turn us into slaves and spend our time only in front of screens.

“Ghost Machine” is a song about technology addiction and how it can control our lives. It is an upbeat track that will make you think twice about your screen time.

11. “Digital Witness” by St. Vincent

With thousands of eyes that make different judgments, “Digital Witness” is a song about the power and disadvantages of social media.

In a world where everyone is constantly documenting their lives, this track serves as a reminder that we are only human and our actions should not be dictated by what other people see online.

12. “More Than Machines” by Bush

This metal song speaks about how technology has dominated and will eventually replace us. “More Than Machines” is about the fear of people becoming dominated by technology and how this can lead us to not care about other people. It is a heavy track that will make you think about the future of technology.

13. “Love Thru The Computer” by Gucci Mane

A love song about online relationships,  “Love Thru The Computer” is for the people who find love in the digital age. Gucci Mane raps about how he loves his girl even though they’re not together in person.

He also talks about how he’s busy daydreaming about what they could do together when they meet. The song contains explicit lyrics but it is a fun track about online love that you can listen to.

14. “Plug In Baby” by Muse

The smooth guitar riffs and powerful vocals on this metal song plus the deep message it contains make “Plug In Baby” one of the reflective songs about computers.

The lyrics talk about how we rely on technology too much and how being together but feeling disconnected is what technology gives us nowadays. It is a heavy track that will make you think about how technology has changed our lives.

15. “4 Digits” by Mustard

This song is about a toxic relationship where the girl tries to crack the code of her partner’s phone to check the content. “4 Digits” is a catchy track that talks about the dangers of being too obsessed with what our partners are doing.

If you have to snoop through someone’s phone, there may be some trust issues in the relationship. This track demonstrates how paranoia and jealousy can set in because of technology.

16. “Push A Little Button” by Ninette

Technology has totally provided us with convenience and this song is about the addiction of being able to push a button and get what we want. “Push A Little Button” is a fun track that talks about our dependence on technology and how pushing a button doesn’t work on relationships.

The lyrics are catchy and they will make you think about how much we use technology in our everyday lives and just hope it’ll get the attention of the person you like.

17. “Algorithm” by Muse

An awesome chord progression, stimulating music video, and lyrics make “Algorithm” one of the best songs about computers.

This track talks about the idea of people being transported into an algorithm-controlled world. This sci-fi-themed song is about algorithm changes and finding a way to escape from the dystopian world he’s in, perfect for a cyberpunk playlist.

18. “Start the Simulator” by A-ha

This indie song about simulation is one of the more reflective songs on this list. “Start the Simulator” is a track that makes you think about how to fly an airplane and metaphorically, how we make decisions in life.

The lyrics, “Your home away from home/ You’re in control now / Now you’re on your own” speaks about independence and how we’re all just trying to find our place in the world. A perfect song for people who are still looking for their purpose in life.

19. “Black Velveteen” by Lenny Kravitz

Super advanced technology gives us the possibility of enjoying intimacies with robots and in “Black Velveteen,”  Lenny Kravitz does just that as he sings about how his robot can provide him with all his needs.

The lyrics and music video are pretty graphic but it’s an upbeat song about how technology can be used for our pleasure and companionship, with it being human-like.

20. “A Machine Spiritual (In the People’s Key)” by Bright Eyes

Face-to-face interactions will soon be a thing of the past as the song “A Machine Spiritual” reflects on that by talking about how technology will eventually take over. Technology has advanced to the point where humans can create and change the world with their inventions.

The lyrics are thought-provoking and ominous, making you think about how technology is slowly changing us and the world. This track is perfect for anyone who loves science fiction or who is interested in the idea of technology eventually taking over the world.


With a mix of genres and messages, these tracks will give you a lot to think about the next time you use your computer.

From the heavy and reflective tracks to the more upbeat, sweet, and fun ones, these songs about computers will make you appreciate the technology in your life or question its place in society.

The next time you boot up your laptop or sit down at your desktop, put on one of these songs and enjoy!