20 Great Songs about Eagles

Eagles are majestic birds that symbolize power, freedom, strength, triumph, perseverance, rebirth, and renewal. They can also be signs of great opportunities or outstanding physical abilities like keen eyesight. It is no wonder that this intriguing specimen has caught the fancy of numerous singers and songwriters over the years.

Which among these unique and intricate songs can you relate to? Skim through the list and take your pick for another refreshing musical experience.

1. “Fly Like an Eagle” by Steve Miller Band

This rock song is a single from the album of the same name “Fly Like an Eagle ” which is the ninth album of the Steve Miller Band. The tune is quite slow but very soothing to the ear that can the listener relax. It will give you a feeling of being an eagle flying across the sea moving towards the future. The sound arrangement blends well with the message of its lyrics and successfully shares it with the audience.

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An EagleSteve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle

2. “On The Wings of an Eagle” by Raven

This melodic piece has outstanding bass work riffs that pump up with a fast tempo. The intensity of the sing is due to its reference to World War II, specifically on what happened during the Battle of Britain. The song talks about how terrible and chaotic the war was. It depicted some of its disturbing images through the lyrics that would make one feel things like this should not happen again. The tune uses the symbolism of the Eagle to promote courage that the battle will be won, which in reality happened.

Raven - On The Wings Of An EagleRaven – On The Wings Of An Eagle

3. “Where Eagles Have Been” by Wolfmother

This rock song from the Australian act Wolfmother is often praised for the guitar solo featured in this song. It adds to the overall impact of this lovely tune. It talks about the harsh realities of life with a bit of pessimism at the beginning of the song. The mood shifts to a lighter side, and there is newly founded hope paralleled to an eagle who signifies inspiration.

Wolfmother - Where Eagles Have Been(Lyrics)Wolfmother – Where Eagles Have Been(Lyrics)

4. “The Eagle ” by Waylon Jennings

This country music piece is a popular song by Waylon Jennings during the 1990s. It peaked number 22 at the Billboards Hot Country Singles and Tracks. Listening to the lyrics of the melody talks about confidence and how the narrator compares himself to an Eagle. The protagonist believes he is strong, confident, and formidable. Even if other people are berating his abilities. The song is a good example of believing in yourself and things will be for the better.

Waylon Jennings: The EagleWaylon Jennings: The Eagle

5. “Eagle When she Flies” by Dolly Parton

This song by the lovely Dolly Parton was released in the 1990s and peaked at number 33 in the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. It speaks about how Dolly sees herself as an individual. The song shows both her vulnerable and courageous side. Facing the challenges of life, she admits that there times she could be a weakness as a sparrow. However, whenever it is time to bounce back and pull herself together, she can fly like an Eagle.

Dolly Parton - Eagle When She FliesDolly Parton – Eagle When She Flies

6. “Eagle Fly Free” by Shaman

This song by metallic powerband Shaman is full of Brazillian flair. The melody talks about the conflicting opinions of people about war and peace. Some say war is unnecessary while thinking otherwise. In the middle of these differences, the Eagle who signifies freedom flies over these disputes. The independence this mighty bird displays gives inspiration that in time the arguments will be resolved.

SHAMAN ➡️ Eagle Fly FreeSHAMAN ➡️ Eagle Fly Free

7. “Fly Like an Eagle” by Snoop Dogg, Jayceon Terrell Taylor, WC

This awesome rap collaboration will surely get you to move. The tune talks about living the moment for yourself and be like an Eagle to boldly do all these things. The protagonist of the song is encouraged to do whatever he wants even if it is over the edge. The advice is quite extreme since it promotes vices and pushes moral grounds. However, it does depict the reality that some people do live that way.

8. “Eagle” by ABBA

ABBA is known for its top-notch quality songs that are full of creativity and imagination. This song talks about the euphoria of being an Eagle. How it is great to fly above the sky and observe everything beneath. The interesting part of the song is it made mention flying together. It could be connotating the band enjoying their success and thanking everyone that they were blessed to feel this way.

ABBA - Eagle (Official Music Video)ABBA – Eagle (Official Music Video)

9. “The Eagle Will Rise Again” by The Alan Parsons Project

This pop-rock song of the late 1970s is listen-worthy. It is something for everyone who has experienced their lows. Honestly, who did not go through this phase? The song reminds all that there will be moments full of discouragements. But there is always a source of hope, and the light it will provide can make you rise stronger like an Eagle. As long as you are determined to find your way, things will fall into place.

THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (1978) - The Eagle Will Rise AgainTHE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (1978) – The Eagle Will Rise Again

10. “Silver Eagle” by Reba McEntire

This country-themed melody is included in the tracklist of the album named “Just a Little Love”. The message of the song is quite melancholy. As it speaks about the pressure of being in the center of attention. In the eyes of many, one can appear to be an invincible Eagle. The downside is, many are blinded by its magnificence. When it is hurting nobody notices and it is indeed a sad situation to be in.

Reba McEntire ~ Silver EagleReba McEntire ~ Silver Eagle

11. “Comfort Eagle” by Cake

This alternative rock song is well received by both critics and the public and we cannot help but agree. This tune starts with a great drumbeat and blends well with the steady vocals. The melody talks about expanding influence after success is achieved. The Eagle mentioned here is used as a symbol of living comfortably. Since if someone achieves their goals and manages to increase their impact, having a prosperous life will follow.

Cake - Comfort Eagle Music VideoCake – Comfort Eagle Music Video

12. “Silver Eagle Express” by Kink Friedman

This comforting country song is nice to listen to after finish a day of hard work. The protagonist in the lyrics is depicted as a tired worker who is excited to get home. In this melody, the Eagle is not described as an animal but the name of the train. The “Silver Eagle Express ” is described as a reliable mode of transportation. The narrator in the song is fully confident that this vehicle can take him safely home.

Kinky Friedman : Silver Eagle ExpressKinky Friedman : Silver Eagle Express

13. “When The Eagle Flies” by Traffic

This progressive rock song relates the Eagle to people with power that take what they can aggressively. Though the message is heavy, the overall feel of the song is laid back and chill. The slow intro with some windy instrumentals is very calming and relaxing to hear. The total vibe of the song feels like a story being effectively narrated then satisfactorily fades softly as the conclusion is revealed.

Traffic (Steve Winwood) ~ Love ~ When The Eagle Flies (1974)Traffic (Steve Winwood) ~ Love ~ When The Eagle Flies (1974)

14. “Half Angel Half Eagle” by Jane Siberry

This mellow song has impressive guitar work that resonates so well. The feel of the song is mysterious just like the way the lyrics are also written. The narrator discusses a mystical being label as half Angel and half Eagle. This entity flies over the city and witnesses the sad realities of life. It also hears the profanities being uttered by people against each other. This song was rather controversial in the 1980s, but maybe Jane just wanted everyone to look around since a lot of things need to be improved.

15. “Day of the Eagle” by Robin Trower

This upbeat song is an electric guitar enthusiast delight. The riffs on this piece are lively and catchy. It fits well with the message of the title. The melody talks about being aggressive and coming out strong. It reminds the listeners that even if things could weigh you down, a determined person can be a hero like a superman or an independent Eagle with lots of vigor.

Day of the Eagle (2007 Remaster)Day of the Eagle (2007 Remaster)

16. “Where the Stars and Stripes and Eagle Fly” by Aaron Tippin

This feel-good country music song can truly liven up the patriotic side of people. The song talks about how the singer is so proud of his nationality. He enumerates the number of things why he has pride in his country. Describing the Nation he is part of, the Eagles flying freely is used as a symbol of freedom. Aaron surely showed all his love for the United States of America in this song.

Aaron Tippin - Where The Stars & Stripes & The Eagle FlyAaron Tippin – Where The Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Fly

17. “Blackhawk” by Emmylou Harris

The soothing voice of Emmylou gives life to the realistic theme song. It talks about a young girl falling in love with a man who seems to have a good job. The male feels strongly also for the female and eventually the get-together. The two depicted themselves as two types of birds,one is the black hawk and the other a white-winged bird. It might not be directly implied but Eagles to have tinges of white on their wings.

Emmylou Harris - BlackhawkEmmylou Harris – Blackhawk

18. “Where Eagles Dare” by Iron Maiden

This heavy metal song talks about courage. Some say this is inspired by a spy war film as the Eagle depicted here is the brave soldiers willing to do what it takes to win the battle.


19. “Fly Eagle Fly” by White Heart

This song is a sweet gesture to uplift someone’s spirit. The person being consoled in this tune is addressed as an Eagle. The speaker expresses how much confidence they have towards the other and reassures them that they can overcome it.

Fly Eagle Fly - White HeartFly Eagle Fly – White Heart

20. “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver

This soft folk-rock melody pays tribute to the mighty Eagle. The song describes the home of the majestic bird in the rocky mountains of Colorado. Tune together with the lyrics is scenic that is uniquely experienced through hearing. Confused about how hearing and seeing can get mixed up? Then you have to listen to this song to find out.

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High (Audio)John Denver – Rocky Mountain High (Audio)

The music presented above portrayed the Eagle in various forms. Which one is your favorite that gave a long-lasting impression? Whatever your answer may be one thing is for sure, Eagles are a great source of inspiration and in a way strongly relatable to people.