20 Songs About Fighting

Music has become a source of inspiration to go on and never give up without a fight. Songs about fighting remind us to be strong and become resilient with the opposition that we face every single day. Let these songs speak to you and verbalize your feelings as you navigate through the challenges. Music can help us feel motivated and continue to fight.

1. “Good Fight” by Unspoken

Unspoken - Good Fight (Official Lyric Video)Unspoken – Good Fight (Official Lyric Video)

Fighting as you breathe is the theme of this song. It speaks about not giving up on hurdles that you face because life and hardships go hand in hand. This song inspires you to keep your head up as you handle the oddballs life throws your way. And you do all this as you dance and listen to your favorite songs, and this will definitely be one of them!.

2. “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley

Bob Marley - redemption songBob Marley – redemption song

The vibe of this song speaks about freeing and redeeming yourself as a way of fighting. Everything is possible with the help of god especially during silent battles so you should free your mind and listen to this song.

This musical piece also reminds you that fighting for your freedom is the ultimate goal in life. It serves as a reminder that life should not be bound by limits and all you need to do is to enjoy the journey.

3. “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff (Official Music Video)Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff (Official Music Video)

We have all been in a situation where we just want to break stuff! If you are having that kind of a day, this is the song for you. You will have such days where things will blow your top but you gotta be patient. You may feel like justifying your actions or breaking things to keep up with the bad or just to distract yourself but the real deal is to fight the fight within and eventually get over it.

4. “Last One Standing” by Simple Plan

Last One Standing - Simple Plan (Lyrics)Last One Standing – Simple Plan (Lyrics)

Surrendering and giving up is not an option if you are to listen to the lyrics of this song by Simple Plan. Life is very challenging and you have to fight the roadblocks and make the best effort you can. The song reminds us that sometimes, the only way to survive is to keep on fighting until everybody is down because then you’ll become the last man standing!

5. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)Rachel Platten – Fight Song (Official Video)

This song is about motivating yourself to fight with whatever strength you have against any odds. It’s standing up again after having a great fall and starting over. The “Fight Song” is about redemption and saving oneself from misery especially when no one hears you or is there to help and you only have yourself to lean on. 

6. “Fighting My Way Back” by Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy - Fighting My Way BackThin Lizzy – Fighting My Way Back

This is one of the songs about fighting that tells us to bounce back from every defeat because it’s nothing but a temporary phase. It tells us to look forward to the future and the brighter things ahead of us. “Fighting My Way Back” is one of those songs that fill you up with hope and give courage to start over like nothing is lost. So get up and keep moving forward.

7. “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar - Love Is A Battlefield (Official Music Video)Pat Benatar – Love Is A Battlefield (Official Music Video)

“Love is a Battlefield” is about fighting for love. Heartache is a part of falling in love so don’t let the world tell you what to do or tell you that what you are doing is wrong. The song is an anthem for all those young people who are in love but not sure how to proceed. Love is a battlefield and you have to fight for it!

8. “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


The song is about fighting your way into making things work as you go about chasing your dreams. “Can’t Hold Us” speaks about overcoming obstacles until you have reached the reality of your dreams.

Things might be intimidating as you start but it will get easier as you go on. Don’t stop yourself from taking that first step because as you see your dreams getting closer, it will be worth it!

9. “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” by The Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) (Official Music Video)Beastie Boys – (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) (Official Music Video)

“Fight For Your Right” is about looking forward to a party after a long day of stress from home and at school. Beastie Boys made this upbeat song to persuade listeners to pump up their vibe and go on to have fun despite the odds!

10. “Take It Outside” by Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert - Take It Outside.wmvBrantley Gilbert – Take It Outside.wmv

This song is the real deal and it refers to the old way of picking fights where people toldl each other to “take it outside”. This may have been done to steer fights away from property and go to a place where there wernt many people to break the fight. The song is a tale of how fights were done in the past where there were only fists and blood compared to the present where there’s a lot of exchange of angry words, shoving, or trolling on social media.

11. “Fight For You” by Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo - Fight For You (Official Video)Jason Derulo – Fight For You (Official Video)

You are better off struggling for someone who is truly worthy of your time and effort – that’s the message in this song. And when you find someone you love and who reciprocates the feeling, be prepared to fight for it!

12. “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow (Official Video)Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow (Official Video)

Not surrendering and giving in so easily even if everything seems to fall down is what this song is all about. This song subtly provokes the listener to rise and start all over again as if nothing happened. “I will not Bow” reminds us to keep our heads up amidst all the challenges even if we are on the losing end.

13. “Part of Me” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Part Of Me (Official)Katy Perry – Part Of Me (Official)

Like most songs on this list, Katy Perry also wants to tell her listeners to never give up, even if there is a very small chance. She wants you to be steadfast as you persevere through the obstacles because all of us reserve the best for last so she knows we can change the story if we go all out!

14. “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child

Destiny's Child - Survivor (Official Video)Destiny’s Child – Survivor (Official Video)

The powerful vocals of Destiny’s child have given this song a special place in the music scene. The lyrics add to its charm. This is a song that speaks about strength, perseverance, survival, and women empowerment.

The vocalists urge you to exhaust every ounce of strength you have because it will leave you feeling proud of all that you can achieve. The song speaks to all such people and calls them a survivor!

15. “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera - Fighter (VIDEO)Christina Aguilera – Fighter (VIDEO)

This song is about standing up for yourself, fighting all the obstacles, and starting over again despite what has happened. Instead of giving up, this song tells you to never give up because all the challenges will eventually toughen you up and then everything will feel normal.

16. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick LamarTaylor Swift – Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar

This song deals with a bad relationship that continues to linger causing tremendous “Bad Blood”. Taylor Swift uses the song to talk about how a relationship between two people who were madly in love ended up being toxic.

If you are in a relationship that gives you more sadness than happiness, it’s time to end up because it’s not worth the effort. Taylor wants you to end the story before it becomes worse. 

17. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by Pink

P!NK - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)P!NK – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Letting go and finishing the fight is the message of this song. Pink uses her powerful vocals to tell her listeners to let go of fights that cause pain and suffering. She wants you to kiss goodbye to everything that affected you in a negative way so you can move on to better things. 

18. “Kiss With A Fist” by Florence and the Machine

Florence + The Machine - Kiss With A FistFlorence + The Machine – Kiss With A Fist

This is one of those songs that expresses anger and revenge. The lyrics serve to prompt listeners to accept challenges and deal with them head-on. The song has the same message as all the others on the list.

19. “Wolves” by Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham 'Wolves'Ryan Bingham ‘Wolves’

Wolves come in packs and can seem very menacing. That’s how problems are, according to lyrics in this song. You might find yourself facing defiance on a number of fronts but you gotta stay strong and face the obstacles, no matter how impossible they may seem. Stand your ground and keep the wolves at bay because that’s the only way to overcome it.

20. “Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy (Audio)Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy (Audio)

This song is about knowing your oppositi0on so you can effectively win against them. Overcoming the odds becomes easy when you are prepared and you know who you are facing. The song has a bit of a rebellious streak as it reminds you to know your rights so you can fight for them instead of conforming to the standards set by others and following them blindly. 

Conclusion: Never Give Up Without A Fight

That was one list of inspirational songs for every time you have felt down and depressed because things don’t seem to be going your way. Get a grip on your emotions, listen to these songs, and fight with as much might as you can.

You may not be victorious in all of them but being resilient as you face these challenges will make you feel better. Here is to all the silent battles we fight on a regular basis. May we rise high against all those odds. Till then, let the music remind us to stay strong, keep up and get going!