20 Songs About Golf

Songs about golf can be fun, and often provide a light-hearted look at the game we all know and love. Whether it’s poking fun at our bad shots, celebrating our good ones, or simply enjoying the beauty of the sport, these songs celebrate everything that is great about golf.

So next time you’re out on the course, or just enjoying a sunny day at the driving range, be sure to crank up one of these tunes and enjoy!

1. “Shitty Golfer” by Toby Keith

Starting off the list is a song that will likely resonate with anyone who has ever stepped foot on a golf course. Toby Keith’s “Shitty Golfer” is a hilarious ode to all the struggles that come with the sport.

If you’re bad at golf, or just having an off day, this is the perfect song to commiserate with. You can find it on The Bus Songs released in 2017.

2. “Love the One You Whiff” by Jake Trout and the Flounders

The next song on our list comes from Jake Trout and the Flounders, and it’s called “Love the One You Whiff.” This catchy tune is all about accepting your bad shots and moving on.

Everyone whiffs now and then, but as the song suggests, it’s important to “love the one you whiff.” You can stream this track on all music platforms out there.

3. “Trouble In The Gorse” by Glen Everhart

Glen Everhart’s “Trouble In The Gorse” is a fun and poppy tune about the frustration that can come with golf.

Everhart’s light-hearted take on the game makes this song a great listen for any fan of the sport. It was released in 2006 as part of the The One Putt Strut – “Motivational” Songs For Golfers album.

4. “The Golf Song” by The Arrogant Worms

You can already tell from the title that “The Golf Song” by The Arrogant Worms is a comedic take on the sport of golf. This Canadian comedy trio is known for their humorous songs, and this tune is no exception.

It pokes fun at the elitist nature of golf, and the ridiculousness of some of its traditions. It was released in 2004 as part of their Toast! album.

5. “18 Holes” by John Denver

The next song on our list is a bit of a change of pace from the previous two. “18 Holes” by John Denver is a reflective and introspective tune about the game of golf.

Denver takes a more serious look at the sport, and what it means to him personally. This now has over 14k views on Youtube so it’s clear that this song has resonated with a lot of people. It was released in 1992.

6. “Green Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones

Tom Jones is a Welsh singer who is known for his powerful voice and wide range of musical styles. “Green Green Grass of Home” is a country song about home and nostalgia.

It became his signature song and one of his biggest hits, reaching number one in the UK and US. While the lyrics don’t mention golf specifically, the green grass of home is evocative of a golf course, making it a perfect choice for our list.

7. “Golf Boys 2.Oh” by Golf Boys

“Golf Boys 2.Oh” is a fun and catchy tune by the Golf Boys, a group made up of professional golfers Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, and Ben Crane. They are labeled as the Backstreet Boys in the field of golf. This track can be streamed on all music platforms out there.

8. “Hand in Glove” by The Smiths

A glove is used in golf to grip the club. The lyrics of this song could be interpreted as being about a relationship where two people understand each other so well that they don’t need words, or about the simple perfection of a good golf swing. It was released in 1984 as part of their self-titled album.

9. “Chase the Fairway” by Golf With Baard

This next song is by a Norwegian band called Golf With Baard. It’s a chill track but still captures the feeling of being out on the golf course chasing that perfect shot. The song is from their self-titled album which was released in 2020.

10. “Theme from Shaft” by Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes’ classic blaxploitation film theme song gets a golf-themed makeover in this fun remix. It appeared in a lot of commercials and TV shows. It was released in 1971 but can still be streamed on major music platforms today.

11. “The Golf Song” by Scotty Alexander

Here’s a cute little ditty about golfing, composed and performed by Canadian country artist Scotty Alexander. It was released in 2019 and is about those average golfers who just can’t seem to get enough of the game.

It has a folksy, country feel to it and will make a great road trip song while heading to the golf course. You can stream this on Youtube.

12. “Straight Down the Middle” by Bing Crosby

“Straight Down the Middle” is a classic golf song, composed and performed by legendary crooner Bing Crosby. It was written in 1941 and released as a single.

If you’re a fan of old-timey songs, then this one is definitely for you. It’s available to stream on all music platforms even today.

13. “Golf7 r” by Kaaris

The title might confuse you, but it’s pronounced “Golf Seven R.” This is a French rap song about, you guessed it, playing golf. It was released in 2019 by Kaaris, a well-known French rapper.

The music video features a group of friends playing a game of golf and having a great time. You can find it on the Or noir 3 album.

14. “Bohemian Golfing Rhapsody” by Nigel Tait

Nigel Tait’s “Bohemian Golfing Rhapsody” is a fun, tongue-in-cheek take on Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It was released in 2014 and is available to stream on Youtube This one will definitely get stuck in your head because of its catchy melody and funny lyrics.

15. “Golf, Golf, Golf” by Archie Campbell

For the golf addicts out there, this song is about a man who is so obsessed with the game that he neglects his family. It’s another vintage golf tune, and it’s sure to make you laugh.

It was originally released in 1966 as part of his The Cockfight and Other Tales. This can also still be streamed on all music platforms out there.

16. “Hit it Hard” by John Daly

This next song is by one of the most well-known golfers out there, John Daly. The song is all about Daly’s love for gambling and drinking, two things he’s pretty well known for (aside from golf). You can find this one on his album I Only Know One Way which was released in 2010.

17. “GOLF-Song” by Andrea Wehner

Andrea Wehner is a German singer/songwriter, and this song is all about her passion for golf. It’s a fun track to play while hitting the links, and it perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being out on the course.

This is one of the most recent songs on the list, having been released in 2020. You can find it on her Leben, Liebe, Leidenschaft! album.

18. “That Golf Song” by Duff Daddy

Up next is “That Golf Song” by Duff Daddy. This one is a bit more light-hearted and humorous, poking fun at the game of golf and those who take it too seriously.

It’s a great track to listen to while driving to the course or just getting in a few practice swings. It was released in 2018 as part of his album of the same title which can be streamed on all music platforms out there.

19. “Golf on TV” by Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella’s “Golf on TV” is a more recent track, having been released in 2020. It’s a bit different from other tracks on the list because it talks about love and trust, but does so in a way that’s relatable to anyone who’s ever played golf. You can find it on her album Three. Two. One which is available on all major music platforms.

20. “Golf Girl” by Caravan

Finishing off the list is “Golf Girl” by the British rock band Caravan. This track is from their 1971 album In the Land of Grey and Pink, and it’s a bit more psychedelic than the other tracks on this list.

It’s a great song to listen to while daydreaming about being out on the golf course, and it perfectly captures the feeling of being in love with the girl who spends her days on the green.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a golf aficionado or not, there’s no denying that the game of golf has inspired some great songs over the years. From country to pop to rock, many different genres have been represented in the world of golf-themed tunes.

So, next time you’re out on the links, be sure to bring along a portable speaker to enjoy some of these classics (or maybe even some new ones) as you play!