20 Songs About Ice (With Videos)

The word “Ice” literally refers to that cold cold thing in our freezer but it is also a commonly used metaphor in English. It is usually used to symbolize a variety of heavy human emotions like sorrow, anger, or even mystery.

It’s also a feeling that others use to describe an interaction. The versatility of this word has garnered interest and has earned it a place in a number of song titles!

Here is a list of songs about ice covering a variety of themes. Get ready for an awesome set of interesting musical hits.

1. “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner

Foreigner - Cold As Ice (Official Music Video)Foreigner – Cold As Ice (Official Music Video)

There will be people who will stop at nothing for self-gratification and that is the sad story behind this 1970s rock song. Little things accumulate, and in the end, the narrator warns that selfish decisions will turn things sour. The piano intro is quite daunting, and the delivery of the vocals is very accusing, making them a sure fit to the tune. 

2. “Icy” by Logic

Logic - Icy ft. Gucci Mane (Official Video)Logic – Icy ft. Gucci Mane (Official Video)

This pop-rap song talks about feeling confident about oneself despite doing unsavory things. It is a realistic description of how self-centered people can be. And how surprising it is that they are not bothered with what they do. It is a worrying situation, and at the same time, a sad truth.

3. “Ice Melts” by Drake

Ice MeltsIce Melts

This lively hip-hop song has a lot of reggae elements which make it a fun listen. It will make you want to groove and think about the warm and pleasant weather of the beach. This is a sure hit party song you must play at your next event.

4. “Walking on Thin Ice” by Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin IceYoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice

This upbeat song has signature guitar sounds that make it a cut above the rest. Yoko’s voice and accent add flavor to the overall vibe of the track. It is like a combination of different tones sewn together into a pleasant melody.

5. “Icehouse” by Icehouse

Icehouse - IcehouseIcehouse – Icehouse

This contemporary new wave song has a nostalgic vibe to it as the singer expresses his memories of waiting for his true love to come. It has a message of hope, as the protagonist in the song perseveres despite the cold.

6. “Thin Ice” by Pink Floyd

The Thin IceThe Thin Ice

This progressive rock track of the late 1970s is about expressing support. The lyrics imply that it is from concerned parents whose child is maturing. They are aware of the difficulties that lie ahead and how both parents are willing to back up their child no matter what happens.

7. “Rivers of Ice” by Simple Minds

Simple Minds - Rivers Of Ice / Dolphins - Live in Edinburgh - 2015Simple Minds – Rivers Of Ice / Dolphins – Live in Edinburgh – 2015

The theme of this song will resonate with all those who have experienced a love that did not work out. The composers of this song have taken poetic license to turn this feeling into a very endearing melody. The inclusion of the violin in the music arrangement also adds character to the music, making it memorable.

8. “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Official Music Video)Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (Official Music Video)

If you are looking for a hip feel-good song, this track will not disappoint. You are probably humming it already. The opening sound is a total earworm that gets stuck in your head.

This groovy song took the world by storm when it was released in the 1990s and placed Vanilla Ice as an international hit sensation. This is one of those songs that you cannot have enough of. 

9. “Icicle” by Tori Amos


This slow pop song is an attempt by Tori Amos to describe her childhood. The singer wanted to convey a child’s innocence and curiosity. Despite the influences that surround a child, they are individuals who can choose for themselves.

The piano work here gives a feeling of mystery. There is a heavy atmosphere that surrounds this song but the track feels gentle and cautious, as it takes you to the edge.

10. “Ice in the Sun” by Status Quo

Status Quo - Ice In The SunStatus Quo – Ice In The Sun

This boogie rock number doubles as a love confession. The man in the melody reveals he is helpless whenever his love interest is around. His feelings and resolve melt like ice when the special lady is in the equation.

This song has a catchy beat that makes you want to sway with it. The song feels like a conversation – like a friend telling you about something going on with his life and you cannot help but be curious to hear the whole story. 

11. “Black Ice” by AC/DC

Black IceBlack Ice

The impressive guitar work that AC/DC is on full display in this song. Though the song is said to be of basic structure, the experience and confidence of the band take it to another level.

Fans cannot help but rave about the rhythm of the song. The vocals are also crisp and clear. It is everything a seasoned group needs to prove its prowess!

12. “Icebox” by Omarion

Omarion - Ice Box (Official Music Video)Omarion – Ice Box (Official Music Video)

This R&B song is full of emotion about a confused man in love. The protagonist is in turmoil as he moves from memories of past love to the present one.

He cares about his current lover, but due to uncertainties hurts her in the process. The song ends with the protagonist promising that he is willing to work it out instead of growing apart.

13. “Trapped Under Ice” by Metallica

Metallica - Trapped Under IceMetallica – Trapped Under Ice

This 1980s heavy metal song has a lot of symbolism and deep meaning. It talks about how an individual feels trapped, and their cries for help are futile. The feeling of being alone is hurtful.

The song serves as a reminder to everyone to be sensitive because you never know who might be begging for help. The electric guitar and drums come together on this track to personify these feelings. If music can talk, then this is probably how it would.

14. “Ice Cold Pool” by Wallows

Wallows - Ice Cold Pool (Official Audio)Wallows – Ice Cold Pool (Official Audio)

A coming-of-age song that is very relatable, this track talks about the transition from childhood to becoming an adult. We gotta embrace the uncertainties of the inevitable future.

Everyone has to grow up, and there is no other way but to move forward. This track is vibrant with a retro sound that makes it more vintage to listeners. It is a good song to hear when relaxing alone or chilling out with friends.

15. “Fire & Ice” by Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar - Fire And IcePat Benatar – Fire And Ice

This 1980s rock song is full of passion, both in lyrics and vocals. It talks about how a relationship can be complicated. Sometimes you’re doing okay, and in other instances, things go sour.

And despite the difficulties, people cling to it. Well, that is love for you. The guitar solo of this track is also impressive, so make sure to take note of it. 

16. “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Live in New York City)Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Live in New York City)

A blast from the past, this 1975 rock song has a lot of good vibes and talks about how the band got together. The opening instrumentals are so good that you are hooked from the start.

Bruce’s vocals are an asset to this song. Fans all over loved this one so make sure you give it a listen and reflect on the good old days.

17. “Break the Ice” by Britney Spears

Britney Spears - Break The Ice (Official HD Video)Britney Spears – Break The Ice (Official HD Video)

A quirky dance number, the drumbeats set the mood and you cannot stop yourself from grooving. Britney’s vocals are also clear and strong and you can feel the diva’s energy in full force.

This song can surely break the ice and push people to loosen up and party. It might not be as big as the other hits by Britney, but it is just as good as any other.

18. “Dr. Ice” by Angel

Angel - Dr  IceAngel – Dr Ice

This tune has an impressive guitar opening intro that grabs the audience’s attention. The song talks about how life can be like a gamble. There is a lot at stake and you should proceed with caution. The song tries to warn listeners that they have to know the risks or else they might get more than what they bargained for.

19. “Too Much Ice” by Lil Pump feat. Quavo

Lil Pump - "Too Much Ice" ft. Quavo (Official Audio)Lil Pump – “Too Much Ice” ft. Quavo (Official Audio)

This hypnotic song is a mixture of intense feelings. The vocals are on point and sound very cool. A sharp contrast to the last song on this list, this track talks about how great it is to be young and have the liberty to do what you want. Not all your choices could be right off the bat. But experience is the best teacher so just live it up!

20. “Black Ice” by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, and Rick Fenn

Nick Mason & Rick Fenn - Black IceNick Mason & Rick Fenn – Black Ice

This tune opens up with a sound that takes you to a different dimension. Then the song escalates to a fancy mix of drum beats and guitar work. This is a very well-put piece of work that shows the experience of the two artists involved and is a must for all music enthusiasts!

Final Thoughts

We have reached the end of the list. Some of the tracks are relatable, while others are more on the symbolic side. Whatever the genre, be it dance, ballad, rock, or pop, these songs about ice have a lot to offer to avid music listeners. Once you hear all these tracks, you will definitely find a tune or two that resonated with you?