20 Songs About Life’s Journey

Life has always been a major inspiration for the reflective people. Each person goes on diverse paths lead which to varied outcomes, fostering personal growth and refined character.

This article includes 20 songs about life’s journey to help you assess your progress or just reminisce.

1. “Yesterday” by The Beatles

“Yesterday” is a classic song from the iconic British band The Beatles. It is a nostalgic song that talks about memories from the past.

The song has a soft tone to it and the vocals are very soothing. The song talks about the reality of regretting some actions hoping that there is a way to correct them.

2. “Life Is Life” by Opus

“Life is Life” is an empowering song radiates positivity and encourages us to live life to the fullest. The lyrics also make it clear that the journey will not be simple yet the melody inspires the audience to embrace the challenge.

3. “Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life” by Monty Python

Are you looking for a song with a comedic vibe? This Monty Python number might be your cup of tea.

This one-of-a-kind song is popular for its comic nature, and is also played at funerals in the United Kingdom. The track’s message is to “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life,” even when things get dark.

4. “Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts

This upbeat song is featured in the animated film Cars and its title perfectly matches the theme of the show. The track has a very optimistic and relatable vibe and anyone who has watched the movie can feel the energy in the track and will have your blood pumping.

5. “Time In A Bottle” by Jim Croce

There are a lot of things in life that we would like to have back, and this is the reality that the song “Time In a Bottle” by Jim Croce talks about.

The sadness of losing a special someone is very heavy and brings a lot of emotions. This melody resonates with those who grieve, longing to bottle cherished moments and ease the pain of parting.

6. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

This country-rock song is a variety of sounds that people will enjoy listening to. It portrays a celebration under the harvest moon, as the protagonist yearns for a long-time love. The harmonica, banjo, and vibraphone blend to enhance this song’s unique and appealing flavor.

7. “Cat’s In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin

This folk-rock hit by Harry Chapin explores a father’s neglect, warning of future consequences. An adored chart-topper, this song resonates with fathers juggling responsibilities, shedding light on the impact on parent-child relationships

8. “Step By Step” by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston performed “Step By Step” in “The Preacher’s Wife” film and it was rearranged to be a soulful Rhythm and Blues melody.

The track talks about the importance of taking steps to reach a goal, emphasizing that it’s important to take it slow and give things considerable thought before making the final decision.

9. “Circle Of Life” by Elton John

Are you looking for a song that will help kids understand the meaning of life? The song ”Circle of Life” does it brilliantly. It was performed by the amazing Sir Elton John for the iconic film “The Lion King.”

This song talks about the ‘Circle of Life,’ embracing the majesty and importance of every living creature.

10. “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

People would often criticize others on how they should live their lives but you should not be blindsided by these opinions and this song strongly gives this point.

Bon Jovi reminds us to live our lives as we see fit, and we will have no regrets. Since we only have one life, let’s make it count.

11. “7 Years” by Lukas Graham

People will age and change as time passes and that’s the theme of Lukas Graham’s song “7 Years”. The tune talks about things that happen in life and also the hopes for the future.

Whether pondering life’s choices or seeking a moment of reflection, this song offers a soothing and contemplative escape.

12. “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra

This number is performed by no less than the legendary performer Frank Sinatra. The track has a lot of harmonization and despite its slow nature, the song is very engaging.

With a mix of pop and jazz, it talks about embracing life’s rapid changes while promoting optimism. No matter how many challenges you face, things can still work by not giving up.

13. “Livin’ La Vida” by Coldplay

“Livin’ La Vida” is a hit song by Coldplay that was inspired by the Spanish phrase which means “Live the life”. The phrase is also a reference to an art piece by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

This track is known for its string and percussion foundation. Listening to it is like a journey and it has many allusions to history and religious topics.

14. “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus

Many say that the destination may be enticing but it is the journey that counts. It is the theme explored in this popular song by Miley Cyrus.

“The Climb” talks about the journey of a challenging but fulfilling life. The track portrays life as a series of conquerable mountains. By appreciating and valuing the climb, we learn that it shapes our identity.

15. “Let’s Live For Today” by The Grass Roots

This song is suitable for the hippie belief that love is always above money so life can be fulfilling. It sends a message that people should take pleasure in what they do as life is a precious experience.

Above all, the track has a great dynamic arrangement which makes room for a large chorus that adds more to its charm.

16. “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey

The band Journey is known for many iconic masterpieces and “Don’t Stop Believin’” is surely one of them. This rock tune is full of hope and optimism that many listeners can sing along to.

It talks about the importance of believing in your dream and continuing to work towards it. In the end, the only person who can say if you can make it or not is yourself.

17. “Living in the Moment” by Jason Mraz

Every day there are a lot of things going on, and countless of activities can be overwhelming. Letting your mind wander too far into tomorrow can cause anxiety.

To avoid this dilemma, Jason Mraz’s “Living in the Moment” soothes and teaches us to embrace the present, letting go of tomorrow’s uncertainties.

18. “This Life” by Vampire Weekend

This upbeat pop song candidly addresses the reality of difficulties and suffering, where time may be given, but progress remains low.

This track pushes us to either keep hanging on or give up. The lyrics imply that uncertainties can lead to low self-esteem, making it essential to break free from such unhealthy patterns.

19. “(Just Like) Starting Over” by John Lennon

This song talks about mending relationships. The lyrics focus on leaving the complications of modern living and concentrating on your significant other. It encourages the listeners to take the initiative to reflect as it could do wonders.

20. “Dream On” by Aerosmith

“Dream On” is a ballad that is written by none other than Steven Tyler from the iconic band Aerosmith. This rock classic talks about getting older and realizing the things that matter to you.

As time passes, people busy themselves with various pursuits in their youth, but as the golden years approach, they yearn for the presence of those who truly matter to them.

Final Thoughts

The songs about life’s journey are great eye-openers. All of us have different paths to take and we must understand the situations and make the right choices. Life is a one-way road and it is not easy to go back even if you want to so use your time wisely.

Hopefully, this selection provided you a nostalgic experience and enlightened your journey. Enjoy the music while thinking about the important things in life and choosing your own path!