20 Songs About Lipstick

Art can find its muse in the most unassuming corners of life, and for some musicians, inspiration has sparkled from a tube of lipstick. Here are the 20 best songs about lipstick that will delight your ears and warm your heart.

Every tube of lipstick has a story to tell, whether it’s a tale of first dates and flushed cheeks, a testament to feminine power, or a symbol of heartbreaking farewells. These narratives have been cleverly encapsulated in the lyrics of musicians, creating an under-explored genre of lipstick-themed tunes that truly deserves the limelight.

1. “Red Lipstick” by Rihanna

“Red Lipstick” by Rihanna is a song about a girl who is in love with the guy she is dating. Through the lyrics, it shows that the two of them don’t get along because she doesn’t understand him. She tries to be on the same page as him and when she doesn’t love him, she feels frustrated.

2. “Lipstick” by Tamia

“Lipstick” by Tamia describes a woman who is very much in love with the man she is dating. She does everything she can to please him: she cooks dinner, dresses sexy, and agrees to have intimate relations with him because that is the desire of both of them and that makes her happy.

3. “Lipstick” by Imperial Teen

Spinning a narrative of a teen girl thrust into the throes of fame, this song charts her efforts to navigate stardom, with a few envious onlookers thrown in the mix. Despite the evident struggles, her story inspires legions of girls, drawn to her successful, rock-chic lifestyle.

4. “Lipstick Promises” by George Ducas

“Lipstick Promises” describes a man who is in love with a woman who left him. He really loved her and believed everything she said but realized that he was being deceived all this while. He may not be with her anymore but he still pines for her in this song. 

5. “Red Lipstick” by Trey Songz

When it comes to the allure of red lipstick, Trey Songz nails it in his hit song, “Red Lipstick”. This isn’t just a song; it’s a sultry anthem that celebrates the irresistible charm of a woman wearing red lipstick. It was a massive hit, symbolizing the teenage crush, sparking off intense passion, and evoking that tantalizing anticipation of a stolen kiss.

6. “Lipstick, Powder and Paint” by Shakin’ Stevens

Caught between love and commitment? Shakin’ Stevens gets it. His track “Lipstick, Powder, and Paint” narrates the tale of a man stuck in a relationship, yet pining for another woman. The song offers a peek into the complexities of love, stirring up a cocktail of emotions. It’s a classic hit that brings a mix of rock and pop to your playlist.

7. “The Lipstick On His Collar” by Caro Emerald

A bittersweet tale of love, betrayal, and lipstick stains – this song serves as a reminder of the fleeting nature of some relationships. The stinging realization of his infidelity hits her hard when she discovers another woman’s lipstick on his collar.

8. “Lipstick” by Rocket from the Crypt

Kicking off our next set is “Lipstick” by Rocket from the Crypt, a heady mix of punk rock and unrequited love. It tells the story of a man smitten by a woman who needs nothing more than a dash of red to accentuate her natural beauty. This is a tale of obsession and longing wrapped in edgy rock vibes.

9. “Cinnamon & Lipstick” by Fm Static

Ever found yourself lost in the past, reliving the power of young love? “Cinnamon & Lipstick” by Fm Static perfectly encapsulates this emotion. The song explores the bittersweet longing to recapture the invincibility of a past relationship, to harness its energy to face new challenges. It’s a nostalgia trip you won’t want to miss. 

10. “Lipstick Vogue” by Elvis Costello

“Lipstick Vogue” by Elvis Costello is one of the most controversial songs about lipstick you could ever hear. This tune describes a man who is furious with a woman because she claims to love him but he thinks it’s a lie. The raw emotion and biting language used are intense, leaving a mark much like the lipstick it references.

11. “Mystic Lipstick” by Christy Moore

Christy Moore’s song “Mystic Lipstick” is about a spiritual woman who goes through a variety of mystical and earthy experiences. The tune conveys spiritual and broad notions about God. These beliefs are in stark contrast to the brutal realities of everyday existence.

12. “Lipstick And Leather” by Y&T

“Lipstick and Leather” by Y&T is a song describing a man in love with a woman with a tough character. He describes that she wears black leather clothes and paints her lips with red lipstick. She mistreats him in every possible way but he likes it. He enjoys this relationship which has sadomasochistic overtones.

13. ” Lipstick” by Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay’s “Lipstick” is the anthem for any lady who’s dusting off the crumbs of heartbreak and getting ready to paint the town red. More than just a beauty accessory, our heroine’s lipstick is her tool for self-revival and a symbol of resilience.

14. “Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)” by Benny Spellman

Take a trip back in time with Benny Spellman’s deeply romantic “Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)”. This nostalgic melody sings of a man so smitten, he’s clinging to the faintest signs of his beloved. The cigarette, marked by her lipstick, represents a promise of enduring love.

15. “Blue Lipstick” by TeeFLii

“Blue Lipstick” by TeeFLii is a song that perfectly describes the teenage crush. The tune talks about a boy who is in love with a beautiful girl who has a sexy attitude. He always wants to be with her and promises to treat her well. He is so in love that he is able to do anything she asks him to do.

16. “Lipstick” by Suzi Quatro

TeeFLii’s “Blue Lipstick” has all the vibrant vibes of youthful infatuation. This catchy number captures the heady feelings of a young man, head over heels for a girl with a captivating attitude. The way he pledges to do anything for her reflects the intensity of a classic teenage crush.

17. “Lipstick” by Runaway June

“Lipstick” by Runaway June is a song describing a woman who advises another woman to carefully choose the man she is going to fall in love with. She says that it’s better to choose a man who ruins her lipstick because he kisses her well rather than a man who ruins her mascara for making her cry with his bad behavior.

18. “Lipstick Love” by Kolossus Däächt

Kolossus Däächt’s “Lipstick Love” is the anthem for the self-assured ladies who love to strut their stuff. It’s all about a woman who revels in her glamour, loves the attention, and knows how to have a fabulous time with her partner. This song is a delightful ode to confident femininity – all about being unapologetically you.

19. “Red Lipstick” by Skint & Demoralised

“Red Lipstick” by Skint & Demoralised is a refreshing look at love through a man’s perspective. He’s not after a fashionista or a socialite, he’s looking for a simple woman who enjoys life’s little pleasures like red lipstick, a glass of orange juice, and French fries. This song celebrates love in its purest form.

20. “Red Lipstick” by Kesha

Embrace the allure of the color red with Kesha’s “Red Lipstick”. This fiery tune serves a heaping dose of feminine power and self-confidence, as it tells the tale of a woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. With Kesha owning the art of seduction, you can bet this song will leave you feeling fierce and unstoppable.


These melodies not only echo the experiences of countless women, but they also offer a unique perspective into the human experience that’s relatable to all. They are poignant reminders that life, like lipstick, comes in various shades, and each one tells a story worth sharing.

So, grab your favorite shade, turn up the volume, and immerse yourself in these rhythmically rich tales of love, strength, and the beauty of being uniquely you.