17 Songs About Pigs

Exploring songs about pigs uncovers a fascinating niche in music history, spanning various genres and decades. These tracks, ranging from rock anthems by Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath to more obscure entries from artists like Robert Wyatt, offer diverse perspectives on the theme, showcasing pigs in metaphorical, narrative, and sometimes humorous lights.

1. “Pigs on the Wing, Part 1” by Pink Floyd

“Pigs on the Wing, Part 1” by Pink Floyd serves as the thematic doorway to their iconic concept album, Animals. In this opening track, Pink Floyd sets the stage for an exploration of human societal structures, using pigs as a powerful metaphor for greed and power.

2. “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” by Pink Floyd

“Pigs (Three Different Ones)” by Pink Floyd stands out as a critical piece on the Animals album, where the band delves deeper into their critique of societal figures. Through the lens of this song, Pink Floyd categorizes these figures as pigs, symbolizing greed, corruption, and moral bankruptcy.

3. “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath

“War Pigs” by Black Sabbath emerges as a seminal track from their album Paranoid, serving as a stark anti-war anthem. Through this song, Black Sabbath employs the imagery of pigs to symbolize the warmongers and political leaders who propagate conflict, highlighting the band’s critique of the atrocities of war.

4. “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails

“March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails combines an aggressive industrial rock sound with thematic content that critiques societal greed and corruption. This track stands out for its raw energy and sharp commentary, reflecting Nine Inch Nails’ take on the destructive nature of these vices in society.

5. “Pigs” by Cypress Hill

“Pigs” by Cypress Hill offers a direct and unflinching critique of police brutality and corruption, employing the metaphor of pigs to address these serious issues. This song marks a bold stance by Cypress Hill against systemic injustices within the law enforcement system.

6. “Three Little Pigs” by Green Jelly

“Three Little Pigs” by Green Jelly delivers a humorous rock twist on the classic fairy tale, showcasing the band’s knack for storytelling through music. This playful interpretation blends rock dynamics with the familiar narrative, creating a unique and entertaining experience.

7. “Piggies” by the Beatles

“Piggies” by the Beatles offers a satirical examination of the upper class and societal greed, depicted humorously as piggies. Featured on The White Album, this song reflects The Beatles’ critique of societal structures and the disparities within.

8. “Piggy” by Nine Inch Nails

“Piggy” by Nine Inch Nails provides an introspective dive into Trent Reznor’s personal experiences, juxtaposing self-reflection with the concept of pigs. This track stands out for its deep, introspective lyrics, highlighting a more personal side of Nine Inch Nails.

9. “Run Pig Run” by Queens of the Stone Age

“Run Pig Run” by Queens of the Stone Age encapsulates themes of pursuit and eluding capture, all within the band’s distinctive sound. This track offers a thrilling narrative of chase and escape, meshed with their unique blend of rock elements.

10. “Pigs in Zen” by Jane’s Addiction

“Pigs in Zen” by Jane’s Addiction explores existential questions and the search for meaning, with Perry Farrell’s lyrics often wrapped in a metaphor involving pigs. This alternative rock anthem stands out for its deep dive into self-awareness and introspection.

11. “Pig in a Pen” by Stanley Brothers

“Pig in a Pen” by the Stanley Brothers brings traditional bluegrass to the forefront, using the simple, joyful narrative of a pig to showcase their storytelling prowess. This track is a testament to the enduring charm of traditional bluegrass music.

12. “Night Of The Pigs” by Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come

“Night Of The Pigs” by Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come delves into a unique blend of progressive rock with thematic explorations of societal downfall. This track showcases Arthur Brown’s innovative approach to music, offering a thought-provoking critique wrapped in complex melodies and harmonies.

13. “Guyute” by Phish

“Guyute” by Phish is known for its epic narrative, weaving a complex story involving pigs within an expansive musical journey. This track is a showcase of Phish’s ability to blend story-telling with their eclectic musical style, creating a memorable and engaging experience.

14. “Pigs in Space” by Mickey Hart

“Pigs in Space” by Mickey Hart offers an instrumental journey that creatively ties the theme of pigs with space, showcasing Hart’s experimental edge. This track highlights the artist’s capacity to merge thematic elements with music, inviting listeners on a unique interstellar voyage.

15. “Pigs of Uranus” by Pink Fairies

“Pigs of Uranus” by Pink Fairies combines psychedelic rock with the humorous theme of pigs, encapsulating the band’s playful and experimental approach to music. This track exemplifies how the Pink Fairies fuse genre elements and whimsical concepts to create a distinctive and entertaining sound.

16. “Pigs (In There)” by Robert Wyatt

“Pigs (In There)” by Robert Wyatt showcases his experimental approach to music, woven with political messaging through the metaphor of pigs. This track highlights Wyatt’s knack for blending avant-garde sounds with insightful commentary on social issues.

17. “Pigs on the Wing, Part 2” by Pink Floyd

“Pigs on the Wing, Part 2” by Pink Floyd provides a reflective closure to the Animals album, revisiting the theme of societal issues depicted through pigs. This concluding track serves as a bookend, encapsulating the album’s critique and observations within a poignant, personal reflection.