20 Songs About Puzzles

Puzzles are complicated and frustrating, but also strangely satisfying. Interlocking pieces make up a full set of these enigmatic objects, and it’s no wonder that so many musicians have used them as metaphors and subjects in their songs.

Here are 20 songs about puzzles, ranging from solving them to being one another piece in somebody else’s.

1. “Jigsaw Puzzle” by The Rolling Stones

This rock song shows the complicated side of life, emphasizing that living isn’t all rainbows and cupcakes. It’s a lot like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, with pieces that don’t always fit perfectly.

The lyrics talk about how “trying to do my jig-saw puzzle” is a relatable moment in our lives that we just figure things out along the way. Its slide guitar and whimsy tune just gave this reflective track a little lightheartedness.

2. “Puzzle Pieces” by Tiger Trap

Puzzle Pieces is a song about falling in love with someone that you believe is a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with yours. It’s one of the songs on the album that best represents the ’90s indie-rock scene.

It’s a track that shows the feeling of being head over heels and how quickly a frown can turn upside down with just one person.

3. “Puzzle Pieces” by Justin Young ft. Colbie Caillat

The anxiety of love is quickly swept away by the knowledge that your partner is your perfect puzzle piece in Justin Young’s track “Puzzle Pieces.”

It features Colbie Caillat, and the two artists’ voices come together perfectly to croon about young love and its challenges. Fighting for love and being willing to put the pieces together is worth it when you find your other half and this track is a perfect example of that.

4. “Puzzle of Me” by Giovie

This hip-hop track is all about treating life like a puzzle and trying to put the pieces together. The lyrics talk about how the world defines who we are, our past and present experiences, and how we should put our efforts into things that matter. 

The song has a catchy hook that makes it an enjoyable listen. It’s a track that will get you thinking about your place in the world and how you can make a difference.

5. “Jigsaw” by Rufus

This feel-good track about a puzzling love is sure to put a smile on your face. The lyrics talk about how love can be complicated and frustrating, but it’s worth it when you find that one person who you believe fits perfectly with you.

Chaka Khan’s vocals on the track are amazing, and the upbeat tempo is perfect for a summer road trip or a day at the beach.

6. “Puzzles” by The Yardbirds

This pop song from The Yardbirds is a definition of a confusing relationship. This track is about a woman who plays games with men, sending confusing signals about her level of interest.

The song is plainly saying that women are often like puzzles and men can never quite figure them out. The song is easy and upbeat, making it an enjoyable listen.

7. “Puzzle Pieces” by Saint Motel

Decisions can be very tough to make, but it’s a puzzle that you have to decide where to put your pieces. This song by Saint Motel is about taking control of your life and making your own decisions.

It’s up to you whether you discard certain parts of your life or make them a part of it because it’s your puzzle. The song has a very catchy chorus that makes it an enjoyable listen.

8. “Puzzle Peace” by Carseuss

This rap song about leaving all the puzzle pieces to the universe is very catchy and has a great message.The lyrics talk about how we all have a puzzle piece that takes part of our life, and we should trust the process. The song is about finding peace within yourself and having faith that everything will work out in the end.

9. “Stuck on the Puzzle” by Alex Turner

Attraction can definitely be a confusing thing, and this song by Alex Turner is about being stuck on someone that you can’t have but is still drawn to just sums up the feeling.

The lyrics discuss how the musician is obsessed with a woman who he knows will only bring him pain. The song is catchy and has a great beat, making it an enjoyable listen.

10. “Puzzle Makers” by Sam Weldon

This track is for people who love puzzles, and it’s a perfect song for anyone who just enjoys a good challenge.

The lyrics talk about how we are all puzzle makers, and life is one big puzzle that we’re all trying to figure out. With no predictions and no guarantees, it’s a song that will get you thinking about your place in the world. It’s a catchy track that is great for family sing-alongs or road trips.

11. “Life’s a Puzzle” by BG. Knocc Out & Dresta

Life of a gangster screams trouble and this rap song by BG. Knocc Out & Dresta is a perfect example of that.

The lyrics talk about how life is a puzzle and it’s full of danger. From girls to the police, it’s a song that will get you thinking about life in the gang. It’s a dope track that is sure to get your head nodding along.

12. “The Puzzle Song (A Puzzle in Song)” by Shirley Ellis

A funky and jazzy track, this song by Shirley Ellis is a great listen.The lyrics talk about how life is one big puzzle and our decisions will solve the puzzle. 

It’s a song that features tongue-twister-like lyrics that is sure to get you humming along. You might want to listen to this one a few times to catch all the lyrics as it is indeed, a puzzle in a song.

13. “Puzzled” by GodSyllable (feat. Shayla B.)

Figuring out the complicated puzzle such as our life, love, and career can be a daunting task. This hip-hop song by GodSyllable is about being confused and feeling lost as you try to put the pieces together. 

The lyrics talk about how we all have moments where we feel like we’re just spinning our wheels and getting nowhere and asking the skies above to guide us. It’s a relatable track that is sure to resonate with many people.

14. “I Recall a Woman Puzzle” by Mr. Jones

This country song about figuring out a woman is a great listen. The lyrics talk about how women are like puzzles and it takes a long time to figure them out and realize that they weren’t for him.

As the singer recalls all the women he’s known, he still can’t quite figure them out. It’s a catchy tune that is sure to get your toe tapping along.

15. “Puzzle” by Kuzi Cee

Losing the person that made you feel whole can be a devastating feeling and this song by Kuzi Cee is about just that. The lyrics express feelings of emptiness and incompleteness, talking about how the singer used to feel whole but now feels like they are missing a piece. 

He goes through the motions of his day-to-day life, but it all feels pointless without that special someone. It’s a sad but real track that has an impact on people who just went through a breakup.

16. “Puzzle” by Dinic

This song by Dinic is about a casual relationship and feeling like you’re just a piece of someone else’s puzzle. The lyrics talk about how the singer feels like he’s into the woman but is not ready to commit to her because she’s hard to figure out. It has very suggestive lyrics that talk about how men just want a good time and a strings-free relationship.

17. “Puzzle” by Cheryl Cole

This pop song by Cheryl Cole is about a relationship that is no longer working out the way it used to be, like a broken puzzle. The track talks about the singer’s perception of her partner and how he doesn’t notice the issues.

The lyrics “All the cracks are showing like a puzzle we are broken, lying in pieces on the floor,” depicts the devastating feeling of a relationship that is no longer working.

It’s a sad track that is relatable for many people who have gone through a breakup or are in a relationship that is no longer working.

18. “Puzzles” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s song reflects society’s issues through its simple lyrics, but the great sound of the band communicates the artist’s anger.

 The lyrics talk about not wanting to deal with the puzzles and wars that are happening in the world. It’s a track that is sure to resonate with many people who have had enough of narrow-mindedness, violence, and all the negative things happening in society.

19. “Missing Piece Of Puzzle” by Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker’s sweet voice just makes this country song about finally finding the missing piece of your puzzle even better. The lyrics talk about how the singer has been searching for love for so long and she finally found it in the person she least expected.

Being an answered prayer, the person she found completes her and makes her feel whole. It’s a heartwarming track that will make you feel special and loved.

20. “Crosswords” by Split Enz

This rock song by Split Enz is about a relationship that’s not working out and how the singer is trying to figure it out like a crossword puzzle. The lyrics talk about his friend who is also his foe, they constantly bicker and fight but can’t stay away from each other.

The lyrics “Crosswords puzzle me, it’s frightening / We’re still friends but we’re still fighting” perfectly describe the frenemy relationship. It’s a catchy tune that will make you want to sing along.


Life can often feel like one big puzzle and these tracks are sure to get you thinking about relationships, society, and just life in general. These 20 songs explore the emotions of confusion, frustration, and love that come with trying to make sense of it all.

If you’re looking for music to help provide some clarity or more questions in your life, look no further.