20 Songs About Romeo and Juliet

Dive into a world of music that’s spun from the threads of the most enduring love story ever told. Here are 20 timeless songs about the legendary lovers, Romeo and Juliet. For star-crossed lovers and music enthusiasts alike!

From sweet serenades beneath balconies to the resonant strains of a love that defies the laws of the world, these melodies transport you to the alleyways of Verona, under the balcony, by the moonlit orchard, painting a sonic picture of their timeless love story. These 20 songs are bound to hit you right in the feels.

1. “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits

“Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits is a noteworthy addition to our list. This song, penned by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Mark Knopfler, draws parallels between the timeless Shakespearean narrative and Knopfler’s own love story that had an unfortunate ending. It’s a compelling tune that offers a modern take on a classic tale.

2. “Juliet” by Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb was a British singer best known as one of the members of the celebrated pop group the Bee Gees. The song “Juliet” was written by Gibb as a love letter to a wealthy girl whom he was secretly in love with. “Juliet” became a huge success in several European countries and was even certified gold by the German Bundesverband Musikindustrie in 1983.

3. “Happy Ending” by Elvis Presley

Like all typical Elvis movies, the “It Happened At The World’s Fair” movie in 1963 ended cheerfully to the tune of the song “Happy Ending”. This particular track tells a beautiful story of second chances in love because a tragic ending like Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” can not give us a happy heart. Everyone wants a happy ending in love and the lyrics of this song will fill our hearts with glee and provide us with hopes that happy endings do exist.

4. “Romeo And The Lonely Girl” by Thin Lizzy

For the fans of the hard rock genre, “Romeo And The Lonely Girl” by the Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy is a great song that will quench their thirst for real rock music. It tells the story of a poor Romeo who kept on chasing after a lonely girl who seemed to always slip off his finger. In the end, he sits alone on his own with no one to depend on and no Juliet to love.

5. “Romeo Had Juliette” by Lou Reed

“Romeo Had Juliette” is the opening song of Lou Reed’s New York album that was released in 1989. In the song’s context, Romeo and Juliet serve as a metaphor for Reed’s beloved city and its people. Just like ancient Rome which sank into corruption, the Big Apple is also degrading because of greed and Manhattan is sinking into the Hudson River.

6. “Romeo Loves Juliet” by Rick Astley

The magical singing voice of Rick Astley can definitely keep any lovestruck Romeo enthralled and inspired for his Juliet. Time is ticking away, so don’t let the poison take over and sing this lovely melody for Juliet to know that there is a Romeo who loves her.

7. “Not Romeo Not Juliet” by Bryan Adams

The love between Romeo and Juliet may have been ill-fated and thwarted by bad luck but the star-crossed lovers were indeed in love. In Bryan Adams’ song “Not Romeo Not Juliet,” the boy and the girl in the narrative are nothing but broken souls who were only together to share their own miseries. They may be together but they don’t possess such great love unless they try to work things out and fall in love.

8. “Love Story” by Taylor Swift

According to Forbes Magazine, Taylor Swift is among the top-earning singers in the music industry. Her song “Love Story” is one of the most popular on this list and is the singer’s signature song that she wrote when she was only 17 years old. Just like Juliet’s Romeo, Swift’s parents also did not approve of the singer’s relationship with her own version of Romeo which broke her heart. 

9. “Romeo & Juliet” by S.O.A.P.

S.O.A.P. were a Danish duo of sisters Heidi and Saseline Sørensen. As young girls, it is only typical to meet a guy whom you seem to love very much. However, if your friends don’t approve, it will feel like it’s your love against the world just like Romeo and Juliet.

10. “Romeo and Juliet” by Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren was an English musician who performed his music in many different genres. His fun take on the Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet can definitely make you move your groove no matter where you are.

11. “Romeo & Juliet: Lovefool” by The Countdown Singers

The Countdown Singers is composed of several singers in a revolving group that has successfully released over 80 albums. The track “Romeo & Juliet” expresses sensual love so intense that listeners find it comparable to a bomb, of the good type. It served as the background score to the popular movie of the same name and won many hearts. 

12. “(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet” by The Reflections

“(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet” is a hit single by the Reflections that was released in 1964. The Romeo in the song lyrics may be struggling to get himself straight but not the background singers who performed a great chorus and gave a wonderful tune.

13. “Your Kind of Woman” by Supertunes

Supertunes, the professional alter ego of Nigerian singer-songwriter Eleke Obinna Miracle, lends his own touch to the tale of star-crossed lovers with “Your Kind of Woman.” It’s a beautifully penned song that flips the script, showcasing Romeo’s quest to understand his beloved Juliet’s world. A track that’s as touching as it is unique.

14. “Romeo” by Wipers

The Wipers’ “Romeo,” has a tune that chases down a wandering Romeo on the lookout for his Juliet. Noted for its compelling guitar work, it’s an ideal fit for those yearning for a song that encapsulates Romeo’s restless spirit, while also delivering some excellent music to jam out to.

15. “Romeo and Juliet” by Biz Markie

Unlike the other songs that only take Romeo and Juliet as inspiration, Biz Markie’s “Romeo and Juliet” actually revolves around the drama of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers and makes for an interesting listen as the lyrics relate the story of two of the most well-known lovers in history. 

16. “Romeo and Juliet” by Kasey Chambers and Foy Vance

The song “Romeo and Juliet” is a beautiful collaboration between the singers Kasey Chambers and Foy Vance. Listening to their version of the Shakespearean tale is an amazing experience that can take you to a different place that’s so unique and magical that it will leave you in awe.

17. “Cinema Show” by Genesis

“Cinema Show” by Genesis was written by Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford with oblique references to T. S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” several times in the lyrics. It tells the story of a Romeo looking forward to a date with his Juliet at the cinema. At the end of the show, he expects to bring his Juliet home and experience a love affair like no other.

18. “Romeo & Juliet” by Ciaran Jones

Ciaran Jones’ song “Romeo & Juliet ” is a love song that is filled with the hope of endless possibilities in love. In the narrative, the boy is asking the girl to give it a try for they are tangled in love and they could be Romeo and Juliet minus the bitter ending.

19. “Romeo & Juliet” by Mr. Seed

Mr. Seed is a Kenyan recording artist who performed this Swahili version of “Romeo & Juliet” for his debut album Black Child. It is a very relaxing song with nothing but cool vibes. Whether you speak Swahili or not, this song will definitely lift your heart and make you feel as if you’re in a different country.

20. “Like Romeo and Juliet” by Hell Boulevard

If you need more songs inspired by the star-crossed lovers, then “Like Romeo and Juliet” by Hell Boulevard is the last but not the least in this list of recommendations. Just like Sid with hopeless dreams, Nancy and her one desire, Johnny seeing the love of her life leave, and June with her ring on fire, many love stories end tragically in this rather interesting number.

Final Thoughts

The songs inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet listed above will not fail to arouse your emotions in the most powerful way and leave you asking for more. Keep this list handy if you are planning to listen to music, especially if you are going on a long road trip and you won’t even know when you reached the destination because stories of love will keep you engrossed.