20 Songs About Windows and Doors

Ever thought about how many songs use windows and doors as metaphors to capture such raw emotions and poignant moments? Get ready to uncover 20 songs where the commonplace windows and doors take center stage, becoming more than just structures of wood, glass, and metal.

Prepare to be enchanted as we delve into the melodious narratives of these 20 songs. Each one portrays windows and doors in their own unique light, interspersing them into lyrical stories that speak to the soul. So, buckle up for a musical exploration that transcends mere architectural symbolism.

1. “Knockin’ on Heavens Door” by Bob Dylan

An iconic song by the legendary musician Bob Dylan, this song is written from a dying sheriff’s perspective and his conversation with his mother as he lay in a pool of blood.

He asks his mother to take his badge off and to put his guns in the ground because he can’t use them. This man is standing at the doorstep of death and his soul is ready to knock on heaven’s door.

2. “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” by The Beatles

Imagine being a fan so devoted that you’d sneak in through a window! This tune tells the tale of a prim and proper lady with a silver spoon background, who strays from her usual path and into the unexpected. Inspired by a real-life Beatles superfan who nicked McCartney’s personal items, this song brims with intrigue, humor, and a taste of rebellion.

3. “(How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?” by Patti Page

Page’s fondness for furry friends takes center stage in this delightfully catchy tune that became a staple in children’s playlists. It’s not just about spotting a cute pup in a window. It’s a journey through the anticipation, excitement, and ultimate decision to adopt, not shop. Enjoy the playful melody and champion the cause behind it.

4. “Looking Out My Window Through Pain” by George Strait

Strait delivers a soul-piercing track about love lost and the lingering hope of its return. The song paints a poignant picture of a man, nursing heartbreak and watching the world through a window of pain. It’s a relatable tune for anyone who’s ever tasted the bitter pill of goodbye. 

5. “Come To My Window” by Melissa Etheridge

Etheridge’s rhythmic guitar and raspy vocals are the heart of this track. The song hints at a clandestine love affair, as the protagonist beckons her lover through the window, veiling their love from prying eyes. It’s a raw, honest look at the complexities of love, set against a heart-thumping melody.

6. “Close the Door” by Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy Pendergrass’ song “Close the Door” is about a joyful sense of closing the door to everyone and the rest of the world, rather than sealing yourself off to someone. It’s just you and the one you love enjoying your love for each other behind closed doors.

7. “Lookin Out My Back Door” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This next song offers a whimsical trip down memory lane with this hit, rich with vivid imagery that evokes Dr. Seuss’s magical universe. While some see psychedelic undertones, Fogerty assures us it’s a child-friendly tune inspired by his toddler son. Plug in and let your imagination run wild!

8. “Waving Through A Window” by Owl City

This deeply personal track from Owl City resonates with anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider. Representing Young’s own high school experiences, it’s a heartfelt appeal for connection and recognition. Turn it up, and remember, you’re not alone.

9. “Windows Down” by Big Time Rush

Feel the rush of competition with this adrenaline-fueled anthem, complete with an infectious “Woo hoo!” echoing Blur’s “Song 2”. ‘Windows Down’ embraces the thrill of the chase while acknowledging the fear of defeat. Press play and get your game face on!

10. “Back Door Man” by The Doors

Pour yourself a cold one and savor this bluesy gem. It’s a catchy tune with a funked-up vibe, celebrating the underappreciated ‘back door man’. Laced with hints of old-school bar music, it’s the perfect backdrop for a night of laid-back revelry.

11. “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan

We love the snappy beat and the classy, sexy, and underrated voice of Jasmine in this song. Busting a window on a car is a sign of anger because that would cost a lot and it seems that this song was for someone who has been cheated on and left with a broken heart. If a guy asks why you busted my Mercedez? Well… ‘coz you just busted my heart’.

12. “Let ‘Em In” by Wings

Keep it light and breezy with this jingle. McCartney opens his metaphorical door to a bunch of folks, including famous friends and family. It’s a casual invitation that sends a message of warmth, inclusivity, and camaraderie. So let’s let ’em in and groove together!

13. “Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door” by Britney Spears

This is Britney’s post-break-up song that has a similar theme to her song “Stronger”. It speaks about shutting the door for someone that caused you a lot of pain so you move on and start life from scratch. It sends an unwelcoming tone as you tell them “Don’t go knockin’ on my door” because you don’t want to deal with that person anymore.

14. “Delilah” by Tom Jones

Carrie Underwood weaves a poignant tale of a boy adapting to new surroundings in this inspiring track. It’s a sweet testament to finding hope and contentment in the face of change, reminding us that every new door can lead to beautiful beginnings. 

15. “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood

Rich treats us to a heartfelt ballad filled with love and appreciation for his special someone. His eloquent praise of the joy she brings behind closed doors is enough to make any heart flutter. Listen and let the romance wash over you.

16. “Behind Closed Doors” by Charlie Rich

A touch of love, a hint of romance, and a piano that sings – that’s what Rich gifts us with this classic ballad. Celebrating the simple joys of love and companionship, this song is a sonic toast to the woman that brings happiness and meaning to his life, especially behind closed doors.

17. “Out Of The Window” by Seal

Sadness can be felt out of this song as the singer describes someone who’s an angel who came out of nowhere and into his life. Seal pays homage to an angelic figure who graced his life and left as swiftly as she arrived. Through the song’s gripping lyrics, he explores the lingering sorrow and the emptiness left behind when love departs.

18. “Slamming Doors” by Kelly Clarkson

Slamming the door out of anger is what this song is all about. It speaks about vengeance as you’d like to slam the door hard to make that person feel unwelcomed and that should never come back in your life again. It’s all about getting even with the person now that you have the upper hand.

19. “Save Me” by Shinedown

If you’ve ever felt the urgent need to escape, to be rescued from your current circumstances, then this Shinedown piece will resonate deeply. It’s a reminder that often, we’re our own heroes, and the will to persevere can lead us to salvation.

20. “Steamy Windows” by Tina Turner

This medium-paced and underrated song by Tina Turner was a constant on the charts and also a highly requested track during live performances. The song is as straightforward as it seems, speaking of steamy windows and individuals performing acts of love in cars with no visibility due to the steamy windows.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our groovy journey through a playlist that creatively employs windows, and doors. These tunes, each a story in itself, pull us into an audioscape that mirrors our own life stories and emotions. Whether you’re longing for a past love or celebrating a new beginning, there’s a song in this list that’ll resonate with your current mood.