20 Songs That Start With The Letter K

In the music world, the letter K takes center stage when it comes to music titles. Hitmakers made keen masterpieces and became creative with the words they used to connect with their audience. Let’s get to know more about these 20 songs that is destined to seize our hearts.

1. “Kiss Me Now” by Diana Ross

This 1970s pop song from Diana Ross is a gem and one of the many performed by the diva. It is about yearning for affection and openly confessing true feelings. The lyrics are bold given the era it was released – the female protagonist can be heard urgently asking for a kiss.

2. “Killer” by Queen

This heavy metal song from top tier band Queen tackles the reality of a high-class call girl. She is required to be very attractive to keep up with the job. The perks of the work could be high, but the irony is the sense of fulfillment from it.

3. “Kinda Girl For Me” by Craig David

This modern pop track talks about a man’s attraction towards a lady. It seems the woman in question has all the physical features that the man likes, making him pursue her. Craig David’s intense vocals reflecting the intensity of the song.

4. “Kiss It Goodbye” by Nickelback

This rock song talks about the hidden reality of glamour and fame. Famous spots like Hollywood, Mexico, California, and the Big Apple are described as highly rated places. All these locations are associated with success and lavish lifestyles. Yet, beneath the surface, these places have shady aspects like substance abuse and taints the allure.

5. “Karma Man” by David Bowie

This 1960s song is about David dancing with someone special. But its meaning goes beyond that as it talks about how we approach life. We often want to rush through everything, but sometimes taking it slow leads to the best outcomes.

6. “Knees of My Bees” by Alanis Morissette

This alternative rock track is a break from the usual melancholy songs of Alanis Morisette. The song seems to be dedicated to someone special in the singer’s life. Its lyrics overflow with gratitude for the irreplaceable presence they bring into the singer’s life.

7. “Knee Socks” by Arctic Monkeys

If you thought the letter K would be limited to words like kissing, this one will definitely come as a surprise. This indie-rock track talks about the anticipation of seeing a lover. The song’s lyrics revolve around a lady who loves wearing knee socks at home, giving her a distinct and unforgettable style.

8. “King & Queen” by John Legend

This song is about a man deeply attracted to a girl he met in high school. He often dreamt that someday they would hook up. The narrator thinks highly of the lady and declares that when they become an item, they will be like royalty.

9. “Know What You Want” by Boyz II Men

This heartfelt song empathizes with women in unhappy relationships, urging them to trust their instincts rather than succumbing to a potential breakup. It reminds them to find confidence in their decisions, offering solace and strength amidst the turmoil.

10. “Keep It Right There” by Diana Ross

This lively song talks about young unrequited love. A girl has her eyes set on a boy she knows. She feels foolish to wait on a love that will never come but continues to hope that things will go her way in the end.

11. “King Nothing” by Metallica

This heavy metal track delves into the depths of human desire, exploring how we pursue it and the intricate ways it shapes our behavior. Sometimes, the things we long for don’t always meet our expectations once we finally achieve them. This tracks us to choose our battles wisely, as pursuing the wrong path wastes your efforts.

12. “Kream” by Iggy Azalea

When people have lots of cash, they like to splurge on themselves and this song’s title is all about having a lot of money. This track mentions the ways cash is spent by rich people like partying, luxury brands, and fashionable clothes.

13. “Keep On (Dancin’)” by Diana Ross

This pop song is all about giving positive vibes. The narrator reveals a situation where a person is faced with a dilemma but instead of wallowing over it, the protagonist is encouraged to move on. And one of the ways to go forward bravely is to keep on dancing and show the world that you can conquer our pain.

14. “Kisha” by Lil Wayne

This hip-hop track talks about the narrator’s relationship with a girl named Kisha. It seems like the lady wants to have a serious relationship with the protagonist. She makes advances but the other party is uncertain about her. Whether they decide to hook up and go their separate way is up to the listeners to decide.

15. “Kentucky Gambler” by Dolly Parton

Country music veteran Dolly Parton showcases her skilled vocals in this 1970s song. It talks about a man not being satisfied with his current life in Kentucky. He leaves his family and journeys to a different place to try his luck. After he succeeds in his gamble, he comes back home. Sadly, the people he left behind had moved on and were no longer waiting for him.

16. “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer

Sixpence is known for its simple, sweet ballads that lovers can relate to and this one is no different. It talks about the intimate act of kissing and not caring about the world because they are in love. Every moment and place becomes a reason to kiss, and this song sets the perfect backdrop for an intimate evening.

17. “Kickin It With Your Girlfriend” by R. Kelly

This soulful song is a confession about being unfaithful while in a relationship. The narrator fancies his lover’s friend and starts dating her in secret. He eventually falls in love with the other woman and decides to come clean and confesses to his current girlfriend. He asks for forgiveness for what happened because he could not help but be attracted to the other woman.

18. “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin went all out in describing the experience of traveling to an exotic location far far away in this heavy metal track. The details are described intricately to a point that you can envision the setting and will be left engrossed with the story.

19. “Knocked Up” by Kings Of Leon

This song tells the story of two lovers that carelessly do what they please. They don’t care about what people say. All that matters is that the two of them are having the time of their life.

20. “Kill You” by Eminem

Eminem’s hip-hop track is a brilliant satire that explores the challenges of growing up with a single parent. During his childhood, his father was the image of an antagonist but as he grows up, the singer realizes that his mother is no better. This is a tune full of bitter angst. Only Eminem can turn something so hurtful into a musical masterpiece!

Final Thoughts

Discovering an extensive collection of songs that start with the letter K is like unlocking a world of musical wonders. From rock to pop, heavy metal to R&B, and even dance, this diverse list serves as proof that the letter K can represent a lot of things. Let the letter K be your key to great music and let each song reveal its secrets to you.