Steve Harris Net Worth (2024)

Steve Harris is an English musician and songwriter who has a net worth of $35 million. He is the bassist, songwriter, and co-founder of the rock band Iron Maiden.

Harris was born in Leytonstone, London, England in 1956. He started playing the bass guitar at age 15 and formed his first band, Influence, just after a few months of practicing the bass guitar. In 1975, he formed Iron Maiden with Nicko and vocalist Bruce Dickinson.

Where Did Steve Harris Get His Money?

Steve Harris is a self-made man. He didn’t inherit his wealth or come from a wealthy family. He started with nothing and built himself up through hard work and determination. His story is an inspirational one of rags-to-riches. Steve Harris is a true American success story.

So where did Steve Harris get his money? Most of it came from his work with Iron Maiden. The band has sold over 100 million records and has toured extensively since Harris formed it in 1975. Harris also earns royalties from the use of Maiden’s songs in films, television shows, and video games.

In addition, Harris has produced solo albums like British Lion. He has also worked as a producer and session musician for other artists.

What Steve Harris Is Known For

Iron Maiden

A big factor in Steve Harris’ net worth is his work with the rock band Iron Maiden. Aside from being the founder, he is the primary songwriter for the band, and has co-written some of their most popular songs. He is also the bassist, and has been with the band since their inception in 1975.

Musical Style

Steve Harris is known for his aggressive, yet melodic bass playing style. He often uses a pick, and is known for his ” galloping ” bass lines.

Facts About Steve Harris

Has A Daughter Who Is A Musician

Steve Harris is the proud father of a daughter who is following in his musical footsteps. Lauren Harris is a singer and songwriter, and has toured with her father’s band Iron Maiden.

Lives In The Bahamas

When he’s not touring or recording with Iron Maiden, Steve Harris enjoys spending time at his home in the Bahamas. He is an avid fisherman, and often posts pictures of his catches on social media.

Initially Wanted To Be A Pro Footballer

Before he found his calling as a musician, Steve Harris wanted to be a professional footballer. He loved the sport and it was his hobby before he started playing music.

Final Thoughts

As of 2022, Steve Harris has a net worth of $35 million. He started with humble beginnings, but his talent and dedication to his craft has paid off in a big way. He is one of the most respected bassists in the world, and his work with Iron Maiden has made him a legend.

Harris is an excellent example of what hard work and determination can achieve, and he is an inspiration to many aspiring musicians.

Steve Harris Featured Image by: DallasFletcher, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Source: Metal Shout