20 Wedding Recessional Songs (Classical)

Classical music, with its timeless beauty and emotional depth, offers a rich repertoire of pieces that can elevate the wedding recessional to new heights. In this article, we explore a carefully curated selection of classical masterpieces, each piece weaving its unique tapestry of love, joy, and celebration. 

As the wedding ceremony reaches its crescendo and the newlyweds prepare to embark on their lifelong journey together, the perfect recessional song becomes the triumphant soundtrack to this unforgettable moment.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of classical music as we present you with the most exquisite wedding recessional songs, designed to make your special day truly unforgettable.

1. “Variations on the Kanon by Pachelbel” by George Winston

George Winston’s “Variations on the Kanon by Pachelbel” delicately weaves a tapestry of elegant piano melodies around the familiar chords of Pachelbel’s Canon.

This contemporary adaptation beautifully captures the essence of love, uniting the couple in a harmonious dance of emotions, leaving guests swaying with the gentle breeze of the melody.

2. “Hallelujah Chorus” by George F. Handel

The “Hallelujah Chorus” by George F. Handel resonates triumphantly as a celebration of love and unity. Its majestic choral arrangement, powerful vocal harmonies, and stirring orchestration make this piece a glorious accompaniment to the wedding recessional, announcing the couple’s union with grandeur and reverence.

3. “Allegro Concerto in C for Two Trumpets” by Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi’s “Allegro Concerto in C for Two Trumpets” bursts with energy and joy, echoing the exhilaration of newlyweds as they embark on their journey together.

The playful call-and-response of the trumpets is a delightful musical conversation that encapsulates the beauty of partnership and the excitement of a shared future.

4. “Arioso” by Bach

Bach’s “Arioso” envelops the listener in a tender embrace, its poignant violin melodies expressing the profound emotions of love and commitment.

As the couple walks back down the aisle, the gentle notes of this timeless piece create a serene atmosphere that beautifully reflects the depth of their connection.

5. “Waltz Of The Flowers (Nutcracker)” by Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz Of The Flowers (Nutcracker)” transports the listener into a whimsical world where love blossoms and flourishes. The enchanting waltz rhythm and lush orchestration evoke images of a fairy-tale romance, making it an exquisite soundtrack for the couple’s grand exit.

6. “Allegro from Spring Concerto Opus 8 No. 1” by Antonio Vivaldi

The “Allegro from Spring Concerto Opus 8 No. 1” by Antonio Vivaldi radiates with the joy and vitality of new beginnings. Its vibrant string melodies and lively tempo create a perfect backdrop for the couple’s recessional, symbolizing their newfound love blooming like the first flowers of spring.

7. “Rondeau” by Jean Joseph Mouret

Jean Joseph Mouret’s “Rondeau” is an exuberant and regal piece that heralds the start of a blissful union. Its stately brass fanfares and spirited melody convey a sense of joy and celebration, making it an ideal recessional choice to mark the beginning of a couple’s married life.

8. “Wedding Song” by Noel Paul Stookey

The heartfelt lyrics and tender melody of Noel Paul Stookey’s “Wedding Song” make it a touching choice for the couple’s recessional. Its acoustic simplicity and sweet message of love and devotion capture the essence of a lifelong commitment, resonating with the joy of their special day.

9. “Ode To Joy” by Beethoven

Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” resounds with the exuberance and elation of a love that knows no bounds. The uplifting symphonic melody and jubilant choral harmonies create a joyous atmosphere, fittingly marking the end of the wedding ceremony and the beginning of a lifetime of shared happiness.

10. “Hornpipe from Water Music” by George Frederic Handel

The spirited “Hornpipe from Water Music” by George Frederic Handel infuses the recessional with a sense of adventure and excitement. Its lively rhythms and exhilarating melodies mirror the couple’s journey into the future, brimming with promise and endless possibilities.

11. “On Wings Of Song” by Mendelssohn

Mendelssohn’s “On Wings Of Song” is a lyrical masterpiece that soars with the rapture of love’s sweet embrace.

The ethereal piano accompaniment and graceful vocal lines create a dreamlike atmosphere that perfectly captures the couple’s recessional, as they float away on the wings of their newfound love.

12. “Toccata In D Minor” by Widor

The dramatic “Toccata In D Minor” by Widor showcases the breathtaking power of the organ, creating an awe-inspiring recessional that leaves a lasting impression.

The piece’s bold chords and thrilling arpeggios evoke a sense of grandeur and wonder, celebrating the couple’s union with a musical flourish that resonates with splendor.

13. “One Hand One Heart” by Bernstein

Bernstein’s “One Hand One Heart” is a tender and intimate musical expression of unwavering love and devotion. With its gentle melody and heartfelt lyrics, this song beautifully conveys the essence of two souls uniting as one, providing a touching backdrop for the couple’s recessional.

14. “Wedding March from A Midsummer’s Night Dream” by Felix Mendelssohn

The iconic “Wedding March from A Midsummer’s Night Dream” by Felix Mendelssohn is a timeless classic that embodies the essence of matrimonial joy.

The stately tempo and majestic harmonies create an unforgettable recessional, as the newlyweds walk hand in hand, surrounded by the love and blessings of their friends and family.

15. “La Rejouissance” by Handel

“La Rejouissance” by Handel is a jubilant and festive piece that adds a touch of regal splendor to the wedding recessional. Its lively tempo and spirited melodies celebrate the couple’s love with exuberance, ushering them into a new chapter of their lives with an infectious sense of joy and excitement.

16. “1st Movement from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Mozart

Mozart’s “1st Movement from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” is a sublime marriage of grace and elegance, with its lilting melodies and refined harmonies that perfectly complement the wedding recessional.

The piece’s sparkling charm and sophistication provide a splendid musical accompaniment for the newlyweds as they step into their future together.

17. “Sonata in G Major” by Giuseppe Tartini

Giuseppe Tartini’s “Sonata in G Major” is a vibrant and lively piece that captures the spirit of celebration and delight. The interplay between violin and piano creates a dynamic musical conversation, echoing the couple’s partnership and the promise of their shared journey.

18. “Trumpet Tune And Bell Symphony” by Henry Purcell

Henry Purcell’s “Trumpet Tune And Bell Symphony” is a triumphant and majestic piece that announces the couple’s union with resounding brilliance.

The resplendent trumpet fanfares and shimmering bell tones create a joyful and exhilarating atmosphere, marking the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness.

19. “Tuba Tune in D” by Craig Sellar Lang

“Tuba Tune in D” by Craig Sellar Lang is a unique and captivating choice for the wedding recessional. The deep, resonant tones of the tuba and the lively melody create an intriguing blend of the traditional and the unexpected, echoing the couple’s individuality and the exciting path they embark upon together.

20. “Ave Maria” by Schubert

Schubert’s “Ave Maria” is an exquisite hymn to love and devotion, its soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics enveloping the couple in a celestial embrace.

As the newlyweds make their way down the aisle, the divine beauty of this timeless piece creates an atmosphere of reverence and grace, elevating their union to a truly heavenly plane.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of classical music offers an unparalleled wealth of options for the perfect wedding recessional song.

Whether you choose a piece that radiates with triumphant fanfares, captures the tenderness of love, or celebrates the joy of your union, these selections embody the essence of a lifelong commitment and will leave a lasting impression on both the couple and their guests.