What’s the Fluffy/Fuzzy Thing on Microphones?

The fluffy or fuzzy thing on microphones is a windscreen called a “deadcat.” The windscreen aims to reduce the effects of wind noise on the microphone. Without a windscreen, the microphone would pick up unnecessary sounds. The “dead cat” nickname comes from its resemblance to a dead cat’s fur.

Why is There Fur on Microphones?

Windscreens protect microphones from wind and environmental noise. They cut down the hiss you hear when speaking into the mic.

The deadcat windscreen, a popular choice, excels in reducing wind noise for outdoor use. It’s vital for any microphone system, keeping your microphone clean and noise-free for superior sound quality.

I offer different types of windscreens, including foam varieties. Foam windscreens are the most common for indoor use.

Some microphones come with a windscreen, while others don’t. Lavalier and headset microphones often lack a built-in windscreen. In these cases, use a piece of cloth or fur for protection or buy a specialized windscreen.

Where to use the Deadcat?

There are two types of deadcats: the “deadcat” and the “deadkitten.” They fit different microphones.

Over the Zeppelin Windshield

The deadcat fits over the zeppelin windshield, a foam cover that reduces wind and environmental noise. It’s excellent for outdoor use and ideal for studios needing high noise isolation.

The Zeppelin’s cylindrical shape diffracts the wind, making it perfect for outdoor recording. The deadcat adds extra protection for the microphone and effectively reduces wind noise.

The Dead Kitten on a Lavalier Microphone

The deadkitten is a smaller version of the deadcat windscreen, made for lavalier microphones. It’s usually created from furry fabric or cloth and attaches to the microphone with a clip. Ideal for outdoor and windy conditions.