What’s the Fluffy/Fuzzy Thing on Microphones?

The fluffy or fuzzy thing on microphones is a windscreen called a “deadcat.” The windscreen aims to reduce the effects of wind noise on the microphone. Without a windscreen, the microphone would pick up unnecessary sounds. The “dead cat” nickname comes from its resemblance to a dead cat’s fur.

Why is There Fur on Microphones?

Windscreens are used to protect the microphone from wind and other environmental noise. They reduce the amount of hiss that can be heard when speaking into the microphone.

The deadcat windscreen is the most common type of windscreen. It is designed for outdoor use, with a high level of wind noise. They are an important part of any microphone system and keep the microphone clean and free from noise, resulting in better sound quality.

There are different types of windscreens available, including foam windscreens. Foam windscreens are the most common type of windscreen for indoor use.

Some microphones come with a windscreen included, while others do not. Some microphones, such as lavalier and headset microphones, do not come with a built-in windscreen. In these cases, you can use a piece of cloth or fur to protect the microphone or buy a specialized windscreen.

Where to use the Deadcat?

There are two types of deadcats called the “deadcat” and “deadkitten.” They are used on different microphones. 

Over the Zeppelin Windshield

The deadcat is fitted over the zeppelin windshield, a cylindrical foam cover designed to minimize the effects of wind and other environmental noise. It is a good choice for outdoor use and a great fit for studios, where a high level of noise isolation is required.

The Zeppelin’s cylindrical shape helps diffract the wind, making it an ideal choice for outdoor recording. The deadcat serves as an extra layer of protection for the microphone and effectively reduces wind noise.

The Dead Kitten on a Lavalier Microphone

The deadkitten is a smaller type of deadcat windscreen designed for use with lavalier microphones. It is typically made from a piece of furry fabric or cloth and attached to the microphone with a small clip. It is a good choice for outdoor and windy conditions.


Windscreens are an important part of any microphone system and should be used whenever possible. They help keep the microphone clean, free from noise and improve sound quality. Without a windscreen, the microphone would pick up the sound of the wind blowing around it, which can distort the sound of any recording being made.

There are a variety of windscreens available for you to choose from, depending on your specific situation or need. Whether you’re using it indoors in high-noise conditions or outdoors in windy weather, a windscreen is a valuable tool for protecting your microphone.