Why Did The Migos Break Up?

The hip-hop group Migos, consisting of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff, decided to go on a hiatus in 2021, leading to rumors that the group had broken up. Although none of the members have given an explicit reason for the split, they have provided some insight into their decision.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Migos’ hiatus, there is reason to be optimistic about the group’s future. The members have emphasized that they are still family to each other, and they have continued to support each other’s solo work. 

The Decision to Pursue Solo Careers

Quavo and Takeoff have emphasized that loyalty and family are important to them, but they have also hinted at their desire to pursue their careers as a duo. 

The members have clarified that their decision to take a hiatus has nothing to do with the label, paperwork, or QC, but is rather a matter of three brothers making a choice.

Quavo has stressed the importance of loyalty and their continued connection as a family. Nevertheless, he has also emphasized their desire to see their career as a duo.

Offset’s Silence

Offset has yet to speak out about the split, leaving fans unsure of his thoughts on the matter. It is possible that he is in agreement with Quavo and Takeoff’s decision to take a break and pursue solo careers. 

Offset has recently broken his silence on the death of his cousin and bandmate Takeoff. Takeoff passed away in November 2022, leaving the music industry in shock and prompting an outpouring of condolences from fans and fellow artists alike.

The Migos’ break up remains shrouded in mystery, with no clear reason for their decision to take a hiatus. However, the members have emphasized their loyalty to each other and their desire to pursue their careers as a duo. 

Migos Featured Image by: The Come Up Show, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons