Why Did Wham Break Up?

Wham! was one of the most beloved pop acts in the country during their time together. However, as with all good things, their success came to an end. The split was initiated by George’s desire to create more mature music and pursue a solo career. 

They were one of the most popular pop duos of the 1980s, consisting of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. However, after a while, the duo decided to go their separate ways, leaving fans wondering why.

George Michael Going Solo

George wanted to try new things and start writing more mature music rather than simply appealing to their teenage fanbase. He wanted to create songs that people could personally relate to, based on honest emotions. 

Even their signature song, “Careless Whisper,” was written with Andrew, but George decided to release it as a solo single to appeal to a different audience.

The Growing Rift between the Two

Fans at the time believed that there was a growing rift between the two because of the adoration for George, which contributed to their split. However, both George and Andrew maintained that their friendship remained strong, and the split was amicable. 

In many ways, their final performance together at Wembley Stadium to 72,000 people over the course of an epic eight-hours proved this to be true.

Despite the initial rumors of a growing rift, both George and Andrew remained friends and continued to support each other after the split. The duo’s final performance at Wembley Stadium was a fitting tribute to their remarkable journey, and it proved to their fans that their friendship was as strong as ever.

Wham! Featured Image by: Louise Palanker, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons