Why Is Hold Music So Bad?

Most people despise hold music because It’s often played on a low-quality speaker, which makes it sound fuzzy and distorted, the melodies are usually very cheesy and unappealing, also, most people find it annoying to be put on hold for long periods anyhow.

Unfortunately, businesses often play copyrighted music from commercial music companies, requiring them to pay for the rights, which can be expensive. They usually opt for short, repetitive melodies that don’t need high licensing fees.

Key Takeaways about Hold Music

  • Sound Quality Matters: Hold music often sounds distorted and unpleasant due to low-quality playback.
  • Cost Considerations: Companies choose repetitive and cheap-to-license music to save on costs.
  • Psychological Tactics: Music is selected to keep callers on the line without being overtly annoying.
  • Modernization Needed: Updating the music to contemporary tracks can improve customer experience.
  • Explore Alternatives: Classical, nature sounds, ambient music, and jazz can provide a more pleasant hold experience.

Hold music is carefully picked to keep callers on the line without irritating them. Repetitive melodies help since listeners don’t need to focus on the music.

Hold music is often outdated and unappealing

Many people hate hold music because companies often use outdated tracks from the 1990s or earlier. The synthesized melodies and poor sound quality make the experience even more unpleasant.

Some experts think hold music’s unpleasantness might be on purpose. Companies might use outdated and annoying tunes to encourage callers to hang up quickly. This helps cut down the time their agents spend on calls with customers.

Most people don’t enjoy listening to hold music. Luckily, there are ways to avoid it. If you’re calling from a cell phone, put it on silent or turn it off. Dialing from a landline? Ask the person on the other end to mute you instead of putting you on hold.

It can be extremely frustrating to wait on hold for long periods of time

Many people have complained about the quality of hold music, and there are even websites and forums dedicated to discussing this issue.

It’s frustrating because it’s hard to keep track of the time. This uncertainty can cause anxiety and stress. Plus, being on hold makes it hard to focus on anything else, adding to the stress.

This music is usually upbeat to keep everyone’s spirits up. But it can sometimes be irritating and increase impatience.

How can companies do a better job in choosing modern hold music?

Companies can pick contemporary songs to avoid irritation or outdated tunes. Ensure good sound quality for a pleasant listening experience. Include various music genres so everyone finds something enjoyable.

By doing these things, companies can ensure their customers have a more positive experience while on hold. It might even make them less likely to hang up!

Hold music is a necessary evil for businesses. But by choosing better tracks, companies can make the experience more bearable for their customers. That’s something everyone can appreciate.

Alternatives to hold music

I’ve found some great hold music options that are both appealing and modern. Here are some of my favorites:

Classical Music

Classical music is a great choice for hold music because it’s relaxing and calming. It’s also timeless and won’t go out of style.

Nature Sounds

If you want something soothing, nature sounds are a great option. You can find many recordings of rain, wind, and waves. They can help create a calming atmosphere.

Ambient Music

Ambient music is an excellent choice for hold music. It offers calming, relaxing tones and can be quite atmospheric.


Jazz is a fantastic genre to enjoy while you’re on hold. It’s relaxing and has a calming effect on the listener.